Gaja Kesari Rajyoga Unleashes Auspiciousness On 5 Zodiacs Today!

Today, on the Shashti Tithi of Shukla Paksha of Jyeshtha month, the Moon has moved to Leo and Jupiter is present in Taurus, thus both the planets are present in the fourth and tenth house from each other, which has created Gaja Kesari Rajyoga. Along with this auspicious yoga, a combination of Ravi Yoga, Budhaditya Yoga, and Megha Nakshatra has also formed. These several fortunate yogas have increased the importance of the day for 5 zodiacs. They are blessed with an increase in their income and good returns from investment. If you are curious to know about the 5 lucky zodiacs, then you must stick to this blog till the end for we have mentioned them below, and along with that, we have also mentioned an astrological remedy. These remedies are going to help the natives enhance the position of Mercury in their birth chart and also increase the blessings of Lord Ganesha. 

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So, what are we waiting for? Let us move ahead to find out the 5 fortunate zodiac, astrological remedies, and before anything else, what exactly Gaja Kesari Rajyoga means! 

What Is Gaja Kesari Rajyoga? 

Jupiter and Moon are considered the best friends in Vedic Astrology and Gaja Kesari Rajyoga occurs between the two best friends. This yoga is found in a person’s birth chart when Jupiter is in the Kendra house such as the 1st, 4th, 7th & 10th house from the position of the Moon. It also forms from the conjunction of Jupiter and Moon within a zodiac. 

Gaja Kesari Rajyoga consists of two words; Gaja, meaning Elephant, which signifies great intelligence and knowledge and Kesari means Lion, which is known to bring great power and strength. 

The major effects of this Rajyoga include strength, courage, leadership, motivation, fame, and fortune to the natives. The natives get all kinds of materialistic comfort and luxury in their lives. 

The notable personalities who have Gaja Kesari Rajyoga in their birth chart include Amitabh Bachchan, Narendra Modi, Elizabeth II, Bill Clinton, Akshay Kumar, and David Cameron. 

Now that we know what Gaja Kesari Rajyoga can do to a person, we are going to uncover the 5 zodiacs who are blessed by this yoga today.  

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Gaja Kesari Rajyoga Has Blessed These Zodiacs Today! 


Today is going to be one of the most favorable days in the life of Gemini natives. They will be successful in all their trials and all their wishes will be fulfilled on this day.  The employed natives are going to expand their careers and may get several new opportunities along with good job offers. On the other hand, the natives running a business will improve their financial situations and their income will increase significantly too. The native who are involved in investing will make some financial gains and increase their bank balance. 

Besides, if we talk about the marital relationship, love, and affection will remain between you and your life partner. The bond will deepen and the relationship will become stronger. Talking about family life, there will be happiness, peace, and prosperity in the family and mutual trust between siblings will strengthen too.

Remedy: To get relief from obstacles and diseases, donate green clothes to trans women and donate green Moong to the temple or the needy on Wednesday. 

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It is going to be one of the most fortunate days in the lives of Cancer natives. Their decisions will lead to positive results and they will also get the support of their luck in professional and personal matters. They will be more engrossed in spiritual and religious activities which will make their mind more peaceful and calm. The employed people will find better opportunities to advance their careers or they might also think about changing their jobs too. There are chances that the natives may increase their association with government personnel or benefit from a government plan. 

If we refer to the love life of the Cancer zodiac, the natives and their partner will enjoy a good bond of mutual understanding. 

Remedy: To fulfill your wishes, offer Moong Ladoos to Lord Ganesha for seven Wednesdays. 

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This day is filled with several positive results in the life of Virgo natives. They will find a new energy or passion in themselves and will make progress towards earning money. In terms of health, your immunity will be good and your health will be at its best too. The employed natives will get recognized at their workplace and can get job offers with a better salary package while the business persons will give tough competition to their opponents. The natives are likely to buy land or a vehicle today and all their unaccomplished works will be successful as well. Also, there are chances that some of the zodiacs can fulfill their wish of moving abroad today. 

In terms of the marital and family life of the natives, it will be a good day and they will be able to spend a great time with their friends as well. 

Remedy: To develop intellectual power, offer Durva to Lord Ganesha and recite Ganesh Chalisa. 

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The Leo natives are especially blessed by Lord Ganesha today. They will get rid of all the problems going on in their life and there are chances of financial gains too. You will be able to showcase your skills and capabilities, and will also be able to win over your opponents too. There will be several new sources of income which will enable you to buy anything luxurious. Several achievements are awaiting this zodiac in the field of job and business both.

Talking about the personal life of the natives, the bond with siblings will get better and you will be able to spend more time with them. The natives will take full responsibility for their families.  Also, the natives who are married will strengthen their bond with their life partner and the two of them can even purchase a property together today. 

Remedy: To get relief from financial troubles, offer Sindoor to Lord Ganesa and make a bundle by tying five handfuls of whole green Moong in a green cloth, and float it in the water while chanting Ganesh mantras. 

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The Scorpio natives will also enjoy a gala time today. Some natives are going to get their money back. Overall personality of the native is going to enhance and they will get the company of their luck to accomplish the incomplete tasks. The employed natives and the businessmen will turn out as tough competition for their opponents and earn a great amount of money. If any native wants to become a partner in a foreign organization, then they can take a step towards the same today as it will benefit them in the long run and secure their future. 

If the natives are going through any tensions within their marital life, it would end today and their relationship would become stronger than before. A new guest is likely to appear at the doorstep of the newly married couple’s house who will make the entire family happy. 

Remedy: For business stability, offer jaggery to Lord Ganesha for seven Wednesdays.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Which yoga is forming today?

Gaja Kesari Rajyoga which is an auspicious yoga has formed today.

Which zodiacs are blessed today? 

The blessed zodiacs of the day include Leo, Cancer, Virgo, Gemini, and Scorpio.

Is Jupiter and Moon conjunction good? 

Yes, the conjunction of the two brings great wealth, intelligence, and fame to the life of the native. They get all kinds of happiness in life.

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