India Vs Australia Cricket Match Predictions (24th SEPTEMBER 2017): ODI 3

India is dominating the India-Australia Cricket Match Series 2017 with a 2-0 lead and is in no mood to back off. The second ODI played on Thursday, September 21, 2017 at Eden Gardens, Kolkata, saw India waiving off the stress and leading the series with Australia gracefully accepting the defeat. Both the teams played tremendously well and the  innings were a treat to watch. As expected, Virat Kohli (Captain) smashed a raging 92 and became the Player of the Match.

India scored a battling 252 (50 Ovs) and Australia did their best to chase the score, but retreated themselves to 202-all out in just 43.1 Ovs. The bowlers performed really well and brilliantly functioned their way out of a normal score. Australia will have to work hard in today’s match to keep up the pace and compete furiously.

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The third ODI between India and Australia is scheduled today, i.e. Sep 24, Sunday at Holkar Cricket Stadium, Indore. It will start after noon at 1.30 pm (local time) and 8.00 am (GMT).

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India-Australia 3rd ODI- Match prediction

Aussies anchored on Indian soil once again to claim their superiority. Men in blue are in full form with consecutive triumphs. This is going to be an interesting contest for all cricket lovers. I will try to predict the outcome for these matches through horary astrology.

Ind vs Aus ODI 3

The following is the horary map for seed no.95 in favor of Australia:

Here sub lord of the 6th house is Saturn, he is in the star of Mercury and sub of Jupiter a strong significator for 1-2 houses.

Winner: Australia will win this game

Prediction by:

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