Dhanteras 2021: Formation Of Special Yogas On This Day, Buying These Items Will Excel Your Life

India: A country of festivals

This very statement makes a beautiful sound with the dawn of winters as India, the country of diversity plunges into festivities. A long list of festivals is waiting for the Indians and we all are aware that the markets illuminate and there are full of hustle and bustle with shopping at its full swing all-around at the different variety of stores such as sweets, clothing, electronics, utensils, etc. and the world witnesses India in this very mood during this time. This season begins with the most important festival named Dhanteras and after this, the celebration of the festival of lights, Diwali, commences and lasts for 5 days.  

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This blog comprises all the important and relevant information regarding Dhanteras. We are mainly focussing on Shubh Muhurat of Dhanteras, its significance, information regarding the formation of Yogas, rituals, items to buy as per your zodiac sign, and so many other things that you may not be aware of. Along with this, we are also covering the very special astrological analysis that will help you buy items as per your zodiac sign on the day of Dhanteras. So scroll up, read between the lines and know what the day offers you!  

Dhanteras in 2021

With regard to the Hindu Panchang, every year, the festival of Dhanteras is celebrated on Trayodashi Tithi in Kartik month during Krishna Paksha. This year, it is going to be celebrated on November 02, Tuesday.   

Dhanteras Muhurat For New Delhi, India

Dhanteras Muhurat: 18:18:22 to 20:11:20

Duration: 1 Hour 52 Minutes

Pradosh Kaal : 17:35:38 to 20:11:20

Vrishabha Kaal: 18:18:22 to 20:14:13

Note: The above-cited timings are mainly for Delhi. Click on Dhanteras 2021 to know the Muhurat of your city.

Let’s now apprise you of the formation of special Yogas on this very day and if you buy items during this very period, you will reap the best results.   

Dhanteras through the Eye of Astrology 

This year on Dhanteras, two auspicious Yogas are going to be formed and thus, the significance of this festival is enhancing manifold. These two Yogas are Tripushkar and Labh Amrit.   

Tripushkar Yoga: This Yoga is formed with the conjunction of Dwadashi Tithi and Tuesday. Although Dhanteras is also falling on Tuesday this year, Dwadashi Tithi will end at 11:30 hours. This is the very reason that on November 02, Tripushkar Yoga is going to be formed at 11:30 hours. As per beliefs, buying items during this Yoga leads to a three-fold increase in property. Also, the natives are blessed with good luck.    

Labh Amrit Yoga: This year, the Yoga is going to commence from 10:30 AM and last till 1:30 PM on the day of Dhanteras. Shopping or buying items during this auspicious Yoga can prove to be highly beneficial for you. 

In this context, you can earn benefits by buying items or doing shopping during the period of Yogas. Let’s tell you the significance of Dhanteras. 

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Significance of Dhanteras

In Sanatan Dharma, the festival of Dhanteras is held in great esteem. The legend goes that the festival of Dhanteras is linked with Samundar Manthan. As per beliefs, when the Samundar Manthan took place for procuring nectar by the demons and the deities, Lord Dhanwantari himself emerged from the sea carrying Amrit Kalash in his hands. The lord is also considered to be the Vaidh (doctor) of deities and he is specially worshipped on this very day. In this regard, devotees who celebrate this festival with great devotion and pious heart are not only blessed with wealth, peace, and prosperity but also with good health. Since Lord Dhanwantari appears with Amrit Kalash in his hand, the tradition of buying utensils is followed on this very day. As far as prevailing beliefs concerning the same, it is said that buying utensils on this very day leads to multiplying of wealth 13 times. Also, buying gold, silver, or other items is considered to be extremely fruitful on this very day. Along with Lord Dhanwantari, the worship of Lord Kuber, Maa Lakshmi, and Lord Ganesha is also performed on this very day. 

Besides this, on the day of Dhanteras, there is also a tradition of lighting a lamp/Diya before Yama, the messenger of death. According to the beliefs, it is said that the devotees can avoid untimely death. With regard to the Shloka in Padma Purana,   

कार्तिकस्यासिते पक्षे त्रयोदश्यां तु पावके।

यमदीपं बहिर्दद्यादपमृत्युर्विनश्यति।।

kārtikasyāsite pakṣe trayodaśyāṃ tu pāvake।

yamadīpaṃ bahirdadyādapamṛtyurvinaśyati।।

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Offering a lamp/Diya to the Yama, the messenger of death, on Trayodashi Tithi in Kartik month during Krishna Paksha helps the devotees avoid the fear of untimely death. 

