Food Astrology – Favourable Food Items As Per Zodic Signs!

Food astrology is a particular branch of astrology in which information is provided for a person according to his/her food habits vis-a-vis his/her zodiac sign and also the auspicious and inauspicious planets present in the horoscope. It might come to you as a bit of a shock, but it is hundred percent correct and accurate. Astrologers believe that your food has the potential to change your destiny. The right and pure food blesses you with good health as well as prosperity and long life.

The elements of earth, water, fire and air rule your zodiac signs. In such a situation, the food you eat according to your zodiac not only helps in determining what is going to happen in your life in the upcoming day, the coming week, the month and the year, rather, it makes you healthy. It also proves helpful in maintaining a decent lifestyle. Food astrology provides detailed information about your food habits according to your zodiac sign.

In the realm of astrology, food is directly related to the planets and it is believed that if any person wants to appease the ruling planet of the birth chart, then he/she should eat it very thoughtfully. Only by doing this, you get the blessings of the new planets. So let’s try to find out how the new planets can be pacified with food.

Vedic astrology provides you with the information of  healthy and pure food, by which you can change your destiny forever. Each food item has been considered related to different planets by its color and nature. According to what we eat, the planets get power, that is why, you are advised to eat food items that can help you get favorable results in your life. Your diet habit is associated with planets in your horoscope.

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Planets, Zodiac Signs & Favourable Food Items To Consume


Leo natives are a bit aggressive, royal natured and very particular about food. For them, the food must be excellent, hot and spicy with lots of red chillies and ginger. They like fruits and vegetables fresh. Natives, who have weak Sun, will prefer to put more salt in the food which can result in weak bones and problems related to the heart and stomach. Sun is the ruler and linked to a bitter sort of taste. A person with a strong Sun in his chart will like bitter/astringent taste. They like all kinds of parathas with lots of butter and pickle. You can increase the energy of your Sun by eating spicy food, ginger, pepper, cinnamon, mustard seeds and chillies. 

Sour fruits like oranges, peach, plum, grapes etc also strengthen your Sun. natives with strong Sun will also like the flavours in the smell of aromatic oils. If you have a strong Sun, you will prefer a combination of bitter/pungent taste. Also, you will like foods which make you sweat. Wheat is related to the Sun. If you want physical strength, fame and  prestige, then you should consume wheat as it will increase and enhance your family relations and make them stronger. It is advised to eat wheat in the afternoon.


Cancer natives are emotional, royal natured and attractive. As a watery sign, they don’t crave for dishes that are cooked with unusual ingredients. They usually go for Macaroni, Bread, Ice Cream and are fond of cookies, cream and pastries. Natives who have weak Moon should have food like rice or bread as it will keep your body calm. Also, they like juices to go with their food. A weak Moon may result in weak determination, emotional problems and problems with elderly women. Natives with the combination of Moon and Rahu in a horoscope should avoid eating rice. 

Natives can increase their planetary energy by consuming dairy products, milk and cream. Starchy foods like potato, sweet potato will also be helpful for them. Comfort food, soothing foods and soups which remind you of maternal love will provide support to the mind and emotion. Moon natives prefer soft food where they don’t have to chew much.

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Aries and Scorpio natives are known to like strong and spicy dishes. They like a lot of preparations with heavy spices. They are also fond of dark chocolates and sensational, deep-fried food etc. They love curries which are red in colour and also are fond of chilli and tomatoes. 

For vegetarians, Golgappas are their all-time favourites. Natives with weak Mars will like consuming Halwa and may also suffer from diabetes and lack of support from Brothers. Alcohol and red meat also increase the energies of Mars, but these two are highly tamasic and should be ideally avoided. Natives can intake small amounts or once or twice in a month and should remain in control for better health.


Gemini and Virgo natives favour sharp tastes. If you have strong Mercury, then you will prefer a combination of cooling/pungent tests. Vegetables like celery, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, lettuce, green leafy vegetables, sprouts, salads may be your favourites. Fruits like pomegranate banana, cranberries and Apple will also be preferred by you. 

Gemini Natives prefer quick bites and fast food. They can live on snacks and burgers, pizzas or Coke diet. Whereas, Virgo natives like healthy, nutritious and tasty food. They have a sensitive digestive system and usually stick to simple dishes, biscuits and relishing preparations. They usually take boiled vegetables, salad, whole grains, apples and bananas and avoid spicy food.

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Natives ruled by Jupiter will love oily/sweet taste. If your Jupiter is strong, then you might like the oily, sweet, pungent taste. You will be fond of foods such as butter,  ghee,  nuts and seeds. Sagittarians prefer more bold preparations like they don’t even mind having bitter gourd juice or a stuffed Karela. Additionally, they love fried, hot crispy snacks and all kinds of spicy pakoras and Paneer tikkas. 

Lemons, tomato, garlic and onion are the best food for them. These natives are more likely to have fruit juices and would be more interested in observing the flavour and aroma of the food. Natives should eat food that is rich in iron, dried beans, apricot and peaches and avoid too salty a diet. Natives with weak Jupiter should consume Chana Dal and food items prepared from Besan. They generally lack support from elders.


Venus natives will prefer sweet-tasting food, the most preferred combination will be sweet/sharp. The food under this category will be sugar, honey, jaggery, sweet potato, candy, chocolates, etc. You will prefer sweet fruits like dates, figs, grapes, bananas, mango etc. Natives with weak Venus will like curd and food prepared in Desi ghee. They may suffer from sexual problems and problems related to the opposite gender. 

