Hindu New Year 2024: Chaitra Shukla Pratipada (Vikrami Samvat 2081) Special Prediction!

This year, Hindu New Year 2024 will begin at 11:51 p.m. on Monday, April 8, 2024; however, due to the sunrise date, Sanatan Dharma New Year 2024 (Vikram Samvat 2081) will be celebrated on Tuesday, April 9, 2024. According to the Sanatan Dharma calendar, Hindus celebrate their New Year on the Pratipada date of Shukla Paksha in the month of Chaitra. This is why this day is so special and important to all Sanatan Dharmi people, and just like every year, this festival will be celebrated in a great and divine manner. The sacred Navratri festival of Goddess Bhagwati also begins on this day.

The new year begins on Shukla Paksha Pratipada of Chaitra month. This is an excellent period for everyone. Because of this, on this day, each person should raise the flag at their home in accordance with their clan and sect. The house should be decorated, auspicious songs should be sung, lights should be turned on, poles should be constructed, and after taking an auspicious bath, one should worship the Gods, Goddesses, Brahmins, Gurus, and the religious flag, with everyone seated in a row under this flag and everybody should worship.  Wear new clothes and jewelry on this day. On this day, you should also get new year predictions from your personal astrologer.

When the New Year begins, we want to know what kind of repercussions God will bring about for the country, the world, and the general public as a result of various planet positions and transits. For this, we observe the Pratipada Tithi of Shukla Paksha of Chaitra month, also known as Varsha Lagna Kundali, and anytime we need to predict the outcome of the new year, we consult the Chaitra Shukla Pratipada, also known as Varsha Lagna Kundali, and make predictions for the entire year. The fortunate occurrences of the year are analyzed, and it is recognized what types of conditions this year will bring about. 

   (Chaitra Shukla Pratipada – 2024)                    

The horoscope for the Hindu New Year 2024 (Chaitra Shukla Pratipada), also known as Nutan Varsharambh, features Sagittarius as the ascendant. Jupiter, the ascendant lord, is situated in the fifth house, alongside the seventh and tenth lords, as well as retrograde and combust Mercury. In Aquarius’ third house, the second and third lords are present, as well as Saturn, Panchamesh, and Mars, the twelfth lord. The eighth lord Moon is setting in the fourth house, in conjunction with the sixth and eleventh lords Venus, the auspicious Sun, and Rahu. Ketu is located in the tenth house of the zodiac.

The presence of Lagnesh and Chaturthesh Jupiter in the triangle house creates a Rajyoga factor condition. Apart from that, their conjunction with the tenth and seventh lords Mercury is similar to Rajyoga. Sun, the lord of place of fortune, i.e. Bhagya Sthan, additionally creates Rajyoga by sitting in the center house, but this horoscope also forms the Yoga of the sixth and eighth lords.

We now understand the status of the Varsha Lagna Kundli and which zodiac signs the planets are in, which can have a variety of effects on our lives. Let us now continue to determine the planetary influence of the new year 2081, also known as the Hindu New Year 2024, on our country and its people, as well as the surrounding countries and people, based on the Varsha Lagna Kundli:

