Chaitra Purnima 2024: These Remedies Will Bestow Maa Laxmi’s Blessings!

Chaitra Purnima 2024: Purnima is significant in Sanatan Dharma because it is the date of many religious rites and fasts, among other things. There are 12 full moon dates in a year, and each full moon has a special significance. AstroSage’s blog will offer you with thorough information about the date, importance, and auspiciousness of Chaitra Purnima 2024, among other things. Apart from that, we will introduce you to interesting facts and beliefs about this Purnima, as well as what to do and not do on this day, among other things. 

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Also, for people who are fighting with financial issues and wish to resolve them, Chaitra Purnima is a very significant day for them since it is the greatest time to get the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi. You can appease the Goddess of Wealth by taking some action on this day. If you want to learn more about these options, read this blog until the end. 

Hindus in India celebrate Chaitra Purnima as a festival. This full moon holds significant importance for the Tamil people. Chaitra is the first month of the Hindu New Year, hence Chaitra Purnima is very important because the full moon falls in this month, which is also the first full moon. This full moon is particularly noteworthy since it occurs with Hanuman Jayanti, a Hindu festival. Fasting on Chaitra Purnima is just as important as it is on other full moons throughout the year.

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Chaitra Purnima 2024: Date And Muhurat  

According to the calendar, Chaitra is the first month of the Hindu year, and the full moon in Shukla Paksha is known as Chaitra Purnima. This full moon is also known as Madhu Purnima and Chaiti Poonam. The Hindu calendar places the month of Chaitra in March or April, with Chaitra Purnima falling on the last day of the month. On this Purnima, believers fast and worship the Moon God. In addition, there is a custom of worshiping Lord Vishnu, and on this day, devotees listen to the story of Satyanarayan. Chaitra Purnima will fall on April 23, 2024. 

Chaitra Purnima Time & Puja Muhurat:

Chaitra Purnima Date: 23 April 2024, Tuesday 

Chaitra Purnima Beginning: 23 April 2024 from 03:27 am,  

Chaitra Purnima Ending: 24 April 2024 till 05:20 am 

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Chaitra Purnima Significance

Chaitra Purnima is considered extremely auspicious and sacred in Hinduism. Chaitra Purnima is especially important because it is the first full moon of the new year. On this day, many gods and goddesses are worshipped, including Lord Vishnu and Hanuman ji. On Chaitra Purnima, believers worship Shri Hari Vishnu, the world’s protector, with a pure heart in order to receive His blessings. 

Apart from that, Chaitra Purnima celebrates the birth anniversary of Hanuman ji, the foremost devotee of Maryada Purushottam Shri Ram. According to religious traditions, Hanuman ji was born on the full moon day of the Chaitra month, hence Hanuman Jayanti is observed on this day. According to mythology, Sankatmochan Hanuman ji was born on Tuesday, hence Chaitra Purnima becomes even more significant if it happens on that day. It is believed that by worshiping Vayuputra Hanuman ji on this full Moon day, all of a person’s worries, as well as sorrow and poverty, will be resolved. It is stated that by fasting and praying on the day of Chaitra Purnima, all the wishes of a person are fulfilled. 

Sri Hari, Chandra Dev & Maa Laxmi Shower Their Blessings  

According to the Dharmasindhu Granth and the Brahmavaivarta Purana, the full moon of Chaitra month is favorable for bathing in sacred river water, charity, and fasting, among other activities. All of your sins are forgiven if you worship Lord Vishnu today. Worshiping Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, on Chaitra Purnima brings great wealth. In addition, your life continues to be prosperous and wealthy, and your family is happy and prosperous. You will never run out of money. 

This day is ideal for Moon worship since the Moon spreads its moonlight across the sky with its sixteen phases. Fasting on the day of the full moon and worshipping the moon removes the Moon defect from the horoscope. Offering water to the Moon is also considered auspicious.

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Worship Of Chitra Gupt On Chaitra Purnima Eliminates Sins  

Chaitra Purnima, a day devoted to Lord Chitragupta, is also celebrated in South India. Let us inform you that Chitragupta is the assistant of Yamraj, the deity of death, and keeps records of births and deaths over the earth. They also keep account of the good and negative deeds of everyone in the globe and reward or punish them accordingly. On this full moon day, Chitragupta ji is worshipped with celebrations. 

Chaitra Purnima is the greatest day to receive Chitragupta’s blessings. On this day, followers worship Chitragupta and ask for forgiveness for the wrong doings they have committed, whether intentionally or unintentionally. A person’s soul will go to heaven or hell after death, depending on his or her good and bad deeds. Worshiping Chitragupta on Chaitra Purnima leads to freedom from bad deeds. This day’s Sarva Yoni Karma Puja yields favorable outcomes. This puja is the ideal way for devotees to get God’s blessings and erase their sins from previous lives.

Astrological Significance Of Chaitra Purnima 

Chaitra Purnima holds a special position in astrology in addition to its religious significance. Chaitra is the first month of the Hindu year, and it marks the beginning of the Sun’s new zodiac cycle. In such a case, the Sun is in its exalted sign Aries, while the Moon is aligned with the star Chaitra in the constellation Libra, which is why this date is known as Chaitra Purnima. This date is considered a powerful time for creation and manifestation. Simply said, during this time, it begins to balance the various types of thoughts that arise in the mind.

