Decorate Christmas Tree & Get Rid Of Vastu Dosha!

Christmas Celebrations mesmerize everyone. The beautiful Christmas tree, amazing weather, gifts, decoration and not to forget our beloved Santa Claus take the excitement to another level. The season of Winter has already begun and so have the preparations for the grand celebration. Christmas is although a major festival of Christians but is celebrated all over the world with the same enthusiasm and zeal. Accompanied with the New Year celebrations, Christmas brings with itself cheery holidays, snow, the image of reindeers, and bows & ribbons decorating the gifts.

Be it any festival, it is meant to bring happiness and spread smiles. The motive of human life is to be happy and make others happy. Since it is not a festival having its roots in Indian culture, let’s discuss the major symbols of Christmas and the rituals followed.

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Importance of Decorating Christmas Tree

The evergreen pine tree or the conifers are used as Christmas trees. Since ancient times, nature is worshiped in every religion in one form or the other. Even before the birth of Christ, certain traditions of Christmas existed. Nowadays, we have modernized the things by adding gifts, vacations, sweets etc. to the celebrations. This tree is purchased and brought to home by the people as it denotes eternal life, as the tree in its natural conditions is said to stay green forever. Some people also believe that the tree symbolizes the Christ.

The tree is brought home by the male member of the house as it is believed to spread positive energy (yang) in the house. Women decorate it and utilize ‘yin’ to make a balance between the two, as per the norms of Feng Shui. When buying the tree for your home, ensure that the tree is healthy and suitable in terms of size for your home.

Since the Christmas tree depicts the fire element, placing it in different direction yields different results. Placing the tree in the South-east direction brings financial benefits and growth in income. Promotions, growth in business, new sources of income and receiving the money that you lost all hopes of getting are few advantages of doing so.

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Directions to Place Christmas Tree

  • If the Christmas tree is placed in East, it spread positive vibrations in the entire house and establishes harmony between the family members.
  • When placed in South, it strengthens love life of couples and brings stability. Also, in this direction, it brings fame and recognition to the family members.
  • In North-East, the same tree gives you strength and a benevolent heart. Depression and such feelings are wiped away and your capabilities to work are modified. Your unwillingness to work or lack of confidence is replaced by hope and opportunity.
  • Avoid putting the tree near the main door of your house or at the centre, as it can negate positive energies in that case.

Importance of Decorating Christmas Tree

  • Use a stable base to put the tree inside. The stability of the tree represents stability in your life.
  • For decorations, use different colors as each represents and impacts a specific aspect of life. Using the colors meticulously helps you get rid of the negative and fill your life with the positive.
  • A ball is generally placed on the top of the Christmas tree. This ball symbolizes balance and mental health.
  • Golden ball on the tree brings prudence and mental agility. Silver colored ball, on the other hand, is for peace and purity of heart.
  • The tree is also decorated using image or miniatures of a reindeer, which represents good health and long life.
  • The red ribbons and golden coins bring prosperity and save us from monetary losses. If you are facing problems with utilizing your hard earned money to secure your future, this one is a tried and tested remedy.
  • Hanging red fruits brings prosperity and success while red hearts are meant to increase the beautiful feeling called love.
  • The star (symbolizes sky) placed on the top of the tree gives strength to your ambitions and aspirations.
  • A shimmering glittering powder is added at the end to make the tree sparkle. It also signifies appropriate utilization of the resources. The hut placed under the Christmas tree indicates happiness and fortune.
  • Remember, red colored is majorly used to decorate the Christmas tree. It being symbolic of love.
  • However, red color also denotes passion, anger and violence. Establishing a balance while choosing the colors of decorative items is thus of great importance.

In a nutshell, a Christmas tree is a powerful instrument to harmonize our life and bring happiness. That’s the reason, even viewing it makes us happy and feel enchanted.

Merry Christmas To All!

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