India’s Fate in 2022: What To Expect?

It is time to see what is in store for 2022 and India’s fate regarding the same. India is going through a phase of turbulent trials due to the pandemic which came into effect in 2019 and now, it is emerging in various shapes. The year 2022 is ruled by the planet Venus as the number when added gives a total of 2+0+2+2= 6. So, it can be predicted that women folks may dominate. Many marriages may take place. There is a possibility that the pandemic may continue till the end of 2022.

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Expected Changes in the Year 2022

There are transits of Jupiter during May 2022 in Pisces, Rahu/Ketu in Aries and Libra. Saturn will be moving to Aquarius from April 2022 to July 2022. Due to this, the first half of the year may not be very good and many pulls and pushes can be witnessed in the country. During the first half of 2022, there is a possibility that health-related problems may surge and there can be an emergence of different viruses. After July 2022, the position of the country may improve. So far the economy is concerned, the fiscal situation of the country will become fine. New technological developments may be possible in the second half of the year. The combination of Jupiter-Saturn will be over and there will be no major planetary conjunction. The transit of Jupiter will take place in Pisces during April 2022 and it will remain there till 2023. This transit will give a boost to the country’s economy. 

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Astrological Phenomenon in 2022 & Impact On India

During this year, the conjunction of Venus and Saturn is happening in the month of January. This is going to be an auspicious one and will create employment and boost the economy leading to fiscal stability. The ratio of female babies will rise this year. Possibly, Career-based foreign travel will increase and this will result in prosperity. Owing to the conjunction of Venus and Saturn during January 2022, an upward trend will be seen in the silver and diamond prices and any amount of quantity will be easily available. Marriages may be more in numbers during the year 2022.

Expected Changes in 2022

When compared to the year 2021 which was full of ups and downs politically, it is envisaged that some good political activities will be seen after July 2022. New changes in the policies would be made by the government. The government will be able to take decisions on the political front regarding policies for every sector in the second half of the year. The government may create more public awareness after the month of July with respect to health factors and the viruses taking shape and they may create a separate policy for the same. 

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India in the Year 2022: Politics, Health, Finances

  • India is likely to be economically sound in the second half of the year 2022 as major planetary transits of Jupiter in Pisces and Saturn in Capricorn are said to provide a boost to the country’s economy.
  • Natives belonging to Cancer, Capricorn and Aquarius need to take care with respect to health in the year 2022.
  • As the sum of the numbers of the year 2022 i.e. 6 is ruled by Venus and Venus during the beginning of the year will be staying with Saturn, so the results will be smooth on the personal front and more marriages will take place.
  • As Rahu moves to the zodiac sign, Aries, and Ketu in the seventh house, there will be more prospects for foreign investments and the intensity of Viruses may come down.
  • With Jupiter moving to Pisces in its own sign from April 2022, the position of the country and India’s economy will be moving in a positive direction. Saturn will also be moving back to Capricorn during July 2022 from Aquarius and due to this, there will be positive changes in the country with new employment opportunities, business growth, and all good things will be there.
  • By the end of the year 2022, the country’s economy and progress will start moving in the correct direction.

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Global Impact

The crisis haunting the world as well as India will come under control in the second half of the year 2022 and by the end of the year, the economy will boost. The global recession worrying the world will weaken in 2022 due to the benefic presence of Jupiter to its own sign Pisces. 

The confusion prevailing among various countries including India will end. The rift between India and China will be narrowed in 2022 and troubles at the borders will also disappear. Prices of many commodities, vegetables, etc. which were on the rise during 2021 will come down and there will be a sigh of relief among people.

Major natural calamities affecting globally may not be seen after August 2022. A situation of uncertainty prevailing the world over will distance itself in the second half of the year 2022.

There will be friendly relationships among many countries during the second half of 2022. As Saturn will be back in Capricorn in July 2022 and Jupiter will be in its own zodiac sign i.e. Pisces, all activities will begin to move smoothly. There will be a big boom for the economy and the crisis will end globally.

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Will Coronavirus End in India in the Year 2022?

The pandemic that created havoc across the world right from 2019 may take a back seat after August 2022. There may be another wave but it will not be disastrous. At the same time, this virus may exist like Malaria and may take a different shape. The invention of new medicines and social distancing may help people to escape from this virus to a larger extent. It will be good to follow the guidelines issued by the world health organisation with respect to the virus. The new omicron virus emerging in different parts of the world may be tackled by India with the help of medicines. Some stringent measures and rules will be imposed by the Indian Govt with respect to the same. To have strong control over the virus, it will be better to follow the norms issued by the government and WHO and major countries including India will restore guidelines and protocols to be followed for the year 2022. 

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Position of Rahu/Ketu in 2022

The transit of Rahu/Ketu is occurring in April 2022 with Rahu moving to Aries and Ketu proceeding to Libra. Due to this, there will be growth in the economy. The impact of the coronavirus will reduce post-August 2022.


  • The pandemic effect will come down with the third wave in 2022. 
  • Normalcy with respect to the virus may be possible by the end of 2022.
  • The economy at the global level will witness a boom including India by the end of 2022.
  • Negativity prevailing the world over in 2021 will seem to be lowering after in the second half of 2022.

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