पुनीत पांडे

Punit Pandey is a first-generation entrepreneur and a tech enthusiast with over 25 years of IT industry experience. He began his programming journey at the age of 10, laying the foundation for a remarkable career in technology and innovation. As the founder and CEO of AstroSage, Punit has revolutionized the field of astrology, establishing AstroSage as the number one brand in astrology today.

AstroSage.com, under his leadership, serves over 1 million users daily, becoming a household name in India. The AstroSage Kundli mobile app has achieved phenomenal success with over 40 million organic downloads. AstroSage Cloud, the first-ever cloud solution for astrology, is now the daily go-to software for half a million Indian astrologers registered on the platform. Despite the crowded venture-funded IT product space in India, AstroSage proudly stands as one of the few successful bootstrapped organizations.

In addition to his achievements with AstroSage, Punit established Ojas VR Studios, producing several successful virtual reality games. His entrepreneurial journey began in 2003, and prior to founding AstroSage, he served as a Tech Director at a leading IT services MNC, managing accounts such as the US Army, Boeing, LMCO, and EADS. He also contributed to defining Java Technologies as part of Sun Microsystems’ expert group, particularly the Java Portlet specification (JSR 286).

Punit made a bold decision to return to India in 2008, surrendering his Green Card to pursue his vision for AstroSage. His pioneering spirit is evident in his creation of the first-ever Hindi mobile application in 2001 and the first Hindi blogs aggregator, HindiBlogs.com, in 2005, which spearheaded the vernacular revolution in India.

With postgraduate degrees in Computer Science and Management from Agra University, Punit possesses a deep understanding of critical technology fields, including Cloud, Mobile, AI, ML, and Big Data. His extensive expertise provides him with a comprehensive 360-degree view of the IT landscape.

A leading innovator in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Punit Pandey continues to drive technological advancements and inspire the next generation of tech entrepreneurs. Currently, he is focused on transforming astrology by bringing AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) into the field and facilitating significant social changes through this innovation.