  • It’s also worth noting that a solar eclipse will cast a shadow on April 8, 2024, during the auspicious Chaitra Shukla Pratipada. Although this solar eclipse will not be visible in India, its impact will be felt globally this year.
  • People in countries and areas in the east and north will experience relative happiness based on the position of the planets. Excessive rainfall in central countries may lead to a rise in disease outbreaks, but in western regions, ghee and grain prices may decline, resulting in livestock losses.
  • Agricultural production will be good.
  • There is a good chance that new laws and regulations will be adopted in the public’s best interests.
  • The general people will be informed about new plans, and some new schemes may be implemented for their benefit.
  • This year is likely to be characterized by improvements, particularly in the health and education sectors.
  • This year, the judiciary will produce very important results in very important situations, and its significance will be seen continuously.
  • There will be important work in social, religious, and artistic relations, and artists will gain national and international recognition. 
  • There will be opportunities for growth in both business and industry.
  • Railway infrastructure will also expand, and new train lines may be built. Some Bullet Train-related work may also begin this year. Rail transportation will also receive a boost in several new places.
  • In the aforementioned horoscope, the Sun is affected by Rahu, the fortunate planet, which may cause a lack of trust between the government and the people. Many types of questions could be raised, which will be imaginary, which may raise the problems of the government.
  • In small-scale elections, the ruling party may be weak.
  • There will be opportunities for significant improvement in the mineral and metal industries.
  • Rahu has afflicted the Moon, the Sun, and Venus. As a result, there may be an increase in accidents in high-rise buildings, as well as the possibility of an accident in a mine.
  • Jupiter will transit Taurus, having a specific impact on the banking industry. Some banks will merge, and some bank scams may come to light. 
  • You will have negative results about property.
  • Automobile stocks may perform poorly.
  • Publishing specific texts will be difficult.
  • People in numerous municipal corporations will become dissatisfied, causing problems at work.
  • Strikes and protests are likely to rise.
  • Dissatisfaction among transportation personnel may increase.
  • The situation with tax collection, revenue creation, and foreign commerce will be taken into consideration. This will require careful consideration.
  • A tax may also be levied, which would cause a lot of uproar.
  • India’s relations with neighboring countries, particularly China and Nepal, could deteriorate.
  • This year, India’s efforts to combat terrorism and antisocial elements will be successful.
  • There will be progress in the automobile sector, and the country’s GDP will improve as a result of increased production in the industrial sector, but expenditure will also rise, with a greater emphasis on infrastructure development, which will account for the majority of expenditure.
  • Religious programs will also take place.
  • The state of food grains and economic conditions will remain concerning.
  • The situation in friendly countries will become abnormal.
  • The number of cases in the court will rise.
  • Many major businesses, industrial enterprises, and banks can merge.
  • There will be some new schemes disclosed.
  • The marine industry may experience an upsurge in accidents.

Chaitra Shukla Pratipada (Nutan Sanvatsar २०८१) – Hindu New Year 2024 – Meaning & Significance

chaitre masi jagadbrahma sasarja prathame.ahani|

shukla paksha samagram tu tada suryodaya sati||

                                                                     -Hemadro Brahotakeh

When we talk about New Samvatsara, according to the Hemadri Brahma Purana, the world father Brahmadev ji created this entire living universe at daybreak on the first day of Shukla Paksha of Chaitra month, also known as Pratipada Tithi. This is why we celebrate Pratipada, or Pratham Tithi, on the first day of Shukla Paksha in the Chaitra month each year. That is, the Hindu New Year is considered to begin on this day, and a new Samvatsara begins. If we consider the English year 2024, on Monday, April 8, 2024, at 11:51 p.m., the new year will enter Sagittarius in Revati Nakshatra, Vaidhriti Yoga, and Kinstughna Karan. Vikram Samvat 2081 will be known as Kalyukt. 

Because Samvatsara will enter at night, due to the Pratipada date at daybreak the next day, Navratri of Shukla Paksha of Chaitra month will be considered to begin on Tuesday, April 9th. Above is the Sagittarius ascendant horoscope for the night of April 8, 2024. However, according to the Vedas, Chaitra Shukla Pratipada Tithi at sunrise would only be regarded on Tuesday, hence Mars will be the king of this Samvatsara. This will be the 52nd Samvatsara, named Kalayukta. 

This Navratri receive the special blessings of Goddess Durga from Siddhi Kunjika Strotam!

kālayukta nāma ke nūtana saṃvatsara kā phala 

rogavṛddhiḥ prajāyeta kālayukte viśeṣataḥ।
rājayuddhaṃ bhaveda ghoraṃ vṛṣṭirghorā varānane।।  

According to the above verse, there will be an increase in many types of diseases during Kalayukt Namak Samvatsara, which means that people may suffer from a variety of diseases, and the number of diseases may rise. People will suffer, and issues will multiply. Aside from that, there will be other reasons for mutual conflict, resentment, and discord among the rulers of various nations, which may result in war-like situations. Heavy rainfall in some areas can cause significant damage to standing crops as well as floods, among other things.

vatsare kālayuktākhye – sukhinaḥ sarvajantavaḥ। 
saṃtapathāpica-sasyani-pracūraṇita tathā gadāḥ।।

This year’s Kalyukt Samvatsara may bring an increase in diseases and grief. Such predictions will continue throughout the year, resulting in a significant increase in grain production, which will bring happiness and joy to the common people. There may be a threat of mutual war between states, as well as the destruction of individuals. In certain regions, prosperity will rise, and crops, flowers, and fruits will grow on trees.

