Double Rajyogas In Aquarius: These Zodiacs Will Get Golden Opportunities!

Double Rajyogas In Aquarius: In Vedic Astrology, Mercury is the epitome of communication and intelligence and on 20th February, 2024 at 05:48 am in the morning, moved to Aquarius. The ruling lord of Aquarius is Lord Saturn and that’s why, when Mercury enters Aquarius, its effect can be seen on the lives of many zodiac’ natives. As Sun and Saturn are already present in Aquarius and under these circumstances, Saturn has formed a conjunction with Mercury which is going to be proven amazing for certain zodiacs because they both are good friends. 

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At present, Saturn is present in Aquarius which has formed Shasha Rajyoga. And, on the other hand, the Sun is present in Aquarius with Mercury forming a Budhaditya Rajyoga. At last, Mercury and Saturn have also formed a conjunction, and like this, Mercury transit in Aquarius has formed Double Rajyogas. So, come, let’s move forward and find out the zodiac signs that will be blessed by its positive impact. 

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Double Rajyogas In Aquarius: These 3 Zodiacs Are Going To Get Extremely Blessed! 


After years, a Trigraha yoga, Shasha and Budhaditya Rajyoga formed by the conjunction of Saturn, Sun and mercury in Aquarius which will prove to be especially beneficial for certain natives. In terms of career, you will make good progress and your seniors and coworkers will appreciate your work which can also get you a promotion or increase in your salary (increment). This duration is even better for the natives who own a business. They may sign a new business deal which will strengthen their financial condition. You may even benefit from your ancestral property. Apart from this, you can plan to go out with your family. The Aries students who are planning to study abroad will get success during this period and they will make swift progress. And, if you are wanting to go abroad because of your job, there are chances that you may get a job outside India and your dream of working outside becomes a reality. Likewise, there is immense success in your career. The business done in partnership will flourish well and will give you great profits. The work stuck for a long time will get accomplished in this duration. 

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The conjunction of the Sun, Saturn and Mercury is extremely auspicious. The Double Rajyogas will bless them with great outcomes. During this time, you will enjoy spiritual activities a lot and will actively participate in such activities. Spending some time alone will fill you with new passion or energy. In terms of career as well, this time is extremely important and favorable for you. If you are an employed native, then you are asked to remain very focused on your work. There are chances of a promotion or incentive for you. Your behavior will be balanced  in the workplace. The natives who are running a business will get great results and they may have to go on long trips for their business. During this period, your financial condition will be strong and constant. You may earn a lot of profit through the share or betting market. You will become a good business leader and your business will make smooth and great progress. In terms of health as well, this time is good for you and you will feel fit and healthy. There will be happiness in your married life and the work stuck for a long time will also get accomplished. 

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The formation of Shasha Rajyoga with Saturn and Budhaditya Rajyoga with Mercury and Saturn in Aquarius can prove to be auspicious and favorable for the natives. Due to the Rajyogas, your respect and prestige will increase in the society. You can also get an increment along with promotion in your job. Also, there are chances of profit if any native is handling a partnership business. You may get new job opportunities from abroad and you will be happy because of various golden opportunities. During this time, you will be able to find satisfaction in life which can be due to the promotion in your career. The Aries natives are likely to impress others with their intelligence while demonstrating their skills in their current job. If you do business, you will be able to earn good profits due to the support of your business partners. 

You will be seen adopting new strategies and plans in your business which will help you get a lot of profit. From the finance point of view, you will be able to earn a good amount of money because of your ancestral property and share market. In general, whatever money you will earn during this tenure will be used in fulfilling your needs. Alongside all of these, your income will increase and income sources will be generated. Apart from this, the unmarried natives can get marriage proposals. You will have the happiness of land, building, vehicle etc, and will get the full support of luck on your side. 

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