Libra natives don’t like to spend much time on lunch and dinner. They prefer fast food and want to finish food quickly. They love to explore flavours with ginger and cloves. They should have lots of yoghurt, strawberries and almonds and avoid high-fibre diets and overtaking sweet beverages. It’s very easy to overindulge in this form of food so you have to be cautious as Venus natives are more prone to addictions. 

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Saturn natives are inclined to bitter taste and prefer a combination Astringent/bitter. Saturn dominant persons might eat light and less and fast more. They will often prefer a diet of detoxifying foods, blood purifiers and diet foods like salads etc. They are very fond of dark chocolates. Among fruits, you will prefer pomegranates and apples. Capricorn natives prefer foods that can help them retain good health, which is why they can even settle for simple Dal and rice with lots of pickles and all kinds of vegetables and fruit salad preparation. They should avoid spicy food as it can harm the liver. 

Aquarius natives keep the kitchen well-maintained and are fond of vegetables, green salad and appetisers; they prefer light snacks and healthy wholesome food. It is advised for them to include dry fruits, citric foods in the diet and avoid high fibrous food. Those with weak Saturn will like Yellow Dal, bitter and cold food. They are fond of alcohol and consuming tobacco. They may also face problems related to Legs and feet.

Planets like Saturn, Jupiter and Ketu are more spiritual planets therefore that will make you quite headstrong about following a certain diet. Planets such as Mars and Rahu or even Venus could make you a fancy eater of all kinds of foods which  could restrict you to follow any kind of strict diet. Also, the planet Moon can also be a deciding factor in determining whether or not you have the mental power to switch or sacrifice something for better health.

Key Houses For Your Food Choices 

Four important houses in the horoscope play a key part in your food choices. The first house, the second house, 9th house and the 12th house. The 1st house is your mind, heart and personality, and the 2nd house is the house that affects your diet. It’s the original house of your food intake.

On the other hand, the 9th house is not directly connected to your food choices or even your mind, but it is the house of dharma. Then, the 12th house is the house which has nothing to do with your food choices but everything to do what you are willing to give up. Let’s see an insight into individual placement of planets and their influence:

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  • Jupiter in the 1st house: Depending on what sign Jupiter is in, being a pure and benign planet, it will bless you with elevated thinking and make you wise. Therefore, the native is bound to be influenced by this planet and can become inclined towards a guilt-free diet.
  • Jupiter in the 2nd house: With the placement of Jupiter in the second house, the natives will have a good appetite. It will guide you towards being more of a vegetarian!
  • Jupiter in 9th house: Here, the natives have the capacity to stick to Dharma, which may influence all aspects of their life including food choices.
  • Jupiter in the 12th house: This is the house of spirituality, therefore natives can easily give up what’s unfair and ego-driven and make alternation in his or her lifestyle.
  • Saturn in 1st house: Saturn in the first house becomes the controller of your entire life and influences your choices and thinking ability. Since Saturn is a planet of fear, it will make you follow the right path. Therefore, your food choices may be deeply in synchronisation with personality and you can opt for Satvik meals on your plate.

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  • Saturn in the 2nd house: The native, in most of the cases, is a pure vegetarian as a planet of karma is placed in the second house. 
  • Ketu in 1st house: The placement of this planet blesses you with a spiritual nature and detachment, which means giving up things in life. Therefore, Ketu will insist on giving upon excess worldly pleasure including extravagant food choices.
  • Ketu in 12th house: Placement of Ketu in 12th house can easily make you give up on the food you love for a healthy diet as Ketu is the planet of detachment and giving up.
  • Rahu in 1st house: The native will try new and interesting food and experiment with new and unorthodox eating and drinking patterns.
  • Rahu in the 2nd house: Natives with the placement of Rahu in the 2nd house will try new and interesting food and delicacies that people will relish.
  • Venus in the 2nd house: Inclination towards non-veg food is more.

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Remedies for Food Astrology

You can find some of the best astrological remedies in the kitchen! Isn’t that interesting? So, which food brings luck, fortune and a healthy and prosperous life? Which food item we need to eat to strengthen a particular planet in our Vedic chart? Know below:

  • To strengthen the Sun, you can consume your food in the presence of sunlight. If you are suffering from any problem related to the Sun, donate wheat, especially if your Sun is in the second, seventh and eighth house. Do offer some water with wheat on Sunday and donate some wheat to the needy or at the place of worship.
  • To strengthen the Moon, it is advised to have cold frozen food after sunset. Rice plays an important role to balance your planet Moon. Giving your mother a piece of silver can strengthen your Moon. It is advised to refrain from consuming stale food, even in case of milk. 
  • To strengthen Mars, you should always include jaggery in all your meals. That means you can have a little piece of jaggery once you finish your meal. You can also donate Masoor Dal on Tuesday.
  • To strengthen Jupiter, Turmeric is the best remedy. Take a pinch of turmeric, mix in a glass of milk and drink it every night. Jupiter is the planet which denotes knowledge, wisdom, children, marriage, family life education, wealth and so on and plays an important role in a woman’s life.

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  • To strengthen Mercury, have lots of green vegetables as this will help you strengthen the weak planet.
  • Strengthen Venus by having something sweet daily in the morning. Women who were unable to conceive earlier can use this remedy. Men facing some chemical imbalance can also experiment with it. Diabetic patients must consult their doctor before going ahead with this remedy. By following these remedies you will achieve bliss and be able to enjoy your life better.
  • To strengthen your planet Saturn, donate Urad Dal on Saturday.
  • To strengthen Rahu and Ketu, one should always distribute medicines to the needy and poor and consume two leaves of Tulsi after having a bath.
  • If you feel that you have any tantric influence on your home or some bad negative energies in your house, then grow an Amla plant at home and take care of it well.

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