Financial Troubles In 2025 – These Zodiacs Cay Face Monetary Backlash!

If you have a lot of expectations from the year 2025, then it would be advisable to go through the horoscope 2025 for accurate details. The readers can get information about different aspects and areas of life from career to financial life, health, and more. 

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The new year brings a lot of benefits for the natives of zodiac signs. During this period, the financial condition will improve significantly, while some signs might face varied financial hiccups. This AstroSage blog talks about the zodiac signs that may face troubles in terms of money in the year 2025. 

List Of Zodiac Signs That May Face Financial Difficulties 


After the period of May 2025, the money flow will be flawless for the Gemini natives. There are chances of great financial expenses. Jupiter, the lord of the seventh house will stay in the fifth house. This will negatively impact the financial lives of natives. 

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There can be troubles due to shortage of money. Thus, they can face ups & downs with their money-related matters. The rise in expenses will decrease the savings. This will prove a little difficult for them to handle.

It would be better if you don’t invest money anywhere in this period, otherwise, the money will be lost. From 18 May 2025, Rahu will be positioned in the third house and Ketu will stay in the ninth house. The time will prove very favorable for the Gemini natives. 

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The Leo natives will get average outcomes in their financial lives. There can be different expenses one after another. It will be hard for people to handle their expenses well. The period after May 2025, will prove little better for the Leo natives. They can also save some money in this period. 

They can make better decisions in investing money throughout this period. The presence of Rahu in the seventh house and Ketu in the first house can result in unwanted expenses in their lives. They can get a little worried about the expenses. 

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After the period of May 2025, the Virgo natives need to remain cautious related to money matters. The presence of Jupiter in the tenth house will result in fluctuations in the financial condition. The expenses also increase a lot in this period. The expenses also rise a lot. Also, Saturn stays in the tenth house till March 2025 and thus the business persons may face multiple troubles across different sectors. 

After April 2025, it will be wise to avoid any kind of investment decisions. From 09 June 2025 to 09 July 2025, Jupiter will combust and in this period the natives will encounter a shortage of funds. 

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From a financial perspective, the year 2025 won’t prove favorable for the Sagittarius natives. Jupiter will stay in the sixth house and thus the expenses will rise greatly. There are chances for you to take a loan. 

As per Sagittarius yearly horoscope, the financial lives of the Sagittarius natives won’t be very good in the year 2025. As Jupiter sits in the sixth house, they can face multiple financial issues. In such a situation, the overall expenses of people rises and they can be burdened with debt in this period. Also, Lord Shani transits in the fourth house at the end of March 2025, and due to this, the expenses increase multi-folds. 

You may have a lot of financial crunches if you don’t plan the expenses well till April 2025. There are chances of a reduction in the comfort levels of Sagittarius people. 

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In the year 2025, there are indications of mixed results in the financial lives of Aquarius people. They can benefit in this period and the expenses can increase hugely. Till April 2025, there is the situation of higher expenses. There will be worries due to higher expenses. 

During this period, business persons need to stay careful. They should also remain patient. The Rahu transit in the first house and Ketu in the seventh house can result in financial losses for the natives. 

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Q1. When will the good days start for the Libra natives in 2025?

Ans. The start of the year 2025 will prove financially profitable for the Libra people. 

Q2. Which industrial sector will rise in 2025?

Ans. The IT industry is set to flourish in the year 2025. 

Q3. Which business will do well in 2025?

Ans. The Internet-based businesses will expand multi-folds in the year 2025. 

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