Jupiter Transit In Rohini Nakshatra Unleashes Career Prosperity!

In Vedic Astrology, the change or movement of planets across different zodiac signs affects human lives. It influences the zodiacs in both positive & negative ways. Now, Jupiter, famous as the Guru of Gods, will change its Nakshatra position. This AstroSage contains details on Jupiter’s transit in Rohini Nakshatra and the zodiacs getting the top benefits in this period. So, let us first talk about Jupiter’s transit. 

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Jupiter Transit In Rohini Nakshatra – Date And Time 

If we talk about the planet Jupiter, then it is considered one of the important and auspicious planets among the Navagrahas. It is also considered to be the lord of Sagittarius and Pisces zodiac signs. Now, the planet Jupiter transits into the Taurus zodiac, the sign owned by Venus, and also in the Krittika Nakshatra. Jupiter, present in the Taurus sign, enters the Moon’s Nakshatra Rohini on 13 June 2024 and remains in the position till 20 August 2024, 05:22 pm. In such a situation, the Jupiter transit in Rohini will prove very fortunate for natives of three lucky zodiac signs. The influence of Jupiter and the Moon shines the luck of individuals and brings wealth & happiness to people’s lives. 

So, let us move ahead and check the list of lucky zodiac signs in this situation. 

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Jupiter Transit In Rohini Nakshatra – List Of Lucky Zodiac Signs 


This Jupiter transit in Rohini Nakshatra will be very auspicious for the Aries natives. Due to the effects of Rohini Nakshatra, the natives of the Aries zodiac will get immense profits & wealth. The overall financial condition of people improves significantly. There are chances of purchasing a new vehicle, house, etc. in this period. The Jupiter transit brings many opportunities to earn a good sum of money. Due to this, they will look happy and satisfied. The health of Aries natives will remain stable. But, they need to be a little careful as the enemies can trouble them. In every step, the natives can get full support for their destiny. It is also the best time for business persons to get new deals and professionals can expect new jobs in this period. 

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Jupiter’s transit in Rohini Nakshatra brings immense profits & earnings for the Gemini natives in this period. They can buy a new vehicle or office in such a situation and there are chances of purchasing or buying a new property. The natives who have started any new work recently can earn good profits in this period. In such a situation, the Gemini natives will get relief from stress and can experience mental peace in this period. There will be a rise in involvement in religious activities and natives looking for new opportunities can find a new job in this period. 

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Jupiter’s transit in Rohini Nakshatra will be very fruitful for the Cancer zodiac sign. They will get immense financial benefits in this period. The natives will get opportunities to spend quality time with their siblings. The professionals can expect success in every sphere of their lives with the blessing of Jupiter. Their honor & respect in society also increases. They can also expect happiness in their married lives. The child will progress in their career. There will be coordination between the natives & their spouses in their relationships. The health of natives will remain good in this period. 

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Q1. Which zodiac sign comes into the Rohini Nakshatra?

Ans. The Taurus sign comes under the Rohini Nakshatra in this period.

Q2. Who is the deity of Rohini Nakshatra?

Ans. Venus, the planet responsible for love, is the lord of the Rohini Nakshatra. 

Q3. Is Rohini Nakshatra auspicious?

Ans. Yes, Rohini Nakshatra is considered auspicious among all the 27 Nakshatras. 

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