Indira Ekadashi: A Highly Auspicious Date To Satisfy Your Ancestors Of Past 7 Generations!

Indira Ekadashi: Indira Ekadashi holds a special importance in Sanatana religion. Two Ekadashis occur every month, one in Krishna Paksha and one in Shukla Paksha. In this way, 24 Ekadashis occur every year, but in case of Purushottam Maas or Adhik Maas, this tally goes to 26 due to the addition of an extra month. 

The Ekadashi that falls in the Krishna Paksha of Ashwin Maas is known as Indira Ekadashi and Fast is observed on that day by the believers. It holds a special importance in Sanatana Dharma (Religion). This Ekadashi falls in Pitru Paksha, so its importance increases more. According to religious belief, worshiping Lord Vishnu and observing fast on this day gives salvation to our ancestors Pitrus . If a donation is made in the name of an ancestor, then they attain Baikunth (the resting place of Lord Vishnu).

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According to Puranas, the person who observes a fast on this Ekadashi, their ancestors get satiated up to their 7 generations. The person who observes the fast also attains salvation. A special thing about this Ekadashi is that it will be celebrated in a very auspicious Yoga and due to this Yoga, the importance of this Ekadashi will increase manifold times.

So, without any delay, let us gain insights about Indira Ekadashi, its date, Auspicious Time of worship (Pooja), its story (Katha), auspicious Yoga, and astrological remedies.

Indira Ekadashi: Date And Time

This year the Ekadashi Tithi of Krishna Paksha of  Ashwin Maas is falling on 10th October 2023. Hence, the fast of Indira Ekadashi will be kept on 10th October 2023, Tuesday.

Beginning Of Ashwin Maas:  on 9th october 2023,  from 12:39 P.M.

End Of Ashwin Maas:   On 10th October 2023 at 03: 11 P.M.

Indira Ekadashi: Parana Muhurta

Parana Muhurat: In the morning of 11th October 2023 between 06:19 A.M. to 08:38 A.M.

Duration: 02 hours and 19 minutes

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Auspicious Yoga On Indira Ekadashi

A very auspicious Yoga is being formed on the occasion of Indira Ekadashi known as ‘Sadhya Yoga’. It is believed that during Sadhya Yoga, one takes great interest in learning and doing anything and also achieves success in it. Any type of work done during this Yoga gives auspicious results.

Beginning of Sadhya Yoga: 9th October 2023, from 06:49 A.M.

End Of Sadhya Yoga: : 10th October 2023, up to 07:45 A.M.

Importance Of Indira Ekadashi 

Indira Ekadashi has been given special significance in Sanatan Dharma. It is said in the Puranas that more virtue can be obtained by observing Indira Ekadashi fast than the amount of virtue obtained by Kanyadaan or thousands of years of penance. By observing this fast, a person gets freedom from the sins of his previous births. 

Apart from this, by fasting on this Ekadashi one does not have to face the torture of Yamalok and the person observing the fast also finds a place in heaven. It is mentioned in the scriptures that if an ancestor is suffering punishment due to the sins committed knowingly or unknowingly, then by fasting as per the rituals on this day and donating in his name, the ancestors go to heaven and get freedom from all sins.

Method Of Worship On Indira Ekadashi

  • On the day of Indira Ekadashi, after taking bath in the morning, resolve to fast and first offer water to the Lord Sun.
  • On this Ekadashi, Shaligram, the form of Lord Vishnu, is worshiped.
  • After this, first get Lord Shaligram bathed with Panchamrit (Nectar Of Gods) and then get him bathed with water mixed with Gangajal.
  • Then offer Yellow Sandalwood, Abir, Gulal, Akshat (unbroken rice), Moli (Sacred Red Thread), Flowers, Basil leaves in the puja.
  • After this, offer Kheer (Sweet made of Milk and Sago) and keep Holy Basil in it because Lord Vishnu loves Holy Basil very much.
  • After offering Bhog (Sacrament), do Aarti of Lord Shaligram.
  • After this, definitely listen to the story of Indira Ekadashi. It is believed that the fast is not complete without listening to the story.
  • Food is not consumed on this day and fast is observed by taking fruits.
  • Chanting the mantra ‘Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya’ on the day of fasting is highly  fruitful.