If we discuss more about this Samvatsara, there may be less rainfall and a decline in business. Disputes will occur among politicians. There is a risk that evil will occur during the months of Chaitra and Vaishakh. There may also be a shift in power in the northern region. Ashadha will get less rainfall, while Shravan month may have more. Bhadrapada month may see extreme rainfall. Prices for vehicles and electric items may rise.

chaitrasitapratipadi yo varo.arkodaye sah varsheshah| 


If we look at the above-mentioned phrase in Jyotir Nibandh, it states that the Vaar (day) that comes at sunrise on the Pratipada date of Shukla Paksha of Chaitra month declares him the ruler of Samvatsara. This time, Chaitra Shukla Pratipada will only appear on Monday, April 8, but because sunrise Pratipada is prevalent the following day, Tuesday, the king of Hindu New Year Vikram Samvat 2081 will be Mars.

Special Points This Years

Year Ascendant – Sagittarius  

Nakshatra– Revati 

Yoga – Vaidhriti 

Karan – Kinstughna  

This Year’s Officials

King – Mars   

Minister- Saturn

Sasuesh (Lord of grains) – Mars  

Daanyesh (Lord of Fortification) – Sun 

Meghesh (Lord of Clouds)- Venus 

Rasesh (Lord of Extract)- Jupiter  

Neersesh (Lord of Metals)- Mars  

Phalesh- Venus 

Dhanyesh (Lord of Cereals)- Moon 

Durgesh – Venus  

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Hindu Year Officials & Their Impact

Mars: King Of The Year 

agni-taskara-rogāḍhayo nṛpavigrahaḥ dāyakaḥ। 
gatasasyo bahuvyālo bhaumābdo bālahā bhṛśam।।       

Mars will be the King of Vikram Samvat in 2081. According to the above verse, if Mars is the year’s king, a severe storm may occur this year. The number of plane crashes, fires, earthquakes, and natural calamities could increase. Common people may have issues and discomfort as a result of an increase in social elements, terrorists, community occurrences, fraud, smuggling, robbery, and many sorts of complicated diseases in society. Even when there are clouds, there will be a lot of wind and not much rain. 

Natural disasters such as storms, hailstorms, cyclones, and so on may result in a lack of agricultural products. Livestock losses are possible. The social atmosphere could deteriorate. The ruling class will be uninterested in carrying out their responsibilities, which will accelerate the process of allegations and counter-allegations. People may see a rise in infections caused by bile, blood, and viruses. Incidents such as violence against boys and girls and kidnapping may rise. Aside from that, people will pay extra attention to species such as snakes. The number of revenue thefts may increase. Quarrels and disagreements may increase, as will the number of cases in court. Grains will become more expensive due to inflation.

bhaume nṛpe vahnibhayaṃ janakṣayaṃ caurākulaṃ pārthiva-vigrahaśca।
duḥkhoṃ prajā-vyādhi-viyogapīḍa़ā svalpaṃ payo muñcati vārivāhaḥ।।

In reference to the above-mentioned verse, because Mars is the king of the new year, occurrences of dishonesty, theft, fraud, corruption, bigotry, and violence may grow, as may natural disasters. An earthquake, a fire, or an explosion can all result in loss of life and property. Big politicians may find themselves in mutual opposition and conflict. People can suffer from a variety of diseases, ailments, kidnapping, viral fever, and other problems. 

The country is experiencing a rise in arson incidents. Communal violence, devotion, and difficult situations can result in loss of life and property. Some areas may get abundant rainfall, while others may experience complete drought, and in some areas, the presence of a flood may cause problems for the population. Individuals may lose interest in religious activity.

