July Overview 2024: Get Every Detail & Facts About July 2024

July Overview: July, which is the seventh month of the year, is about to start. In a situation like this, if you also want to find out when and which festivals and fasts are observed during this month, which eclipse and how many transits occur during this month, which bank holidays occur during this month, etc. If that’s the case, we will make an effort to answer all of your questions on our AstroSage blog. 

In addition, we will provide you with detailed predictions for each of the 12 zodiac signs in this exclusive blog. Without further ado, let’s begin our special blog post on July Overview 2024 and learn about some fascinating facts about the seventh month of the year.

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July Hindu Months 

Before anything else, let’s discuss the two Hindu months that lie within the month of July. The first is the month of Ashadha, which ends with the beginning of the month of Sawan. In Hinduism, these two months hold particular significance. While Lord Vishnu enters a four-month state of Yoga Nidra and Chaturmas begins in the month of Ashadha, the month of Sawan holds particular significance for the devotees of Lord Shiva. 

The entire weight of creation rests on Mahadev’s shoulders as Lord Vishnu enters Yoga Nidra. In this scenario, Lord Shiva is ruling the earth during the four months that Lord Vishnu is in Yoga Nidra. Under these situations, each of these months is believed to have special significance of its own.

Chaturmas Beginning- 17 July 2024 (from Devshayani Ekadashi)

Chaturmas Ending- 12 November 2024 (till Dev Uthani Ekadashi

Furthermore, the 16-Month Sawan fast is particularly noteworthy, even if significant fasts like Devshayani Ekadashi are held during the month of Ashadha. It is believed that worshiping Lord Vishnu, Mahadev, and the Sun during the month of Ashadha holds particular significance, whereas worshiping Lord Shiva and his consort Maa Gauri during the month of Sawan is particularly auspicious and fruitful.

Other than that, these two months are especially important for charitable giving, prayer, moderation in eating, etc. Worshipping Mahadev and Maa Gauri, particularly during the month of Sawan, is encouraged for anyone who is in love and wants to marry or find a suitable bride or groom.

Significance Of Ashadha & Sawan Month 

Let’s first talk about the significance of Ashada month

  • Ashadha is known as the month of farmers because it marks the beginning of the rainy season, which is a very special period for farmers and agriculture.
  • This month is particularly crucial for drinking clean water because it is when animals reproduce in water the most.
  • This is the month to pay extra attention to your health because your digestion slows down.
  • Furthermore, it’s recommended to pay extra attention to your health throughout the next three months, starting from the month of Ashadha.
  • Worshiping Vishnu and doing charity have been given extra significance this month. It is said that one can achieve virtue by worshiping Lord Vishnu during the month of Ashadha.
  • In Hinduism, all forms of auspicious and auspicious acts stop when Lord Vishnu goes into sleep for four months, beginning in the month of Ashadha itself. It is Chaturmas month this year. Four months are known as Chaturmas, and they begin on Ashadh Shukla Ekadashi and end on Kartik Shukla Ekadashi.
  • Donations, fasting, and other activities take on particular importance during this time.
  • Aside from this, Ashadh is considered the month when wishes come true. Whatever you truly desire this month, it will undoubtedly come true.
  • In addition, Gupt Navratri falls during the month of Ashadh. In Hinduism, the festival of Navratri holds great importance, and Ashadha Navratri falls in the month of Ashadha. In this situation, the significance of this month becomes even more profound due to Navratri. 
  • Worship of Mars and Sun: During the month of Ashadha, people can attain success and prosperity in life by worshiping Mars and Sun in addition to Lord Vishnu. This maintains a high energy level in their lives.
  • We also celebrate Guru Purnima in the month of Ashadha. The day of the full moon in the month of Ashadh is very significant. We celebrate the festival of Guru Purnima Vyas Purnima this month.

