GL Vs KKR (07 April, 2017) – Vivo IPL-10 Match Prediction

Be on hand and on guard to witness another gem of a match Gujrat Lions Vs Kolkata Knight riders. Both of them look set on providing themselves a kickstart for the remainder of the season. Both the sides know that the start is very important as it would set the tempo and the form for the rest of the season. If you want to find out which team holds the better chance of toppling the other, from an astrological point of view then AstroSage is there to help. Our IPL 2017 Match predictions are accurate enough to leave you amazed. Stay tuned and find out for yourself.

Gujarat Lions vs Kolkata Knight Riders

Random number in favor of GL 197:


Mercury is in Ketu star and Saturn sub. He is strong for 1 and 11 houses. He rules the sub on 6th house and hence positive results for team in Asc.

Winner: Stars are in favor of GL

Prediction by: VGR Pavan

Disclaimer: This prediction is academic in nature and is meant for astrological research. It should not be used for any other purpose.




  1. गुरूजी,
    सितारे गुजरात लायंस के साथ क्यों नहीं रह सके ,भविष्यवाणी किन वजहों से गलत साबित हुई मेरे लिए ये सिखने का विषय है?

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