Saturn- Minister Of The Year 

ravisute yadi mantriṇi pārthivā vinaya saṃhitā bahuduḥkhadāḥ।
na jaladāya jaladāya janatāpadā janapadeṣu sukhaṃ na dhanaṃ kvacit।।      

Saturn is the minister in the new year 2081. Because Saturn is the year’s minister, politicians and government officials can be extremely hostile toward common people. They may violate the policy, causing the public to be distressed and dissatisfied. Due to a lack of rainfall in certain sections of the country, food grains may be scarce, and natural disasters may cause public concern. 

Common people may lack wealth and basic comfort supplies, which might exacerbate their sense of unhappiness. Aside from that, the costs of iron, steel, zinc, copper, oil, currency, food grains, and petroleum products may rise.

Oil and grain will be expensive. Cows and other milking animals may suffer harm. Disputes between powerful individuals may become more common. The likelihood of mutual war between different countries will rise.

Mars: Sasyesh Of The Year 

atha ca sasyapatau dharaṇīsute gajaturaṅgakharoṣṭragavāmapi। 
bhavati rogahatiśca ghanā jalaṃ dadati naiva tuṣānnavināśanam।।  

Mars is the ruling planet for the new year 2081. Sasyesh is believed to be the planet that rules the crops for the four months. As a result, numerous diseases can develop in quadruped animals such as elephants, horses, and donkeys, as well as milking animals such as cows, bulls, buffaloes, and camels. Standing crops like paddy, gram, soybean, cereals, vegetables, and so on may suffer damage as a result of a lack of rainfall in some parts of the country, causing their prices to skyrocket. Drought conditions in some areas may exacerbate the problem. Aside from this, there will be significant modifications in mechanical vehicles. New technology will appear. The demand for fuel-powered vehicles may grow. There will be fresh modifications to the scrap policy for old vehicles.

Sun- Dhanyesh Of The Year

paścāda dhānyādhipe sūrye paścāda dhānyaṃ tadānahi। 

vigrahaṃ bhūbhṛtāṃ dhānyaṃ maharghaṃ jvarapīḍanam।।  

The Dhanyesh for this year is Sun. As a result, the yield of winter crops such as Moong, moth, millet, paddy, and pulses may fall. Natural calamities may damage agricultural productivity and crops. As a result, prices for grains such as pulses, oilseeds, and paddy may rise, among other things. Politicians will be at odds, engage in disagreement, and dispute. There will be an ego conflict.  The country’s political environment will become highly bitter, resulting in a warlike situation. All forms of grains will become more expensive, putting people in financial difficulty, and new types of fevers may strike the general public.

Venus- Meghesh Of The Year  

bhṛgusuto jaladasyapatiḥ yadā jalamuco jaladādi-viśobhajanāḥ। 
dhana-nidhānayutā dvijapālakāḥ nṛpatayo janatā sukhadāyakāḥ।।

Venus is the Meghapati, or Meghesh, of the New Year 2081, so the possibilities of good rainfall will increase. The governing classes, including politicians, would endeavor to help Brahmins and scholars and might even create new projects to celebrate them. Politicians and fans will see an increase in riches. Their prosperity will grow. Many types of public leaders and administrators will also work for the welfare and well-being of the people, and new welfare schemes will be launched to benefit the common people, increasing their sense of happiness and satisfaction.

Jupiter- Rasesh Of The Year 

yadi gurau rasape sukhino janāḥ samadhikena phalādiyutā drumāḥ। 
janapadā jananāyaka-sainikā hava-hayāyudha vāha-vigāhitāḥ।।        

Jupiter is this year’s Rasadhipati, also known as the Rasesh. Due to Jupiter’s particular influence, persons with special resources may experience a rise in material luxuries. Trees will produce a high yield of fruits, flowers, and other products. People will be ready to serve and welcome academics, Pundits, and Brahmins, but in any border province or district, rulers and admirers, as well as police and military officers, may have to employ force since communal conflict is more likely to occur.  Intellectuals will gain more power. In the contemporary Samvatsara, people will accumulate high-quality cars.

