Kaal Bhairav ​​Jayanti : Know the Significance, Mantra & Puja Vidhi for the Day!

Kaal Bhairav is considered to be the one of the most important Rudra incarnations of Mahadev in Hindu Shastra. The day is considered so auspicious that it is celebrated as Kalashtami by the devotees of Lord Shiva across the country.  Every year, the tradition of celebrating the festival of Kalashtami on Ashtami Tithi of Krishna Paksha during Margashirsha Month has been followed. This day is also known by the name of Kaal Bhairav Jayanti. This year, this auspicious day is falling on December 7, Monday.

Kaal Bhairav Jayanti is associated with the Rudra incarnation of Lord Shiva. There are several prevailing legends pertaining to the same but we will provide you with the most important one. Along with this, we will also tell you the exact Vidhi, Mantras and associated remedies so that you can appease Kaal Bhairav to get rid of all Doshas.

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Significance of Kaal Bhairav Jayanti

This incarnation of Lord Shiva is also considered to be the pioneer of all times in the entire universe in which Kaal means time. As per beliefs, it is said that one who worships Kaal Bhairav sincerely and wholeheartedly, gets rid of all problems in life and his/her fate begins to favour him/her.

As per Shastras, worshipping Kaal Bhairav holds high significance to attain prosperity in life. It is said that one who attains the grace of Kaal Bhairav, remains free from the fear of death. 

The removes all the sufferings of life and brings happiness, prosperity and good health. It is also believed that one attains his grace by reciting Kaal Bhairava Stotra, Bhairava Tantra, Batuk Bhairava Brahma Kavach and Bhairava Kavach just once.

In this pretext, with the descendance of Moon i.e. the Ashtami Tithi during the Krishna Paksha is dedicated to Kaal Bhairav. But the festival of Kalashtami on Ashtami Tithi on Krishna Paksha during Margashirsha Month has been prescribed. As per Sanatan Dharma, it is the same Tithi when Kaal Bhairav manifested himself. In this context, let us know the legend in which Mahadev got furious and gave birth to Kaal Bhairav.

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Kaal Bhairav : The Origins

As per Shiva Purana, the demon named Andhakasura’s arrogance kept growing because of his newly attained powers and in the process, he attacked Mahadev by provoking him for a fight. Mahadev got highly affected in the same attack and in anger, he gave birth to Kaal Bhairav with his blood to give salvation to Andhakasura. Therefore, Kaal Bhairav is considered to be the Rudra incarnation of Lord Shiva.

One more legend is famous pertaining to the birth of Kaal Bhairav. As per that legend, once there was a great fight amongst Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh pertaining to their superiority. In the middle of the fight, Brahma ji uttered some harsh words for Mahadev by using his devotional powers and knowledge and owing to this, Mahadev got highly furious. 

It is believed that Lord Shiva gave birth to Kaal Bhairav with the same anger. The Kaal,  who was born to Rudra part of Lord Shiva, cut off one of the five faces of Brahma Ji in order to take revenge. Owing to this very reason, Kaal Bhairav was accused of killing Brahma Ji and this resulted in remaining a beggar for a long time.

As per the Hindu panchang, the day Kaal Bhairav originated from Lord Shiva is the day of Ashtami Tithi of Krishna Paksha during the Margashirsha Month. Owing to this very reason, the day is celebrated as Bhairava Ashtami, Bhairava Jayanti, Kaal-Bhairava Ashtami across the country.

As per beliefs, Mahadev Baba, who is known as Kaal Bhairav, destroyed all the sinners On this very day. Therefore, this form of Mahadev is also known as Dan Adipati and Mahakaleshwar.

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Kaal Bhairav – Protector of Temples

Kaal Bhairav is also known as the protector of temples. Therefore, he is also known by the name of Kshetrapal. This is the very reason that the keys of some big temples are kept before the idol of Kaal Bhairav. 