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Story (Katha) Of Indira Ekadashi

According to mythology, A king named Indrasen in Satyug was ruling a kingdom named Mahishmati. One Day, he was doing his work efficiently and suddenly DevaRishi Narad came to his Rajya Sabha. The king welcomed and honored him and he asked the reason for the Sage’s visit. The king welcomed Devarshi Narad and asked the reason for his arrival. Devarshi Narad ji told that a few days ago he had gone to Yamlok and there he met King Indrasen’s father. He said that his father has sent a message for him. He said that once due to some reason his father’s Ekadashi fast was broken, after which he has not been able to get salvation till now and he has to live in Yamalok. He told Devarshi Narada to tell his son and children that if they keep fast on Ekadashi of Ashwin Krishna Paksha, then in return I will get salvation.

After hearing the words of Devarshi Narada, King Indrasen asked about the method of fast and he resolved to observe the fast. King observed the fast by following all the rituals on the Ekadashi date of Krishna Paksha of Pitru Paksh. After that, he feeded food to Brahmins and donated a Cow. In this way, due to the virtue of Fasting and worship of King Indrasen, his father got freedom from Yamlok (Hell) and he attained Vaikuntha Lok. From that day, this Ekadashi got its name as ‘Indira Ekadashi’ and its importance got higher.

Works To Avoid On The Day of Indira Ekadashi

  • If you observe fast on Indira Ekadashi, then eat Satvik food a day before the Ekadashi date.
  • Stay away from garlic, onion and tamasic food.
  • Apart from this, donate any one thing like rice, curd, silver and copper to a poor Brahmin on this day.
  • Eating rice is prohibited during Ekadashi by anyone whether they are fasting or not. It is said that eating rice causes a person to become a worm in the next life.
  • On this day, to maintain happiness and peace at home, serve the elders and do not make them sad even by mistake.

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Astrological Remedies You Must Follow On Indira Ekadashi

Ekadashi Fast is dedicated to Lord Vishnu who is the operator of the world. Doing Shradh rituals and performing some remedies will give great benefit to the devotees. Come, let’s explore these remedies:

To Get Rid Of Loans

The natives who are bothered due to loans must offer yellow colored items like Yellow Flowers, Yellow fruits, Yellow Grains. After that, distribute these items to poor or needy persons. By doing this, the natives can get rid of loans.

For Getting Happiness And Prosperity

Light a Diya Lamp of Pure Cow Ghee in front of the Holy Basil plant and chant the mantra, “Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya” continuously. Then, revolve around the plant 11 times or 21 times daily. It is believed that doing this will bring happiness and prosperity in the home and increase money, food, and good luck in the family.

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For Maintaining A Strong Economic Condition

Light Diya Lamp of pure Mustard oil beneath a Peepal (Eucalyptus) tree and revolve 11 times around the tree on Indira Ekadashi. Performing this will strengthen the economic condition of the family and a person never suffers from shortage of money.

To Get Rid Of Negative Energies

You must recite the 1000 names (Vishnu Sahastranaam) while worshiping Lord Vishnu on Indira Ekadashi. A person starts walking on the right path and starts doing right things and all the negative energies get eliminated by doing this remedy.

To Get Rid of Pitra Dosh

Our ancestors get salvation by observing Indira Ekadashi fast and listening to its story (Katha).  Feeding Brahmins and making donations on this day pleases our ancestors and they maintain their blessings upon us. Also, one gets rid of the Pitra Dosh.

To Complete Spoiled Works

If your smooth running tasks are getting spoiled, then take 11 leaves of the Peepal (Eucalyptus) tree on this Ekadashi. Then, make a garland out of these leaves and offer it in a Lord Saturn’s temple. Along with it, Chant the Mantra -”Shan Om shan Namaha” and Lord Shani’s Mantra. By doing this, all your work will get completed slowly.

To Maintain Happiness in Your Married Life

If happiness has vanished from your married life and fights and arguments between you and your partner, then you must take some quantity of Black Sesame seeds and offer it near a Peepal (Eucalyptus) tree. You must also offer water on the roots of a Peepal tree and chant this Lord Shani’s Mantra- “Om Shree Sham Shreen Shanaishcharaye Namaha”. By performing this remedy, you can fulfill your married life with happiness, positivity, and prosperity.

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