Hanuman Jayanti 2024: Auspicious Yogas & Easy Remedies Bring Prosperity!

Hanuman Jayanti 2024: It is widely believed that Hanuman Ji promptly hears the pleas of his devotees, and those who worship him encounter no troubles. Hanuman Ji, known as the remover of obstacles, alleviates all concerns of his devotees, be it dispelling evil spirits or resolving crises.

In astrology, Tuesday and Saturday are deemed auspicious days for Hanuman Ji’s worship, yet the reverence for Ram’s devotee, Hanuman, is particularly profound on Hanuman Jayanti. Celebrated as Hanuman Ji’s birthday, Hanuman Jayanti falls annually on the full moon day of the month of Chaitra. However, in various regions of the country, it is observed on the fourteenth day of the Krishna Paksha of the month of Kartik.

This blog provides a comprehensive explanation of Hanuman Jayanti 2024, its significance, and how certain astrological remedies can help alleviate the troubles in the lives of devotees on this auspicious day.

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When is Hanuman Jayanti 2024?

Hanuman Jayanti falls on April 23, 2024, a Tuesday, making it particularly auspicious this year due to the significance of Tuesdays for Lord Hanuman’s worship.

The Purnima Tithi on April 23, 2024, begins at 03:27 AM and ends on April 24, 2024, at 05:20 AM. Additionally, a Vajra Yoga will occur during Hanuman Jayanti, starting on April 23, 2024, at 04:27 AM and lasting until 04:55 AM on April 24, 2024.

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The Importance Of Vajra Yoga In Vedic astrology

The significance of Vajra Yoga in Vedic astrology lies in its position among the 27 yogas, specifically at the 15th place. Rooted in Varuna’s essence, with the Moon as its governing planet, Vajra Yoga empowers individuals spiritually. Those born under this yoga experience a fulfilling life and rise to prominence in society, exhibiting not only great warrior qualities but also administrative prowess.

The Significance Of Hanuman Jayanti 2024

Hanuman Jayanti holds significant importance as it falls on the full moon day of the Chaitra month, commemorating the birth anniversary of Hanuman Ji, also known as the Monkey God. Despite variations in timing due to different calendars across regions, Hanuman Jayanti, especially on Chaitra Purnima, remains widely celebrated in the southern states of India.

In Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, devotees observe Hanuman Jayanti for 41 days, starting from Chaitra Purnima and concluding on the tenth day of the Krishna Paksha of the Vaishakha month. This period is marked by a 41-day fast initiated on Chaitra Purnima, culminating on the auspicious occasion of Hanuman Jayanti.

In Karnataka, Hanuman Jayanti is specifically observed during the Shukla Paksha Trayodashi of the Margashirsha month, known as Hanuman Vratam.

According to belief, Lord Hanuman was born at sunrise, hence spiritual discourses commence before sunrise on Hanuman Jayanti, concluding afterward.

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The Mythological Tale Of Hanuman Jayanti 2024

An apsara named Anjana incurred a curse, compelling her to take birth on Earth. Only through giving birth to a child could she be liberated from this curse. Valmiki Ramayana records that Kesari, Hanuman Ji’s father, was not only the king of Sumeru but also the son of Brihaspati, the deity. Anjana underwent rigorous penance to Lord Shiva for twelve years in pursuit of progeny, eventually giving birth to Hanuman Ji. Hanuman Ji is widely believed to be an incarnation of Lord Shiva himself.

Puja Vidhi For Hanuman Jayanti 2024

  • Before commencing the fast, sleep on the ground the night before and chant the names of Hanuman Ji, Lord Rama, and Mother Sita.
  • On the morning of Hanuman Jayanti, rise early and invoke the presence of Lord Rama, Sita, and Hanuman Ji. Subsequently, after performing bathing rituals, make a vow for the fast while holding holy water from the Ganges.
  • Next, facing east, set up the idol of Hanuman Ji. Offer red flowers, sindoor (vermilion), rice grains, betel leaves, a red loincloth, basil leaves, and Motichoor ladoos to Lord Hanuman. Following this, recite the Hanuman Chalisa followed by the aarti of Lord Hanuman.
  • Additionally, consider including halwa, bananas, or ladoos as offerings. Reciting the Bajrang Baan and the Sundar Kand is also recommended on this auspicious day.

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Remedies To Perform On Hanuman Jayanti 2024

  • If you sense negative energy or face unfulfilled desires, raise a red flag on your house’s roof on Hanuman Jayanti. Hanuman Ji, recognized as a protector, shields devotees from various troubles.
  • Individuals grappling with financial challenges should provide meals to the needy on Hanuman Jayanti, preceded by offering Prasad to Hanuman Ji, potentially easing financial woes.
  • Those afflicted with Pitru Dosha in their horoscope should organize a recitation of the Ramayana on Hanuman Jayanti.
  • For those dealing with illness or health issues, initiating the daily recitation of the Hanuman Chalisa 108 times from Hanuman Jayanti could be beneficial.
  • Individuals entangled in legal cases can enhance their chances of victory by installing a red flag in the Hanuman temple.

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Lord Hanuman’s Beloved Zodiac Signs

While Hanuman Ji cherishes all his devotees, there are specific zodiac signs among the 12 signs that consistently receive his blessings. Here’s a detailed account of these particular zodiac signs.


Individuals born under the Aries sign unfailingly receive Hanuman Ji’s blessings. They possess knowledge, skill, and remarkable intelligence. It is believed that those belonging to the Aries sign should engage in Hanuman Ji’s worship every Tuesday. This ritual can dispel their troubles and usher in good fortune. Furthermore, these individuals seldom face financial difficulties in their lives.

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These individuals receive special blessings from Hanuman Ji. They face no troubles or difficulties in life, and any obstacles are swiftly overcome with Hanuman Ji’s blessings. Their family life is harmonious and peaceful, filled with abundance and prosperity.

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Individuals born under the Scorpio sign experience success in all their endeavors, thanks to the grace of Hanuman Ji. His blessings swiftly align your disrupted tasks and empower you to fulfill your duties. Worshiping Hanuman Ji yields immense benefits, ensuring no troubles related to wealth.

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Those born under the Aquarius sign also receive the grace of Lord Hanuman. Their endeavors are successful without any obstacles. They lead peaceful lives and enjoy financial stability. Hanuman Ji is quickly pleased by the worship of individuals from this sign. They should visit a Hanuman temple every Tuesday for blessings.

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