The exalted Sun present in Aries stimulates the soul of the person and offers power to the person to perform good “Karmas” because these deeds play a significant role in shaping our present as well as future.

Chaitra Purnima Puja Rituals 

Many religious activities take place on Chaitra Purnima, including bathing, charity, havan, fasting, and chanting, among others. Worshipping Lord Satyanarayan and donating to the poor and needy on this full moon day is beneficial. However, it is also important to properly worship the Chaitra Purnima fast, which is why we have provided you with the accurate and simple Chaitra Purnima 2024 worship method.

  • On Chaitra Purnima, first and foremost, get up early and take a bath. If possible, bathe in a sacred river, reservoir, well, or stepwell before sunrise.
  • After bathing, offer Arghya to the Sun God while reciting the Surya Mantra.
  • Now, vow to fast on Purnima and worship Lord Satyanarayan.
  • After worshiping the Moon God according to rituals at night, offer water to him.  
  • Following the puja, the fasting person should donate a pot full of raw grains to a needy person. 

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Religious Rituals On Chaitra Purnima 

  • On Chaitra Purnima, bathe in holy water and worship Lord Vishnu and Hanuman ji.
  • Devotees fast for ‘Satyanarayan’ while worshiping Shri Hari. These individuals should recite ‘Satyanarayan Katha’ while preparing pure and virtuous food to offer to God as Prasad. On Chaitra Purnima, offer fruits, betel nuts, banana leaves, moli, incense sticks, and sandalwood paste to Lord Vishnu as part of your Satyanarayan worship. 
  • Aside from that, on Purnima Tithi, temples host a variety of religious celebrations. On the evening of Chaitra Purnima, the Moon God receives ‘Arghya’.
  • On the occasion of Chaitra Purnima, people donate according to their means, and one of the key traditions is ‘Anna Daan,’ in which essential supplies such as food, clothing, and money are distributed to the poor.

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Chaitra Purnima Mythology  

According to the mythological account of Chaitra Purnima, Seth and Sethani resided in a city. Sethani used to worship Shri Hari every day, but her husband disliked her devotion. Because of this, Seth threw his wife out of the house, and she began walking into the forest, where she noticed four men mining soil. Sethani was impressed and requested them to hire her for some work.

 They hired Sethani, but Sethani’s softness caused blisters on her hands. On this, the four men asked Sethani to perform their household duties. Sethani agreed and the four of them took her to their house. Those four men would bring four handfuls of rice and eat it together, which made Sethani feel bad, so Sethani requested them to bring eight handfuls. 

These four men brought 8 handfuls of rice, which Sethani used to make food. After offering food to Lord Vishnu, food was served to everyone. The four men found the food incredibly good and asked Sethani for the secret. Sethani told them that the food is the left over of Lord Vishnu, which is why you find it delightful. Seth was starving  when Sethani left the house, and people started to taunt him. Seth went out to find Sethani after hearing these taunts, and while on his way, he met the same four men digging soil, whom he told to hire me.

They also hired Seth, who, like Sethani, developed blisters on his hands while digging the earth. After seeing this, Seth was asked to do household duties and went to his house. Seth knew Sethani as soon as he arrived, but Sethani couldn’t recognize him due to the veil. Every day, Sethani would make food to bring to Lord Vishnu and then serve it to everyone. When Sethani started bringing food to Seth, Vishnu ji took Sethani’s hand and asked what she was doing. Sethani stated, “I am simply serving meals.” 

The four brothers then told Sethani that they, too, wanted to see Lord Vishnu. When Sethani prayed, Lord Vishnu appeared to all of them. Following this, Seth apologized to Sethani and asked her to return home, and the four brothers sent their sister away after giving her a large sum of money. Following this, Seth became a devotee of Lord Vishnu and began to worship him with complete trust. It is said that fasting on Chaitra Purnima brings blessings from Lord Satyanarayan, Bajrangbali, Ram Ji, and Mother Sita. 

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Chaitra Purnima Surefire Remedies To Please Maa Laxmi

  1. On the day of Chaitra Purnima, offer red clothing and wedding stuff to Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity. This pleases Goddess Lakshmi, and her blessings erase money issues while increasing happiness and good fortune. 
  2. According to mythology, Goddess Lakshmi lives in the Peepal tree; therefore, on this day, after taking a bath early in the morning, offer water and raw milk to the root of the Peepal tree. After that, offer Batasha and five types of sweets to Goddess Lakshmi. Goddess Lakshmi blesses you with an increase in money. 
  3. On the full moon day, chant the Mahamantra of Goddess Lakshmi “Om Shreem Hreem Shreem Kamle Kamlalaye Prasidh Prasidh Shreem Hreem Shreem Om Mahalakshmi Namah” while wearing a garland of lotus flowers. Goddess Lakshmi bestows the Ashtalakshmi blessing on her devotees who follow this remedy. 
  4. On the day of Chaitra Purnima, create a Swastika at the entrance to your house with turmeric and water. Following that, install a Bandanwar or Toran made of mango or Ashoka leaves on the main door of the house. This allows Goddess Lakshmi to enter the house. Furthermore, they offer joy and prosperity to the family. 

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