Now let’s talk about the significance of Sawan month, 

  • It is stated that Rishi Markande performed penance for a long life in the month of Sawan itself, and as a result, Lord Shiva was delighted and gave him his blessing.
  • The month of Sawan is very dear to Lord Shiva. According to mythology, Lord Shiva took on human form during the month of Sawan and visited his in-laws’ house, where he was greeted with Arghya and water consecration. 
  • According to mythology, it is believed that the churning of the ocean took place in the month of Sawan itself. The universe was shielded by Lord Shankar, who had swallowed the poison that had leaked from the churning ocean in his throat. It is said that donating water to Shivling during the month of Sawan has particular significance because all the gods and goddesses had given it to him in order to lessen the influence of the world. By doing this, Bhole becomes happy and fulfills all the wishes of his devotees.
  • According to the Shiva Purana, Lord Shiva is water, hence anointing him with water brings good fortune. The scriptures state that in the month of Sawan, Lord Vishnu enters Yoga Nidra. This is a really important period for the saints and devotees in a situation like this. In these four months there is a Vedic Yagya which is a mythological fast which is also called Chaumasa.

Personality Traits Of People Born In July 2024

Let’s now discuss the personalities of those who were born in July. There is a saying that a person’s birth under any planet or constellation, in any month, at any time, will undoubtedly have an impact on their life. 

Given this situation, individuals born in July tend to be somewhat temperamental and mysterious by nature when discussing their personalities. They approach life with optimism and tranquility, and they carefully consider all of their options. In addition to this, people born in the month of July know when, how much and where they have to speak. Although they have a clear head and are not dishonest toward anyone, they are also diplomatic in nature. 

When it comes to their career, they don’t deviate. They are mostly successful in whatever field they pursue because they never hesitate to put in a lot of effort. Along with knowing how to get things done from others, they also know how to work hard and win others over as fans. Individuals born in this month always uphold a positive work atmosphere by their actions, never letting any company or organization down that they work with. 

Talking about health, people born in July do not get angry very easily, but when they get angry, there is no escape from their rage. But they’re ready to apologize to others if they feel it was their fault. They often seem careless about their health and do not pay attention to the requirements of their family because of their work. They usually also need to handle their emotional and psychological issues. 

In addition, July born people are supposed to have soft hearts, want to stay close to their family, and work hard to make sure they never lack anything. When it comes to their romantic lives, they take their time finding a partner out of fear of heartbreak, but once they do, they stick with it through and show their lover a great deal of loyalty.

In regards to their romantic lives, they take their time committing to relationships because of their fear of heartbreak; but, once they do, they stick with it through and show their lover a great deal of loyalty. 

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Do you know that celebrities like Kiara Advani, Priyanka Chopra, Tom Hanks, Nelson Mandela, Sanjay Dutt, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, and Tom Hanks were all born in the month of July. 

Lucky Number For People Born In July: 2 and 9 

Lucky Color For People Born In July: Orange and blue color

Lucky Day For People Born In July: Monday and Friday

Lucky Gemstone For People Born In July: When it comes to Gemstones, it’s commonly known that the Ruby Gemstone or Manik, is considered fortunate for those born in the month of July. In addition, as July is the sign of Saturn, those born in this month can also benefit from the Blue Sapphire-Neelam gemstone. We recommend that you consult knowledgeable astrologers for advice on gemstones before wearing any of them.


  • Regularly worship Lord Shiva. Offer them a coin, a betel nut, and a leaf after the puja. Dig a pit next to the banyan tree’s root and bury it in the ground after the puja.
  • Offer Arghya to the Sun God after taking bath for 1 month continuously from Sunday.
  • Recite the Hanuman Chalisa seven times while sitting under a banyan tree.

July 2024 Bank Holidays

Date And DayHolidayState 
5 July 2024, FridayGuru Hargobind Jayanti Jammu & Kashmir
6 July 2024, SaturdayMHIP DayMizoram
7 July 2024, SundayRathyatraOrissa
8 July 2024, MondayBehdienkhlam FestivalMeghalaya
13 July 2024, SaturdayBhanu JayantiSikkim
13 July 2024, SaturdayMartyrdom DayJammu & Kashmir
17 July 2024, WednesdayU Tirot Singh DayMeghalaya
17 July 2024, WednesdayMuharramNational holiday except Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Chhattisgarh, Dadra and Nagar Haveli, Daman and Dio, Goa, Haryana, Kerala, Manipur, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Pondicherry, Punjab, Sikkim, Uttarakhand and West Bengal  
31 July 2024, WednesdayShaheed Udham Singh MartyrdomHaryana
31 July 2024, WednesdayBonaluTelangana