Mars- Neersesh Of The Year 

nīraseśo-yadā-bhaumaḥ pravāla-rakta-vāsasām।

Mars’ position as Lord of Metals, i.e. Neerasesh, has resulted in the production of specific jewels such as coral, topaz, diamond, ruby, and red clothing, as well as red sandalwood, gold, brass, copper, lac, khal, cottonseed, and red color. Materials and metals will undergo inflation on a daily basis, increasing the likelihood that their prices will rise. The production of fundamental chemicals needed in pharmaceutical manufacturing will expand. Fuel will be costly.

Venus – Phalesh Of The Year  

yadi phalasyapatau bhṛguje dharā-mṛdukumāra-mahī-rūharāśayaḥ। 
bahuphalā-naranātha-subhogadā-dvijavarāḥ śrutipāṭhaḥ-parāyaṇāḥ।।

Venus is in the position of Phalpati or Phalesh, therefore there is a significant chance of rain. There may be a rise in the yield of soft grasses, fruits, flowers, and small plants on Earth, resulting in their growth. Politicians and administration officials’ wealth and opulence may rise, as will their reputation and prosperity. The Brahmin caste, ritual pundits, persons performing Yagyas, rituals, and so on can benefit, and such activities will proliferate. New laws and regulations can be implemented to improve food quality. People will demand coarse grains, which will increase production. Faith in reciting the Vedas will grow. People will do Puja and religious rituals. 

Moon- Dhanesh Of The Year  

dhanapatiḥ mṛgalāṃchanako yadā rasacaya-kraya-vikrayato dhanam।
vasanaśāli sugaṃdharasaṃ bahu draviṇa-tailayutaṃ nṛpasaukhyadam।।

Because Dhanpati, also known as Dhanesh or the Moon, is the lord of wealth, this year’s money will come from buying and selling juice-filled commodities such as milk, Ghee, sherbet, oil, and juicy fruits such as apples, juice, seasonal fruits, and so on. You can get benefits. Aside from that, trading in clothes, cereals, oil, scented oil, milk, Ghee, jaggery, rice, perfume, fragrance, sweets, and other grocery products might boost your chances of making a profit. Opportunistic leaders will gain from privileged privileges, while the people will obey the law and pay their taxes properly. Exports in the rice, textile, and service sectors may rise. The country’s economic situation will improve, and exports and imports will increase.

Venus- Durgesh Of The Year 

nagara-deśa viśeṣa patiryadā bhṛgusuto bahusaukhyakaro mataḥ। 
vinayavāṇija-gohasamaḥ sukhonagavane nikaṭe’pi ca dūrataḥ।।      

Venus has been appointed as Durgapati, or commander, in place of Durgesh. As a result, only special citizens and persons from the country’s special class will receive happiness and resources, as well as be particularly affluent. There will be opportunities for peace everywhere. The governance will be strong. Happiness and peace will be realized through improved behavior as a result of communication and respect. People who live in remote and hilly places will have less troubles and more access to comfort resources if varied amenities are provided. No matter how complex the case is, a suitable solution will be discovered. The Center’s work on state welfare schemes will increase.

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We Can See The Signs Of The Upcoming Events:

