Ind Vs Aus Cricket Match Predictions (7th October 2017): T20I 1

Twenty20 format has become a major favourite amongst the crowd mostly due to its quick setup and reliable layout. After finishing off the ODI series, India and Australia will be slaying the pitch in three T20 matches, starting off today. The fifth and last ODI was played on 1st October 2017 at Vidarbha Cricket Association Ground, Nagpur, and saw both the teams competing fiercely for the title.

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With this short and crisp format, viewers will enjoy the innings to its best. The first T20 is scheduled for today, i.e. Saturday, on 7th October, 2017, at JSCA International Stadium Complex, Ranchi. It will start around 7PM (local) and 1.30 PM (GMT). India currently ranks 5th on the list, with Australia just a step down at 6th. It will be exciting to see both teams drowning in the glory of T20 and scoring maximum runs within 20 overs.

Here is a quick glimpse of what might happen in the future provided by our reputed Astrologer VGR Pavan. The cricket match predictions are based on time, venue and date of the match.

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India-Australia T20 – Match prediction

Aussies anchored on Indian soil once again to claim their superiority. Men in blue are in full form with consecutive triumphs. This is going to be an interesting contest for all cricket lovers. I will try to predict the outcome for these matches through horary astrology.

The following is the horary map for no.153 in favor of India:

Here sub lord of the 6th house is Venus, she is in the star of Venus and sub of Kethu a strong significator for 6-10 houses. Therefore it is in favor of India.

Winner: India will win this game at the last moment.

Prediction by:
Astrologer V. G. Ramachandra Pavan: Marriage related predictions, KP SystemAstrologer is not a fortune teller but a “fate reader”. He has to disclose what is exactly in store for future regarding a particular question. Of course in a most careful manner, because his objective is only to create confidence in the mind of the querier rather than to frighten him. This is the toughest job on this globe.To consult astrologer V. G. Ramachandra Pavan, Please click here – Horoscope reading by V. G. Ramachandra Pavan.

Disclaimer: This prediction is academic in nature and is meant for astrological research. It should not be used for any other purpose.


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