Kaal Bhairav – Ashta Bhairava

In the realm of Hinduism, there are 8 incarnations of Lord Kaal Bhairava, known as Ashta Bhairava. They are :-

(1) Asitang Bhairav

(2) Rudra Bhairav

(3) Chand Bhairav

(4) Krodh Bhairav

(5) Unmat Bhairav

(6) Kapali Bhairav

(7) Bheeshan Bhairav

(8) Sanhar Bhairav

Today, amongst all the eighth incarnations, Batuk Bhairava and Kaal Bhairav are highly worshipped.

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Kalashtami Pujan Vidhi  

  • The worship of Kalashtami is performed at night as Bhairav is considered to be the God of Tantras and Kaal.
  • All the members of the family should sit together on the day of Kalashtami and worship Kaal Bhairav by performing Kirtan or Jagran at night.
  • Must keep in mind to venerate Maa Vaishno Devi and Shiv-Parvati along with Baba Bhairav.
  • Take a bath before the sunrise on the following day and wear clean clothes. 
  • After this, offer ashes brought from the cremation ground to Bhairav Dev.
  • Then, all the family members should listen to the legend concerning Kaal Bhairav and let others listen to the same.
  • Further, recite the Mantras of Kaal Bhairav.
  • During this, worshipping Maa Bagalamukhi holds high significance.
  • After the worship, offer food to the needy and donate clothes. Also, keep in mind to feed a black dog.
  • If possible, light a lamp/Diya of sesame oil or mustard oil by visiting a temple of Kaal Bhairav on Kalashtami. 

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Miraculous Mantra of Kaal Bhairav

All the Mantras mentioned in Hinduism concerning Bhairav Baba are considered to be fruitful and highly auspicious.

Recite the following Mantras while venerating the Batuk form of Kaal Bhairav.

“ॐ कर कलित कपाल कुण्डली दण्ड पाणी तरुण तिमिर व्याल

यज्ञोपवीती कर्त्तु समया सपर्या विघ्न्नविच्छेद हेतवे

जयती बटुक नाथ सिद्धि साधकानाम

ॐ श्री बम् बटुक भैरवाय नमः।।” 

“ॐ ह्रीं बटुकाय आपदुद्धारणाय कुरु कुरु बटुकाय ह्रीं।।” /

“oṃ kara kalita kapāla kuṇḍalī daṇḍa pāṇī taruṇa timira vyāla

yajñopavītī karttu samayā saparyā vighnnaviccheda hetave

jayatī baṭuka nātha siddhi sādhakānāma

oṃ śrī bam baṭuka bhairavāya namaḥ।।” 

“oṃ hrīṃ baṭukāya āpaduddhāraṇāya kuru kuru baṭukāya hrīṃ।।” 

If you are unable to meet with success even after giving your best, recite the following Mantra as it is considered to be highly auspicious.

“ओम ब्रह्म काल भैरवाय फट” / “Om Brahma Kaal Bhairavaya Fut”

Recite the following Mantra if you are willing to eradicate all the sufferings of your child.

“कौम भयहरणं च भैरव:ल” / “kauma bhayaharaṇaṃ ca bhairava:la” 

Recite the following Mantra by counting all the beads of a rosary 11 times to get a favourable result in the court.

“ऊं हं षं नं गं कं सं खं महाकाल भैरवाय नम:” / ūṃ haṃ ṣaṃ naṃ gaṃ kaṃ saṃ khaṃ mahākāla bhairavāya nama:” 

Things to be Kept in Mind on Kalashtami

  • The tradition of observing fast has been stated on the day of Kaal Bhairav Jayanti. In this pretext, some rituals are mentioned in Shastras concerning the same day. 
  • Do not lie to anyone or utter harsh words. Must keep in mind to perform the worship with pure intention  and positive thoughts.
  • Those who observe fast should avoid eating food. However, if it is not possible then the observer can take fruits.
  • The observer of the fast must avoid consuming salt. However, rock salt can be used. 
  • Do not litter your surroundings and  keep everything clear around you.
  • Do not harm a dog. Those who feed him with food attain the grace of Kaal Bhairav.
  • Take blessings of elderly people of the house on the day of Kaal Bhairav Jayanti.
  • It is believed that one should not sleep on the night of festival. Instead, all the family members should  sit together and perform Jagran or Kirtan of Kaal Bhairav and Maa Durga. 

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