However, in parts of the country, lamps/Diyas are offered on the day of Narak Chaturdashi as well. In this view, the festival of Dhanteras not only blesses the natives with immense wealth but also makes them avoid the fear of untimely death. This is the very reason that the festival of Dhanteras holds high significance in Sanatan Dharma. Let’s now help you out with the Pujan Vidhi of Dhanteras.    

Rituals to be Carried Out on Dhanteras

  • First of all, take a bath in the evening on Dhanteras and wear clean clothes.  
  • Then, install the idols of Maa Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha along with Lord Dhanwantri and Lord Kuber in the north direction during the Shubh Muhurat. 
  • After this, light a lamp/Diya before the idols, apply Tilak on them and offer flowers. 
  • Offer any white colour sweets to please Lord Dhanwantari. Also, Lord Kuber is fond of yellow colour and therefore, offer yellow colour sweets to him. 
  • Further, fix your thoughts on Lord Kuber and recite the Mantra  ‘ऊं ह्रीं कुबेराय नमः’/  ‘ūṃ hrīṃ kuberāya namaḥ’.
  • Further, mediate on Lord Dhanwantari and recite Dhanwantari Stotra. Worship Lord Ganesha and Maa Lakshmi with due rituals.

There is a tradition of offering Diyas/lamps on the day of Dhanteras. In this regard, we will enlighten you with such ways of offering.  

Vidhi for Offering of Lamps/Diyas on Dhanteras

Offering Diyas/lamps to Yama, the god of death, is considered to be extremely important. Keep in mind that this activity should be done during the Pradosh Kaal. 

  • In the beginning, create a big lamp/Diya using wheat flour in the same Kaal. following this, make two wicks and put them on each other in such a way that lamp/Diya seems to have four-faced i.e. both the ends of the two wicks face outwards.
  • Then, fill this lamp with sesame oil and add some sesame to it. Worship it with Roli, flowers, and Akshat and light it.
  • After this, make a small heap of wheat or Kheel and put this lamp/Diya on it facing the south. Now, recite the Mantra ॐ यमदेवाय नमः’ / oṃ yamadevāya namaḥ’ while remembering Lord Yama and then, seek blessings.   

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What Items To Buy As Per Your Zodiac Sign On Dhanteras 2021

Aries: These natives are ruled by Mars and therefore, they should buy items made up of brass. This will prove to be beneficial for their health and chances of losses stay away from them.

Taurus: People of this zodiac sign are administered by Venus so, purchasing any electrical appliances or any vehicle can be auspicious for them. Almirah can also be bought. With such items, all kinds of family issues will be resolved and there will be peace and harmony among family members.     

Gemini: Mercury governs natives of this zodiac sign and the natives should buy pot or any other item made up of bronze. By doing so, the children of such natives will be able to defeat all the challenges and step onto the path of progress.

Cancer: Moon is the ruling lord of these people. So, buying items made up of gold or brass can create possibilities of financial benefits and all kinds of stuck works will accelerate.   

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Leo: People of this zodiac sign are ruled by the Sun and therefore, they should buy a copper pot, fill water in it and bring it home. This will help them attain prosperity and good health.   

Virgo: The ruling lord of this zodiac sign is Mercury and the natives should buy electrical appliances. By doing so, financial problems will be solved. 

Libra: Venus governs people of this zodiac sign so, they are advised to buy bronze utensils. Professionals and business people will progress and they will become financially sound. 

Scorpio: The natives of this zodiac sign are administered by Mars. They are suggested to buy silver or items made of it on the day of Dhanteras. This will strengthen the financial position and people will be relieved of monetary challenges.    

Sagittarius: Jupiter governs this zodiac sign and it is suggested that the natives should buy items made up of copper as it will help them earn name and fame in society.

Capricorn: Saturn is the ruling lord of Capricorn natives. In this respect, buying bronze items on Dhanteras can prove to be highly auspicious. This will help them get rid of family issues and peace, prosperity and tranquility will prevail in the family.  

Aquarius: People bearing this zodiac sign are ruled by Saturn so, the natives should buy any silverware and fill water, and then, bring it home. This will not only help them get relieved of mental stress but also earn financial gains.      

Pisces: Jupiter is the ruling lord of these natives and they are advised to buy copper items on the day of Dhanteras. There will be progress as far as career is concerned and confusion prevailing in married life will vanish.  

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