July 2024 Important Fasts And Festivals

2 July 2024TuesdayYogini Ekadashi
3 July 2024WednesdayPradosh Vrat (Krishna)
4 July 2024ThursdayMasik Shivratri
5 July 2024FridayAshadha Amavasya
6 July 2024SaturdayAshadha Gupt Navratri
7 July 2024SundayJagannath Rath Yatra 
9 July 2024TuesdayVinayak Chaturthi
16 July 2024TuesdayKarka Sankranti
17 July 2024WednesdayDevshayani Ekadashi, Ashadha Ekadashi
19 July 2024FridayPradosh Vrat Shukla
20 July 2024SaturdayKokila Vrat
21 July  2024SundayGuru Purnima, Vyas Purnima
22 July 2024MondaySawan Month Beginning, First Sawan Somvaar
22 July 2024TuesdayFirst Mangla Gauri Vrat, Beginning of Panchak
24 July 2024WednesdayGajanan Sankshati Chaturthi
29 July 2024MondaySecond Sawan Somvar
30 July 2024TuesdaySecond Mangla Gauri Vrat 
31 July 2024WednesdayKamika Ekadashi

July 2024 Planetary Transits

In terms of planet transits, there will be six significant planetary transits in July. 

The transit of Venus in Cancer will be the first of these. On July 7 at 4:15 p.m., this transit will occur.

Venus will rise in Cancer, marking the second transit. The date of this transit is July 11 at 7:59 p.m. 

The third transit will be Mars transit into Taurus. This will take place on July 12 at 19:03.

The fourth transit will be the Sun transit into Cancer. This will occur on July 16 at 11:08 a.m.

The fifth transit will be Mercury transit into Leo. This will occur on July 19 at 20:31.

The sixth transit will be Venus transit into Leo. This will occur on July 31 at 14:15. 

In such a case, it will be interesting to note that two significant conjunctions will occur in July, one in Cancer with Venus and the Sun. The second is in Leo, where Mercury and Venus will form a conjunction.  

Eclipse: If we talk about eclipses  in the month of July, there will be no eclipses this month. 

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July 2024: Accurate & Detailed Prediction For 12 Zodiac Signs 


Aries: Career-wise, July will be a good month. Although you will face challenges from time to time, you will overcome them through hard work. There will be some educational challenges. In such cases, it is recommended that you continue to work hard. There is a risk of mild conflict in family life. It is recommended that you maintain harmony. There may also be difficulties in one’s love life. Be honest about your relationship. In terms of finances, Aries people could experience many ups and downs in July. Healthwise, it will provide excellent health outcomes. If you are currently dealing with a problem, there is a good chance that it will be resolved by the end of July.


Taurus: In terms of career, you must work hard throughout the month of July in order to attain success. You may have to deal with ups and downs throughout education. In such a case, prioritize your education. Talking about family life, everything will be alright; however, your father’s health may be badly impacted; take extra care of him. This month will be excellent for love and marriage. You and your partner can visit a temple or other holy site. This month will also be good for your finances; just keep your expenses and income in harmony. In terms of health, you are unlikely to experience any severe health issues this month. If possible, practice meditation and Yoga.


Gemini: This month will be quite favorable for your career. The harder you work during this time, the better your outcomes will be. In terms of education, this month you will receive the blessings of the Sun God, which will strengthen your desire in studying. You will work hard, and this will provide positive benefits. There is a risk of turbulence in family life, but you can overcome this by communicating amicably and patiently. In terms of love and marriage, this month will be beneficial; however, there may be disagreements, which you can handle intelligently. In terms of finances, your income will improve, making your situation better. In terms of health, you will notice an improvement in your health, a rise in your immunity, and the resolution of any previous issues.


In terms of career, Cancer people will achieve good results in July. You will lead your team effectively and build a positive reputation in the workplace. If we talk about education, this month will be good. You will work hard in your academics and perform well in competitive exams. Family life is likely to be average. You can make plans to go out somewhere. However, conflict and discord may occur from time to time. You are being advised to control your ego. July is a good month for love and marriage. However, there may be moments when you get angry and say something positive or negative to your partner. In such cases, it is best to speak only after careful consideration. In terms of finances, your income will increase, but so will your expenses. Take extra care with your expenditures; else, you may run into troubles later. Finally, if we’re talking about health, you’ll need to pay extra attention this month. Maintain an appropriate balance between work and wellness. Otherwise, there might be difficulty.


