5 Vastu Instruments For Your Homes – Get Relief From Different Troubles!

Vastu Shastra has different kinds of impact on the lives of people. By adopting the right Vastu rules, we can find auspicious and inauspicious things in our lives. With the incorporation of appropriate Vastu tips, we can achieve success across different fields in life and will make the relationship sweeter. It will also be the best way to remove different troubles arriving in your life and thus it has great importance in all our lives. With Vastu details, we can create a pleasant environment around us at homes and workplaces. It will be the idle way to spread positive energy and drive away negative powers from life.

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All of us are facing some kind of trouble in our lives. The Vastu defects in our homes, shops, or offices will affect different aspects of our lives. There will be stress and troubles in life due to poor Vastu and it will affect the financial & love life in some way or the other. This AstroSage blog describes some specific types of Vastu instruments to deal with Vastu defects. Install the Yantra at the right places to remove Vastu defects. Let us inform the readers that by using different Vastu instruments, we can achieve success and happiness in our lives. 

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List Of 5 Vastu Instruments That Will Bring Positivity In Your Life 

Maruti Yantra 

The Maruti Yantra is referred to as the instrument of Lord Hanuman and is considered a miraculous instrument. This Yantra is meant to fix different kinds of disputes related to land. It will help solve troubles related to the land issue or selling of the land. As per the Vastu Shastra, people can use this instrument on Hanuman Ji’s day. I.e. Tuesday at 12 noon to fix the land-related troubles. It needs to be buried in the concerned land by digging a small pit in the east or northeast direction. Then offer milk or Ganga water over it. This will help the natives to get rid of land disputes within 3 months. The Maruti Yantra is also considered a fruitful option for the safety of vehicles. 

Shree Yantra

Shree Yantra is considered the form of Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of glory, wealth, and majesty. Such types of instruments are meant to make the businesses profitable and also maintain a stable financial condition. This kind of Vastu item is also meant to increase the overall wealth of people. If the natives don’t feel or want to work, and if they are incurring losses in their business, then this instrument should be used appropriately. Also, if you are unable to save money despite your good income then it is the best Yantra in use for suitable results. But, keep in mind that this instrument needs to be installed in the north direction of the shop or house, and only then the natives will get suitable results. 

Dikdoshanaashak Yantra 

As per Vastu Shastra, the Dikdoshanaashak instrument is meant to remove different types of Vastu defects. In this, the worship of all the directions and Dikpalas are carried out efficiently. Install the instrument at your home if you haven’t built your home or toilet with specific Vastu Shastra tips. Also, if the bathroom or kitchen in your home is built in the wrong direction then this yantra will fit the specific requirements of individuals. With the use of the Dikdoshanaashak instrument, people can get rid of defects in their lives and make life happier. 

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Varun Yantra 

As the name suggests, Varun is an effective yantra or instrument for water. In such a situation, this instrument can be used to get relief from water-related troubles and defects. If you haven’t constructed a swimming pool, water tank, tube well, water places, etc. in your home according to the Vastu rules then this instrument is very useful. If the waterbody is installed in the wrong direction or at the fire angle then Varun instruments will be the most efficient option. To get freedom from all the defects, keep this instrument by praying or worshiping the yantra following the right rituals. 

Sarvamangal Vastu Yantra 

The Sarvamangal Vastu Yantra is a suitable instrument for the removal of all kinds of Vastu defects. It is considered auspicious to recover from different types of troubles. The yantra is meant to provide relief from different kinds of defects. The appropriate application of the instrument will ensure positive results in different aspects of home, family, financial health, etc. There will be peace and a lot of happiness in the lives of people and wherever it is applied, this will result in double progress for day & night. This is a powerful instrument that will ensure recovery from different troubles. 

Things To Keep In Mind Before Placing The Vastu Yantra 

The Vastu Yantra is a small type of instrument to be placed in your home, business place, or work area. The square-shaped instrument is prepared with Ashtadhatu. The accurate placement of the instrument will remove all the negative energies from the lives of people and ensure happiness in their homes. So, let us check the rules for using the specific Vastu yantras or instruments. 

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Take Care Of Metal 

The Vastu yantra or instrument is developed using different metals. They can use Vastu yantra prepared of silver, gold, copper plate, or crystal. Other than that, it is advisable to keep the Vastu Yantra made of brass. People should also keep in mind not to keep a Vastu yantra made of iron or stone at the home location. It can cause different troubles in the lives of people. 

Keep Track Of Auspicious Time 

Check the auspicious time for installing the Vastu yantra or instrument so that it can provide positive results in life. Install the Yantra at home by checking the correct timelines. As per the Vastu Shastra, avoid installation of the instrument on Tuesday or Sunday as it is considered inauspicious. Clean the Vastu instrument with Ganga water before installing it in your home. 

Take Special Care Of The Direction 

When you keep Vastu Yantra in your home, take special care of the direction and location for its installation. The best direction for the Vastu yantra is the Ishaan angle i.e. East-North direction. But, if the person desires then Vastu Yantra can be placed in the worship place or near the photo of the God. 

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