Solar Eclipse 2023: First Solar Eclipse Of 2023 To Grace 2 Zodiacs!

Solar Eclipse 2023: With the medium of this blog, we will talk about the first Solar Eclipse of 2023. This piece of information on Solar Eclipse 2023 by AstroSage has especially been prepared for your benefit. Through this information, we are giving you all the relevant information regarding the first Solar Eclipse of 2023. We are informing you on which date and time this Solar Eclipse will happen, the places in which it will be seen, what kind of Eclipse it will be, and how it will affect all the zodiac signs of the zodiac cycle. Apart from this, we will also inform you for which zodiac signs this Solar Eclipse will bring positive results and which are those zodiac signs that need to stay alert and careful during this period. So, let’s begin our happy reading and know all the relevant details about this first Solar Eclipse!

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What Is A Solar Eclipse?

In Vedic astrology, a Solar Eclipse is considered when the father planet Sun gets under the influence of the shadow planet, Rahu and as a result of this condition, the Sun comes in a state of affliction. From a viewpoint of Science, a Solar Eclipse is an astronomical phenomenon. We can see this natural occurrence through our naked eyes but religiously this event is considered inauspicious because during this period the Sun, giver of energy and life, starts suffering under  the effect of Rahu. 

In the Solar system all the nine planets revolve around the Sun and on Earth the Sun’s light is the one who is responsible for sustaining life. It provides the energy of life to all living beings and the Earth’s natural satellite, the Moon also gets illuminated by the light of the Sun. This is the reason why the planet Sun is considered an equivalent to God, because it provides life to all the living organisms. Our Earth also revolves around the Sun, doing its orbital movements and also revolves around its own axis. So, similarly, the Earth’s natural satellite, the Moon also revolves around the Earth. 

When the Earth rotates on its axis, we see the changing of day into night and vice versa. As when some areas are illuminated by Sun’s light, then on the other Moon facing side the Earth is covered in darkness. When Earth rotates next, then the illuminated area goes into darkness and the area which is darkened comes into light. This is how day and night cycles work, and due to the movement of the Sun and the Moon around the Earth, we can see various seasons as well. 

When Earth and Moon are moving in their respective orbits sometimes there are conditions developed which cause an eclipse. In some situations when the Moon revolves around the Earth and comes in between the Sun and the Earth and due to that, the sunlight gets blocked by the Moon, and as a result the sunlight does not reach the Earth’s surface and the shadow falls on Earth instead of sunlight. This natural phenomenon called Solar Eclipse, happens when the Sun, the Moon and the Earth fall into a straight line.   

The eclipse sometimes can be of a shorter duration or a longer one, as it depends on the distance between the Sun, the Moon, and Earth. However, this period ranges for a short amount of time and as an eclipse ends, the sunlight once again reaches the Earth’s surface. 

Which Kind Of Solar Eclipse Will This Be?

According to Hindu Panchang, the Solar Eclipse comes on Amavasya Tithi, but the upcoming and the first Solar Eclipse of 2023 will come on Vaishakh Amavasya. A Solar Eclipse, generally, can happen in various forms. It appears in the form of complete solar eclipse which is also called Khagras solar eclipse and also in the form of partial solar eclipse which is also known as Khandagras solar eclipse. Besides this, Solar Eclipse can also be seen in the form of annular solar eclipse which is also known as Kankanakriti solar eclipse. The Solar Eclipse which will take place in the year 2023 in the month of April will be a Sankarit Solar Eclipse. In scientific terms, it is called a Hybrid Solar Eclipse. 

The Solar Eclipse of this year 2023 will be visible in different forms and in different places of the world. This will be a hybrid solar eclipse and is considered to be rare as it is rarely seen. On this day, at some places, this eclipse will be visible as a partial solar eclipse, and on some it will be seen as a complete solar eclipse. This eclipse will also be seen as an annular solar eclipse, hence, the reason it is being called a Hybrid solar eclipse. So, through this blog, we are going to provide you with everything important related to this solar eclipse of 2023 and hope that all the confusion coming into your mind gets cleared by reading this fantastic blog!

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20th April 2023: The First Solar Eclipse Of 2023 

Through our main article we have already told you about the occurrences of the eclipses in 2023. There will be two solar eclipses that will take place this year, the first solar eclipse will occur on 20th April 2023, Thursday, which is going to be a hybrid solar eclipse. The second solar eclipse of this year will occur on 14th October 2023, Saturday. The first solar eclipse of this year will occur this month and its detailed information will be as follows: 

FormPlaces Of ViewTithi And Time
Hybrid Solar EclipseCambodia, China, America, Micronesia, Malaysia, Fiji, Japan, Samoa, Solomon, Baruni, Singapore, Thailand, Antarctica, Australia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Philippines, South Indian Ocean, South Pacific Sea, Timor, new zealand(Not visible in India)Vaishakh month Krishna Paksha AmavasyaThursday20 April 2023from 7:05 amto 12:29 p.m.

