Bhadra Shadow On Lunar Eclipse: These Natives Need To Be Cautious!

Bhadra Shadow On Lunar Eclipse: This year will have a total of four eclipses, including two Solar and two Lunar Eclipses. The First Lunar Eclipse of the year will occur on May 5th, while the First Solar Eclipse of the year occurred in April last year. This is the day when Vaishakh Purnima will fall. Each year on Vaishakh Purnima, Buddha Purnima is observed. Buddha Purnima is also celebrated as Gautam Bhudha’s birthday, when devotees visit Buddhist monasteries to worship and perform other rituals. 

According to popular belief, this year’s Lunar Eclipse and Buddha Purnima will both be under Bhadra’s shadow. It won’t be an eclipse; rather, it will cast a shadow that India won’t be able to see. Therefore, its Sutak period will not be valid. On the day of the Lunar Eclipse, Saturn and Mars will conjunct. Consequently, three types of Yoga will be formed. Mars and Jupiter will also be in retrograde motion at the same time whose unlucky influence would be felt by zodiac signs. Before moving ahead let’s discuss what Bhadra Shadow is.

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Bhadra Shadow In Vedic Astrology 

The shadow of Bhadra is regarded negatively by religion. According to belief, Bhadra lives in Patal Lok and wanders around. It has no unfavorable effects on the planet while Bhadra strolls around Patal Lok. However, it is not regarded as good when Bhadra’s shadow appears. The shadow of Bhadra will be seen in the evening on the day of the Lunar Eclipse and Buddha Purnima.  

The First Lunar Eclipse of 2023 will occur on the evening of May 5 at 8.44 p.m. and will last until 1:02 a.m on May 6. The term “Shadow Lunar Eclipse” is used to characterize this Lunar Eclipse. No Sutak Kaal will be valid because this Lunar Eclipse cannot be witnessed from India.  

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Bhadra Shadow On Lunar Eclipse: Harmful To These Zodiacs

Below mentioned are the signs who will face adverse impact and need to be extremely cautious during this period.


The First Lunar Eclipse of the year won’t be lucky for Taurus natives. This eclipse could impact your personal life as there could be an argument in the family during this period. The harshness in your life could make you want to distance yourself from your family. Spending excessively could put you in a difficult financial situation later on. So, you are advised to control your spendings and maintain your budget.


The First Lunar Eclipse of the year will have unfavorable consequences on Gemini natives, so you should take extra care of your health during this time. Since there could be some health issues that you might have to suffer during this time. You are advised to take a balanced diet and do regular exercise. Also, you should take caution while making any decision, especially financial decisions. Apart from this, you should reconsider your thoughts and have some patience while making any investment.   

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For Virgo natives, this time could be detrimental for them especially in terms of their health. So, health is something that requires attention. There is a chance that you might suffer major health issues during this period. Along with this, working individuals might have to deal with problems at the office. They have to be more careful in their tasks as an error in their work could spoil their image. For businessmen also, this is the time when they have to take extra caution in financial dealings. Avoid taking loans, making investments or lending money to someone as there is a chance of financial loss during this period.


Libra natives also have to beware during the first Lunar Eclipse of the year 2023 due to the Bhadra Shadow casting on it. This period could hamper your progress in your job or business. The jobs of those born under the sign of Libra may change, but there is no need to become concerned. So, you are advised to be patient as you work. Also, you are advised to look after your health. Libra natives, there is a chance that you might hear news in the near future which could upset you.


For those born under the sign of Scorpio, the First Lunar Eclipse of the year might also be unlucky. So, people of this zodiac need to use a little caution. Majorly, these natives have to control their speech and aggression during this period because this unfavorable phase is harmful for your reputation and personality. You should not display any rash behavior during this time and try to be calm and compose during this period. 

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Surefire Remedies To Combat Negative Impacts

The Lunar Eclipse and  Buddha Purnima, are not expected to be affected by Bhadra’s shadow, however some things can be handled and precautions can be taken on the basis of religious beliefs. Below are some effective remedies which will help you to reduce the adverse effect of this event.

  • It is lucky to take a bath after a Lunar Eclipse. According to beliefs, taking a bath in Ganges water is advised after the Lunar Eclipse is over. 
  • According to astrology, basil leaves can be chewed to enhance the position of the Moon on this day. Chanting the Beej Mantra or the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra with Tulsi Dal in the mouth is seen as lucky. As a result, the unfavorable impact of the Lunar Eclipse is reduced. 
  • You can create a Gomti Chakra to receive Maa Lakshmi’s blessings. On the day of the Lunar Eclipse, doing this is seen to be exceptionally lucky. 
  • On this day, feeding sweet rice to crows is believed to be lucky. This remedy is claimed to reduce the RahuKetu and planet Shani Doshas

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Will India see the Lunar Eclipse?

Ans. Yes, Indian natives will be able to see the Lunar Eclipse on May 5.

Q2. What is the time of Lunar Eclipse on May 5?

Ans. Lunar Eclipse will occur at 8:44 pm on May 5 and last till 1:02 a.m on May 6.

Q3. Should we not eat during an eclipse?

Ans. According to astrology, natives are advised not to consume anything during an eclipse.

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