DIY Tips To Find The Winner In A Sports Competition

Are you willing to learn some simple hacks to predict the future of any winner in a sports event? We have got it all for you. Esteemed astrologer Acharya Raman have been associated with AstroSage from a long time and dutifully provides us with accurate predictions during several events. Here are some quick tips and tricks shared by him to learn about Astrology and how to find the winner.

Easy Tips To Predict The Sports Winner

It has been a long time predicting about the sports events and I just wanted to share small steps which will make you also do the same i.e. you can also find out the winner between the two. Be it cricket like IPL, or Tennis or football. You can also learn these small tricks and find the winner but the only thing required is that you should not have greed of any kind in your mind.

If you will be doing it for some kind of financial gains be it legitimate or illegitimate then the result may not be accurate even for once. You should never test it also because astrology is not meant for testing. Do it only if you have firm belief in it. Then your success rate will be much higher.

Even if you are doing it just as a hobby then also it will not be correct every time but yes the chances will be very high that many of your results will be successful. Here are the tips:

  • Let’s read the first method. At the time of toss, see the SAV table or the Sarvastaka Varga table and add the numbers of the houses 1, 3, 10, 11 from the ascendant and from the 7th house. Try it adding only the 1, 3, 11 houses too.  Now see which total is more and if the total from the Ascendant is more than the team or the person representing the ascendant should win otherwise the opponent wins.
  • This second method also works many times. You can try this too. It was given by Jyotindra Hasbe of Maharashtra who learnt KP Astrology from K.S.Krishnamoorthy himself in his times. His disciple Mr. Sahasne forwarded this method for many day to day predictions and not only for gaming purposes.

You have to calculate the L, S , R and D i.e. Lagna, Moon, Moon sign lord and Day lord and then arrive at the conclusion. The numbers allotted to all the planets are as per their sign numbers:

Mars: Aries and Taurus 1+8= 9

Sun: Leo 5

Moon: Cancer 4

Mercury: Gemini and Virgo 3+6 =9

Venus: Taurus and Libra 2+7 = 9

Jupiter: Sagittarius and Pisces = 9 +12 = 21

Saturn: Capricorn and Aquarius = 10 +11 = 21

Rahu and Ketu do not own any sign thus the sign in which they are posited at the time of judgment that sign numbers are taken for calculation.

  • The third method is of course the most precise one which is KP Horary but for that you need to have knowledge of KP Astrology. The tables of 1 to 249 and common sense.

Since long time I have been using these short and not so short methods for predicting the outcome of various things including IPL and many other sports events and the success ratio has been good.

There is no guarantee that each and every prediction will be correct but as long as you will be using this for your hobby and not for any kind of gains, the results will be astonishing for you. Good Luck!

Acharya Raman
Acharya Raman has garnered major experience in Astrology, Occult Sciences,
Palmistry and Numerology. He became interested in Astrology due to its quality
of preciseness and how well it paves a way for future. He aims to cure people
in a scientific and systematic way through the tools of Astrology.


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