  • In this Hindu New Year 2081, the Sun, Jupiter, Moon, and Saturn each have one position, while Venus and Mars each have three positions, and Mercury has none.
  • This year, both benevolent and cruel planets have received five positions.
  • As a result, prices for black, yellow, and red commodities, as well as food grains and associated items, will rise significantly.
  • You will obtain mixed outcomes because the planets are in equal positions, both benign and cruel.
  • Because of the presence of Mars in the king and Saturn in the minister, anger may rise and the public suffer.
  • Because Venus and Mars have attained the greatest positions, the dominance of women, individuals in uniform, and Kshatriyas may expand. Vipras and Kshatriyas will receive great public support, and Vaishyas will gain from their good work.
  • This year’s king is Mars, and Saturn is the minister. Both of them are regarded planets of opposite character, and because the main ruling planets are opposing planets, there may be an increase in political and social enmity, opposition, and negative happenings. The climate will stay toxic as caste violence and communal conflicts increase. There may also be reports of violence and loss of life between many nations around the world. India’s relations with its neighbors could potentially deteriorate.
  • There may be internal unrest within India, which must be addressed. Capitalists and wealthy individuals will have more power. Insects, vermin, and infectious and complicated diseases may become more prevalent in the country. Indians may appear keen to travel abroad. There will be debates over some particular rules for soft drinks. Some parts of the country may have a lot of rain, while others may have totally beautiful weather. Relations with China are expected to worsen. Animosity among them may also rise further. Bangladesh may possibly spark a new disagreement. Relations with India’s neighbor Nepal could potentially deteriorate.
  • The judiciary will play a crucial role this year, and many of its orders may become history.
  • The government can launch new assistance programs for the general public.
  • Internal instability and terrorism are likely to become more common in the country. These require special attention.
  • Neighbouring states and areas will need to have their borders monitored more closely. India’s relations with certain neighboring countries, such as China, Bangladesh, and Nepal, may deteriorate. Pakistan will continue to work with other countries to fight with India.
  • Prices for metals and cereals will rise. There will be heavy rainfall in some areas and no rainfall in others, resulting in drought in some areas and floods in others. During this time, new tax regimes and taxes may be adopted or introduced. There will be a possibility of increasing mutual tension between people in the society, which will increase the number of disputes in the court.
  • The political parties in power may confront internal disagreement and infighting.
  • This year, due to the seasonal calendar, there may be a shortage of water, causing the water level to drop further.
  • The year called Ashwin will produce a variety of crops that will be useful.
  • Samvat’s riding bull will ensure that grass and water are available in adequate quantities.
  • Because Rohini’s house is on the coast, there will be less rainfall, which may worsen the water issue.
  • People will be happier in the month of Chaitra, and farming will be moderate, as will the whole year.
  • During the month of Vaishakh, there may be conflicts among Brahmins. Uranium, oil, and grain production will decrease. Disease can strike plants such as barley and wheat. Prices for sugarcane, milk, juice, and Ghee will fall.
  • Health will improve during the month of Jyeshtha. There could be some disruption someplace. Paddy will get more pricey.
  • Small children may experience pain during the month of Ashadh. Cotton and yarn prices may drop. There may be a dearth of rain. Natural disasters can happen anywhere. The country’s disturbances may increase.
  • Grain production will increase throughout the month of Shravan. There may be diseases in quadrupeds. Cotton, textiles, and jute will all see price increases. There will be additional rainfall.
  • Bhadrapada brings auspicious results. There will be good rainfall. Grains will become less expensive.
  • The production of urad and moong would be lower in the month of Ashwin. Businesspeople may confront difficulties. There may be an overwhelming amount of rain. The cow may suffer. The area will be rich in grains of many varieties. There could be mutual opposition among Kshatriyas.
  • There may be an absence of rainfall in Kartik. The fear of thieves will grow. Mutual opposition will result in a loss. There may be dread of fire, disease, or water. Birds will suffer. 
  • Rainfall and farming will be mild during the month of Margashirsha. The prices of metals may rise. The mother cow may suffer pain. Ghee and other similar products will be costly.
  • Ghee, for example, will be more expensive during the month of Paush. Prices for different types of oil and ghee will rise. Prosperity will increase on earth among people.

On the first day of Nutan Samvatsar, bring fresh, tender bitter neem leaves, and grind them into a powder with a little sugar, black pepper, asafoetida, cumin, celery, and tamarind. Eating it eradicates the illnesses that are prevalent at this time. Scholars, Brahmins, and astrologers should worship the Panchang. On this day, one should visit temples for God’s darshan, worship the Guru, and pay reverence and dakshina to the Astrologer. 

Aside from this, beggars should make donations, etc. People coming home should not be left hungry and should be offered food such as sweets, etc. There should be dancing, singing, and celebration on this day. It is believed that celebrating Anand Utsav on this day provides an opportunity to enjoy the whole year long.

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We wish that the Hindu New Year Chaitra Shukla Pratipada 2024 is fortunate for you and that your life is filled with nothing but good fortune. We also wish you luck in the future.


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