Talking about your career in July, there is a good probability you will make advancement. Your position in the job will grow stronger, and you will be able to handle even the most difficult problems. Speaking of education, you will be more systematic in your studies this month. Concentration will rise, and you will pay more attention to your studies, resulting in better results. Family life is going to produce varied results. You may buy a property. This month, you will also feel a sense of duty for your family. In terms of love and married life, this month will be filled with romance. You will share pleasant moments with your lover. Although ego problems may arise from time to time, you will be able to cope with them using your wisdom. In terms of finances, your expenses and income will initially rise.  However, any subsequent investments may land you in financial difficulties. In such a situation, you should be cautious about investment. Speaking of health, your health will be good this month. It is recommended to avoid consuming imbalanced and stale foods; otherwise, problems may worsen.

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July will be a fantastic month for persons born under the sign of Virgo in terms of their careers. You will work hard in your career, which will result in corresponding gains. In terms of education, you may experience ups and downs during your studies. It is recommended that this month, in addition to studying, you pay close attention to relaxation and take regular breaks. In terms of family life, you will see positive effects. This month, family members will guide you through your business, allowing you to advance and profit. This month will deliver mixed outcomes in terms of love and marriage. You will open your heart to your lover. A strong bond will grow between the two of you. Some problems may develop from time to time, and you should deal with them cautiously. In terms of finances, this month will assist you by increasing your income and allowing you to accumulate riches more effectively. Finally, when it comes to health, this month will be a touch delicate. During this time, pay close attention to your health and exercise caution when going out, eating, or drinking.


This month will be a good one for your career. However, a change in job may occur this month. This could also refer to a change of job or a transfer. In terms of education, this month will require a lot of effort. Without hard work, you will be unable to taste success this month. This month will be favorable for family life. The single piece of advice given is to avoid speaking harshly to anyone in order to keep the family atmosphere stable. This month will be difficult in terms of love and married life. You will be divided between your family and your love. When it comes to finances, this month will be filled with ups and downs. However, this month you may have similar outcomes to Rajyoga. It is advisable to take advantage of all opportunities that arise in your life. Finally, when it comes to health, you may encounter a health-related problem unexpectedly, but the sooner it appears in your life, the more quickly it will be resolved. However, you may have discomfort and pain for some time. Be cautious with this.


The Scorpio zodiac will see many ups and downs this month of July. It is recommended that you take every step in your workspace with caution. You may have a major issue. In terms of education, this month you will be extremely diligent with your studies, your intelligence will be sharp, and you will understand everything, big or small, very easily. Family life will produce mixed results. You will be supported by your siblings and sisters, there will be positive interactions, and the family will be peaceful and happy. In terms of love and marriage, your relationship will grow stronger this month. However, misunderstandings and conflicts will develop from time to time, which you should address with knowledge and discretion. When it comes to finances, the results will be varied. If you run a business or work, you will profit financially, and if you save carefully, you will not have any troubles in the future. Finally, in terms of health, this month will provide mixed results. However, you can be successful in coping with challenges by using your willpower and energy. Spending more time doing yoga and meditation can reap advantages.


In terms of career, July will be somewhat fruitful for persons born under the sign of Sagittarius. During this time, you will need to take some measures and keep working hard; only then will you be able to achieve your goal. In terms of education, this month you will be able to rapidly and thoroughly study your courses. However, be aware that your family environment and certain situations may interfere with your ability to concentrate. When it comes to family life, July will be filled with ups and downs. Relationships with siblings will improve, and you will be observed spending time with them. Challenges may occur from time to time. When it comes to love and marriage, this month you must be willing to go to any length for your partner. Just be careful not to make any hasty decisions, as this may lead to difficulties. In terms of finances, this month will be filled with ups and downs. You will be observed doing good work. That means money will be spent, but it will be on worship and religious activities that will make you satisfied. Finally, in terms of health, this month will be quite feeble. This month, you might suffer from liver problems, kidney ailments, or rain-borne diseases. There is also the risk of running into an accident when driving. Keep everything in mind in such a case.

