How Destructive Will Be the Second Wave of Corona in India? Read Now!

The first wave of Covid had not even vanished from India completely and now the second wave of Covid has started taking people down one by one. Read this blog to know until how long India will have to face the wrath of Covid! 

India is going through the Mahadasha of the Moon and Antara of Saturn until 17-05-2021. The second wave of Corona is spreading again and when Rahu was going to be out of Mars, I had indicated in one of my articles last month that the Corona infection will spread further. According to my predictions, Corona is raising it’s head once again in India and taking deadly forms. 

India is going through the Dasha of the Moon and the Antara is of Saturn until 17-05-2021. Corona is again spreading and this I had indicated in the article last month when Rahu was about to join Mars. Since then, it has started to raise his venomous head again. 

Rahu is the main planet which is responsible for the transmission of Corona, Ketu being the next. Mars joining Rahu will give strength to its destructive abilities. 

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Rahu is now transiting in the ascendant of India. Corona is not leaving us anytime sooner, at least in 2021 it will keep up coming from the dead. I had already said that Corona will take at least mid of 2022 to be in control. 

Astrology apart, people are not ready to listen to the government, media, social influencers and now they are taking corona as a joke! The best thing a devil want from people is to stop paying attention towards him and this is exactly what is happening. 

Rahu is not going to change signs in the year 2021 and it will change on 12th April 2022, till then India is going to suffer from this problem of Corona, not because of the lethargy of any government but because of people themselves people are going to suffer. The national mindset about Corona is not going to change till Rahu changes its position from the lagna of India. 

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People who are less aware and not clearly following the safety protocols are not only at the risk of infecting themselves, but also their family members. 

One can do a simple remedy along with the precautions suggested by the government that they should feed some sugar to ants, whether red or black and recite the Devi Kavach from Durga Saptshati only of Geeta Press Gorakhpur. 

Mercury, the next Antara lord, is in the Sub of Rahu. After May, things are going to get worse only as there will be direct connection with Rahu at sub level. The transit of Rahu will be in the ascendant. So, there will be an increase in the deaths after May. People who are not paying any heed to the government request will really suffer. That is a surety.

Mercury happens to be a Maraka planet for Taurus Lagna as it is the lord of the second house. Let us see what it does after May 2021.

The decrease in the Corona cases will be seen after April 2022 and not before it. They will go down and then again will sprout at some other place. 

Follow the guidelines and the remedies. Be safe, live and let others also live!

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