Will BJP Win in Madhya Pradesh Elections 2018?

The state of Madhya Pradesh is going to have polls on 28th November 2018 and the results of MP elections will be out on 11th December 2018. Shivraj Singh is the chief minister of MP and has held the chair for almost 15 years now. Now he appears to be overconfident along with his partymen and ministers. We can see the ego on their faces.

But there’s a reason behind it. In BJP`s regime there was a decline in power cuts, water supply was restored and roads were built. However, rains washed away the roads very soon.

He also introduced Teerth Darshan yojana, Ladli Lakshmi yojana, BPL card, smart card for students and many other populist programmes. But alongside the stories of corruption were also heard and there were some scams reported which in due course were nullified in the court of law.

People of Madhya Pradesh have become habitual to see Shivraj Singh as the chief minister it seems, but the question is – will he be able to do it this time? It has been a very long span of Chief Ministership. The fate of several ministers lies in the hand of common man in MP assembly elections 2018. It will be astonishing to see, who will be the next chief minister of MP.

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As an Astrologer, I raised this question to myself and took number 22. Below is the chart for the number.


To win,  6th house is the prime house. The question raised is not about Shivraj Singh but about BJP. The party can make anyone the Chief Minister but for that they should have the winning majority first.

The another so called national party the Indian National Congress is the main opponent and there is a very big unrest in the state of Madhya Pradesh against the existing Chief Minister.

If the 6th cusp sub lord is a significator of either or all of the houses 6, 10, 11 then the ascendant wins otherwise the opposition. This is the simple KP rule.

The 6th cusp sub lord is Mercury. It is placed in the 6th bhava itself. It is placed in the star of Rahu which is in the third house.

Thus Mercury is connected very strongly with the 6th house and the third house, the house of self efforts.

Moon at the time of judgement is placed in 7th house in Jupiter star and Rahu sub. It is beneficial for the opponent.

The eleventh cusp sub lord is again Mercury. The 5th cusp sub lord is also mercury which negates the winning chances of the opposition.

Congress party on the other hand is trying everything in their ammunition, be it the Hindutva card; made in your own gram panchayat card; rallies; crowd pulling and what not.

On the day of the polls, the planetary position will be like this:


The sixth cusp sub lord is Venus placed in the 6th bhava in the placidus chart in Mars Star and own sub. It is strongly connected with the 6th house. Same is the 12th cusp sub lord which is negative for the opposition.

Prediction: BJP is going to do it again in MP elections 2018, the reason not being strong leadership of BJP but the lack of strong opposition.

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