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When it comes to Capricorn people’s careers, July will bring them good fortune. Your coworkers may take significant steps against you from time to time, but you will conquer them through your wisdom. You are advised to keep working hard and not get involved in office politics.  In terms of education, students born under this sign will perform well in July. Your concentration will improve and you will focus more on your academics. Apart from that, your teachers and family members will guide you this month, ensuring your success. This month will bring varied outcomes in terms of family life. People’s words may rapidly become bitter or negative, destroying the household atmosphere. Although your mother’s health might change this month, you will continue to receive assistance from your father. When it comes to love and marriage, this month will bring you and your lover closer together than ever. You will be seen as protecting your sweetheart and your relationship at whatever cost, which will enhance your bond. This month will produce mixed outcomes in terms of financial matters. You will be quite successful in amassing riches at the start of the month, and you will be generating money from many sources and expanding your income throughout the month. Speaking of health, your health will be good this month. Minor issues may arise from time to time, and to avoid them, you should make suitable changes to your daily routine, exercise, and meditate.


Regarding the career of Aquarius, July is likely to be a fantastic month for you. At work, people will support you. Nonetheless, occasionally issues can come up, and in those cases you’ll need to exercise caution and intelligence. Speaking of education, you will experience positive outcomes this month in terms of your studies as well. You will also notice an improvement in your ability to focus, support from friends, and, if you participate in competitions, favorable competition that will lead to overall good performance. Some Aquarius zodiac people may possibly be chosen for some excellent exams this month. In terms of family life, now is a good moment to talk about it, but you should be careful with the words you choose. Someone might find anything you say offensive, which could ruin the family harmony. Aside from this, the family will experience more love, peace, and happiness. Speaking of marriage and love, married life will be amazing. You and your partner’s romance will grow.  You two will be able to overcome any issue that may arise because of your powerful love. In terms of money, everything will be going well at the start of the month. Your house will be filled with joy. Your salary will rise to a respectable level. That being said, you may encounter certain difficulties when trying to save money. Furthermore, you should monitor your spending closely and only make purchases when absolutely essential to avoid future issues. Finally, in terms of health, this month will be good for you. On the other hand, you might run into issues if you behave carelessly. Other than that, everything is good. You could experience minor issues like a cold or cough this month so, take care with this.


In terms of Pisces careers, this month will bring you a variety of outcomes. On the other hand, you will have complete support from your coworkers, which will enhance your output. Job seekers are also able to find employment. There will occasionally be challenging obstacles to overcome, but you won’t give up and you’ll succeed in doing so. Speaking of education, this month will provide you with a lot of positive prospects. You will be competent to have a good grip on your subjects with your intelligence and cleverness. You’ll put in a lot of effort and see success as a result. Those under this sign who want to pursue further education, however, might have to wait a little longer. In terms of family life, everything will be alright; there will be affection among family members and occasional conflicts and fights, but you will be able to handle them well. When it comes to love and marriage, you might be reluctant to tell your spouse how you really feel at this point. On the other hand, your relationship will benefit if you display courage. You will notice an increase in love in your relationship as well as a strengthening of your bond from spending more time together. In terms of your financial situation, you will need to pay close attention because your costs will continue to rise. You will also exhibit an inclination to accumulate wealth. Some natives of this zodiac sign may receive foreign currency. However, your spending will remain constant throughout the month. Finally, when it comes to your health, you should pay careful attention to it. This month, you may experience serious issues such as eye troubles, leg pain, heel pain, injury, or sprain. Overall, you must be extremely cautious about your health and skin during this month; else, you may experience complications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques1. Which Hindu Month is observed in July 2024?

Ans. The months of Ashadha & Sawan are observed in July 2024.

Ques2. Which festival is significant in July 2024?

Ans. Jagannath Rath Yatra & First Sawan Somvar are a few of the most auspicious festivals observed in July 2024.

Ques3. How many planets will be transiting in July 2024?

Ans. There will be six transits of four planets, Venus changing its position thrice, Sun, Mercury, and Mars.

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