Jupiter In Rohini Nakshatra After 12 Years; Financial Fortune For 3 Zodiacs!

Jupiter is widely popular as the lord of all Gods and it is an auspicious and beneficial planet amongst the nine planets. Jupiter changes its movement, position, or zodiac sign after a long interval, hence the changes in its zodiac sign or position have a great impact on all the 12 zodiac signs along with humans. Some time ago, the planet Jupiter entered Taurus from Aries and also it is present in Rohini Nakshatra. In this special blog of AstroSage, we will talk about the Jupiter transit in Rohini Nakshatra and will also make you aware of the zodiacs that are adorned with good fortune during this period. 

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Jupiter Transit In Rohini Nakshatra

Jupiter is present in Taurus and Rohini Nakshatra at the moment. In the previous month which means on June 13 2024, Thursday, Jupiter moved to the Nakshatra of Venus, Rohini Nakshatra and it is also the favorite Nakshatra of the Moon. Like this, Jupiter is not only in the zodiac of Venus, Taurus but also in the Nakshatra of the same planet. This is an extremely auspicious coincidence that Jupiter is present in the zodiac and Nakshatra of Venus. Jupiter will stay in Rohini Nakshatra till August 20, 2024, and due to these circumstances, it will offer numerous benefits to some zodiacs. Let’s move ahead and find out the zodiacs who are going to get great benefits when Jupiter transits in Rohini Nakshatra. 

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Jupiter Transit In Rohini Nakshatra: Zodiacs Adorned With Fortune And Abundance 


Jupiter transit in Rohini Nakshatra is going to be favorable for the Taurus natives because it is situated in the ascendant house of your zodiac. So, In this situation, it will work to increase your self-confidence. Along with this, your life will be filled with happiness in this period and there will be fun moments with the family as well. The natives who are employed will progress in their careers. They will get recognition in society and along with this, their societal respect and honor will increase too. The natives who are already married will enjoy their marital life and the unmarried natives may get marriage proposals too. 

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The Leo natives will get good results when Jupiter transits in Rohini Nakshatra. This period will prove to be favorable for various aspects of your life as the planet Jupiter is present in the Karma house of your zodiac. As a result, Jupiter in Rohini Nakshatra will help you get success in your career and business. Whatever work you will do, you will be able to create a distinctive identity for yourself. In such a situation, you will be satisfied and happy with your career. The natives who are running their businesses are likely to get good profits. Besides, you can also expand your business. Those who are looking for a job may now hear good news. During this period, your relationship with your father will remain strong. 

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Jupiter in Rohini Nakshatra will be auspicious for Sagittarius natives because it is present in the sixth house of this zodiac and it is also the ruling lord of this zodiac. In such circumstances, the Jupiter Nakshatra change can offer you unexpected financial gain and due to the same, you will also be able to save money for your future. All your wishes will be fulfilled in this period and you will meet several new people who will benefit you in the future. As a result, your income will increase and the employed natives may get a promotion. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which zodiac is ruled by Jupiter?

Sagittarius and Pisces zodiacs are ruled by Jupiter. 

In which Nakshatra is Jupiter situated now? 

Jupiter is situated in Rohini Nakshatra now. 

Who is the ruling lord of Rohini Nakshatra? 

Venus is the ruling planet of Rohini Nakshatra. 

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