Three Major Planets Will Transit in 10 Days, What Changes Are in Store?

On the 17th of March, Venus will be entering into Pisces, on 14th, the Sun will enter into Pisces and on 11th of March Mercury will enter into Aquarius. Aquarius and Pisces will be the two signs that will be affected most by this transit. 

Globally speaking, there will be some difficulties faced by famous personalities in the field of arts, entertainment and the women folk will also be affected by it globally. If you wish to know more about how these transits will affect you individually, then you can go ahead and talk to our expert astrologer Acharya Raman. 

Venus is going to combust till 16th of April. Sun will be heading ahead of Venus and we will see that there will be problems for people in authority, there can be wild fire in countries where these things are rampant. 

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Pisces is a sign of peace depth and tranquillity and Venus gets it exaltation in this sign of knowledge and patience. But it is going to combust, so it is not going to produce much goodness. This year, the transit will prove negative mostly as it is combust.

While Sun, the fiery planet will be entering a watery sign and will lose its warmth- so to speak astrologically, this is not a good time in general as there can be health problems rising, we can see another hike in Covid cases in this time in India and other countries. People will lose the charm of doing or achieving something as the desire will fall apart and the “will see later” attitude will reign everyone. It is like if someone takes the splash out of a cold drink bottle, what remains is just water with no charm or taste. 

Whereas Mercury will enter Aquarius which will spark an out of the box thinking in people. People will share new ideas and try to implement them which may not seem to be realistic but will produce results and astonish others. How can things be done in an easier way? These transits will make people work on this theme. 

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As far as India is concerned, there will be a change or shift in the people’s thought process towards the elections which are coming, there will be an uprising of Hindu beliefs largely. Sun and combust Pisces will occupy the Lagna house and Mercury will be in the 11th house for a while. 

It is possible that India may come up with new Vaccines in this time, there will be distribution of these vaccines to more countries and India will make new friends through the help it is already giving to so many countries. There may be some new software launched by the government for connecting people socially and legally. Entertainment industry people may suffer some setbacks in this time. Crime with women folk will be on the rise. Some highly ranked officials may fall ill suddenly or die. India will deal with militancy in a stronger way. Neighboring countries will get help from India. We can see some negative videos going viral at this time which may defame a famous political or movie personality. 

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The signs which will get the best from this transit are listed down below:

Aries natives will gain some benefits from their younger siblings. There can be some new career opportunities in this time. There can be purchase of a new electronic gadget or someone may give it to you. 

Taurus is the sign which will be most benefited by this transit. There will be gains from friends, people at higher places, work will yield more profits to business people, there will be people asking for your help and consultation. New career avenues may open for you. You will show your helping nature and will become more popular in this time. 

Gemini people will have new ideas in their projects, some of you may find some astonishing breakthrough in technology or software. Media persons will gain more name and fame in this time. Their relations with the people in the government will become stronger. 

Sagittarius natives will move ahead in their careers. You may start some new internet venture in this time like you tubing or vlogging etc. You will gain from writing or speaking – digital communications. Mind will be at peace. 

For Aquarius folks, this will be a very good time, there will be positivity in life. You will have some small achievement in this time which can be in any sphere of life. You will feel more sentimental and romantic in this time and love will be the focus.  Spending time with friends will cheer you up. 

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