GL Vs KXIP (23 April, 2017) – Vivo IPL Match Prediction

Watch non-stop cricketing action in full throttle as you will witness teams fighting it out till their last breath, with nothing holding them back. Watch the excitement unfold because it is Gujarat Lions VS Kings Eleven Punjab, and these two have a history which makes it anything but an ordinary match. Apart from the splendid cricket that would be on display, we at AstroSage also provide free IPL 2017 match predictions which are carefully brought to light by our in house astrologers who work diligently on all the aspects of astrology before giving their verdicts.

Gujarat Lions Vs Kings XI Punjab

Random number in favor of KXIP 97:


Mercury is in Kethu star and Mars sub. He rules the sub on 6 th house. He
strongly connected with 8 th house at sub level.

Winner: Stars are in favor of GL.

Prediction by:
Astrologer V. G. Ramachandra Pavan: Marriage related predictions, KP SystemAstrologer is not a fortune teller but a “fate reader”. He has to disclose what is exactly in store for future regarding a particular question. Of course in a most careful manner, because his objective is only to create confidence in the mind of the querier rather than to frighten him. This is the toughest job on this globe.To consult astrologer V. G. Ramachandra Pavan, Please click here – Horoscope reading by V. G. Ramachandra Pavan.

Disclaimer: This prediction is academic in nature and is meant for astrological research. It should not be used for any other purpose.



  1. Trust baba,he will give us huge profits..And muna bhai plz today’s report..If u and baba both say gl nd rcb,then we will b more secured

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