2023: Become Fit In 2023 With The Guidance Of Celestial Bodies!

2023: As we all are aware, the planets and constellations that rule our lives can have an effect on several facets and areas of our existence. We are able to comprehend their importance and effects to a great extent through the precise branch of astrology. In this particular blog, we take a detour and learn more about medical astrology (did you know that this term was first used by the Roman poet Marcus Manillus in his book Astronomica in 1st AD!), including how much it can influence our health. Iatromathematics, the term used traditionally for medical astrology, is a congruence between the planets and our physiological makeup. Our health is directly influenced by the characteristics of the planets and how they move in space, and give outcomes according to each zodiac sign. So, let’s take a look at what celestial bodies in terms of health have to say for all zodiac signs!

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Ways By Which Each Zodiac Sign Can Stay Healthy In 2023


The natives of Aries sign will see little difference in their health as the year commences. Planets like Rahu, Ketu, Saturn, Venus, and Jupiter will make themselves known and their effects will be seen as well. So, take all that energy and drive it towards maintaining your health, by taking a walk and exercising; it will greatly benefit you in the long run!


For the receptive natives of Taurus, there may be a zig-zag way when it comes to their health this year. So, whatever situation arises, do not lose hope, and keep working on your body. If you feel unhealthy, make sure that you visit a doctor. Use your blessed capacity of persistence to maintain your health through thrill-seeking exercises!


With multiple planets in action, your health may be feeble this year. Control and maintain your eating habits, and don’t become manic if you face any health-related problems. Come back again with vigor and sprint yourself in those fitness exercises that work well for you!


Your health this year won’t drain you emotionally and physically, but be sure that you are up-to-date with your health status. Yoga might prove to be beneficial for you as you must stop any health issues before they become a bigger problem. Make connections with your eating habits as well!

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The native of Leo must remain careful with their health throughout the year. Effects will be seen by multiple planets and with that, you might want to stay vigilant. Eat healthy and Zumba your way through these times!


Due to planets your health status will face fluctuations; sometimes it will be good, but other times it may not be that good. Activities like Yoga, pilates, and tennis may benefit these natives as they will improve both your physical and mental health.


The health will be better this year, but the movements of the planets may give way to variations. Take the help of a doctor if you don’t feel well, and you will put effort into maintaining your good health. Choose bonding exercises and activities like football, volleyball, or any other sport of your liking!


The natives of Scorpio will have a booming health status as the year begins. In between, the outcomes of planets may put you in a precarious position, but you will bounce back. Use that intensity and release the subdued and toxic energy with some boxing or crossfit!


Diet is taking a big place for the natives of Sagittarius this year. You may come across stomach-related issues, but, before they become chronic, nip them in the bud with a balanced diet and workout. Your enthusiasm knows no bounds, so choose a thrilling exercise!

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These determined natives may face health issues related to the aorta and lungs. So, be extra vigilant with your health, and maintain a good diet and a normal level of exercise. Make sure that you don’t overdrive your physical and mental strength! 


This year the peculiar natives of Aquarius might face health fluctuations due to specific celestial movements. Your free spirit won’t let you sit still, so make good use of that through activities like cycling and yoga and make sure that you indulge in a balanced diet!


For sensitive fish natives, they might want to stay vigilant regarding their health this year. You need to feel at peace in a world that is chaotic and will push you to exercises related to yoga and swimming. Illnesses may come your way, but by maintaining a balanced diet you may emerge as a victor!

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