First Lunar Eclipse 2024 Have Brought Great News For These 5 Zodiacs

Lunar Eclipse 2024: A lunar eclipse occurs when Earth comes between the Sun and Moon and during this occurrence, the shadow of the Earth gets casted on the Moon. Generally in Vedic Astrology, this is not considered an auspicious phenomenon but still less cruel or severe than Solar eclipse. However, today, we have come with some really auspicious and fortunate impacts of the first lunar eclipse of the year 2024 on 5 special zodiacs. 

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So, the first Lunar eclipse 2024 is going to coincide with the festival of colors, Holi which means on 25th March, 2024. This will be a partial lunar eclipse and it will not be seen in India. The beginning of the eclipse will happen on 25th March, 2024, at 10:41 in the morning and it will end around 3:01 in the noon. The first Lunar eclipse will be witnessed in countries like; Australia, Africa, North America, South America, Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean and many other places. This Lunar eclipse will be the best thing for certain Zodiacs as they will be blessed with abundance in each aspect of their lives. And, as mentioned above, we have brought to you the list of those blissful zodiacs. So without wasting any time, we would like to disclose them to you! 

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Lunar Eclipse 2024: Good Luck For These 5 Zodiacs 


The Lunar eclipse 2024 will be extremely favorable for the Gemini natives, especially on the financial grounds. The financial condition of the natives will strengthen and they will even be able to make profit from investing their money. The blessings of Mata Lakshmi will keep prospering them. There can also be a reduction in the expense and this is even the best time to borrow or lend money as well. Apart from that, the natives will also spend a good family time. There will be peace and harmony in the family. 


The blessings of Goddess Lakshmi will also be on the Leo natives in this duration. They may happen to buy a new house or property in general. This is also a great time to start something new in life. The financial condition of the natives will flourish well and this duration is also favorable to lend or borrow money; however, they should also think wisely once before moving ahead on financial decisions. This duration is extremely favorable for their married life and they will be seen enjoying good times with their partners. 

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Again, this time is also fruitful for the Virgo natives and they too will  enjoy a great time financially. The Virgo natives can happen to buy a house or vehicle. This duration is immensely favorable and auspicious for their business. The blessings of Goddess Lakshmi will not leave their side and will keep helping them grow further. However, the natives are advised to keep control over their spending habits. 

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The Scorpio natives are going to enjoy a great time during the Lunar eclipse 202 as their financial condition will get better and they will also get good returns on investments. The income will be steady and the income sources may happen to increase. Overall, this will be a fruitful time for the natives on financial grounds. 


Talking about the Sagittarius natives, this time will be auspicious for them as well. They will be blessed with financial prosperity too and will also get great returns from investments which makes it a good time to invest their money. For the natives who have a business of their own, this time will be extremely auspicious for them. The natives can even go on to buying a new vehicle or property. 

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