India Vs New Zealand Cricket Match Predictions: First T20

The last ODI played between India and New Zealand was filled with moments of high-pitched excitement; giving the viewers sudden adrenaline rush. The third and last ODI was played on October 29, 2017, Sunday, at Green Park, Kanpur. As of now, India is leading the India-New Zealand Cricket Match Series 2017 with 2-1 win in ODI matches. Both teams played gracefully, with NZ losing out to India after nearly chasing the target.

In the last ODI, NZ won the toss and chose to bowl first. India scored an unabashed 337/6 in 50 overs, which NZ failed to reach and made 331/7 in 50 overs. India won by 6 runs, making Rohit Sharma the “Player of the Match” and captain Virat Kohli the “Player of the Series”. NZ played very well and gave a rather tough competition to Indians, pressurising them to set a rather heavy target.

The first T20 match between India and New Zealand on this India-New Zealand Cricket Match Tour is scheduled for today, i.e. 1st November 2017, at Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium, Delhi around 7:00 AM (local)/01:30 PM (GMT).

Esteemed Astrologer VGR Pavan, at AstroSage, evaluates the time, venue and date of match and provides the readers with match predictions. Read on to know which team will emerge as the winner.

India v/s Newzealand 1st T20 – Match prediction

This is the first T20 match prediction between men in blue and black cats. Following is the horary map for number 235 in favor of India:

1st T20 ind vs NZ

Here the sub lord of 6th house is Sun, he is in the star of Rahu in 5th house and in the sub of Mercury a strong significator for 7th house. Hence it favors Kiwis.

Winner: Kiwis may win this match at the last moment.

Prediction by:
Astrologer V. G. Ramachandra Pavan: Marriage related predictions, KP SystemAstrologer is not a fortune teller but a “fate reader”. He has to disclose what is exactly in store for future regarding a particular question. Of course in a most careful manner, because his objective is only to create confidence in the mind of the querier rather than to frighten him. This is the toughest job on this globe.To consult astrologer V. G. Ramachandra Pavan, Please click here – Horoscope reading by V. G. Ramachandra Pavan.

Disclaimer: This prediction is academic in nature and is meant for astrological research. It should not be used for any other purpose.



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