Detailed Information: Please note that the above mentioned time of the solar eclipse is given according to the Indian Standard Time. The first solar eclipse of the year 2023 will be a hybrid one but it will not be visible in India. The Sutak period is only observed in the places where the eclipse is being seen or is visible, but since this hybrid solar eclipse will not be visible in India, its Sutak period will not be observed as well. So, the people of India can follow their routine activities normally, and don’t need to follow or observe any special rules and regulations. The places in which this solar eclipse will be visible, which are mentioned in the box above, will have an effective Sutak period, and it will be beneficial for those people to follow the rules and regulations related to the solar eclipse. 

Astrological Perception Of Hybrid Solar Eclipse

The solar eclipse of 20th April 2023, will happen on Vaishakh Amavasya. During that time, the Sun will be placed with Rahu and the Moon, and it will be in its exalted zodiac sign, Aries, in Ashwini Nakshatra and Saturn’s complete aspect will be on them. In the twelfth house from the Sun, there will be Jupiter and in a few days it will join the Sun on 22nd April. 

The lord of the zodiac sign of Aries, Mars will be situated in the third house from it and Ashwini Nakshatra is the Nakshatra owned by Ketu. This is a special Nakshatra as special qualities inhabit this constellation. In the zodiac sign of Aries, the Sun is dominant and this hybrid solar eclipse will be in Ashwini Nakshatra and that has made this eclipse all the more effective. 

The Effect Of The Solar Eclipse On Country & The World

This solar eclipse is both an annular and a hybrid solar eclipse, which is going to happen in the zodiac sign of Aries in Ashwini Nakshatra. The zodiac sign of Aries, has the element of fire, and its ruling lord Mars, is also the planet of fire element. Under such conditions the increase in heat is possible as the Sun being a king fiery planet is placed in Aries. 

Due to the outbreak of heat, there might be loss of life in some areas and some areas might suffer from conditions like drought and famine. The effect of this hybrid solar eclipse will be more in the places in which this eclipse will be visible. The countries around the world having Aries zodiac sign and Ashwini Nakshatra will have to be more careful as the special effect of this eclipse will be on them.  

A much greater effect of this Solar Eclipse will be seen on Vaidyas, doctors, and astrologers. People who try to cure any type or kind of disease or are healers, might receive trouble with this solar eclipse. The Sun is also called the soul and father of this world. This hybrid solar eclipse cannot be said to be favorable for those people who are occupying the famous and high positions of the country and the world due to the influence and positive effects of the Sun.

Therefore, an incident might happen to a big leader of the world during this period. This solar eclipse is not visible in India, so its effects will not be on the subcontinent. However, in the other countries in which it will be effective will be connected to India somehow and indirectly it will also affect India. 

The general public might also see the adverse effects of the hybrid solar eclipse as the Sun is also considered as the healer. Infectious diseases could be on the rise as well. The corona epidemic shouldn’t be considered over completely as after the period of this eclipse, it might require more attention. Due to the solar eclipse, people should work towards their mental health and take special care of it as well. By taking measures such as Yoga, meditation, or any other practice which makes you mentally strong and stable should be done by you, during this period. So, if you are facing any kind of problem or an issue regarding this solar eclipse, then feel free to contact our expert astrologers

Solar Eclipse 2023: These 4 Zodiacs To Stay Attentive

  • The natives of Aries must be careful during this period especially, as health issues might come to the front. Mental stress might increase, and your reputation might get affected as well. 
  • The natives of Leo must pay attention as well. During travel, they must be extra careful. Think before taking any work socially, as to avoid any kind of defamation. Financially, there will be variations, and transfer might be there in jobs.
  • The natives of Sagittarius might come across some issues during this period of solar eclipse. The students might face challenges in their academics and working natives might face issues in their jobs. Obstacles in promotion might be there as well. 
  • Capricorn natives will have to stay attentive and alert during this time as well. Some kind of infection might disturb you during this period. You might feel distressed, as harmony and stability might be lessened in your family. This stress might be seen upon your work as well. 

Solar Eclipse 2023: These 2 Zodiacs To Receive Benefits

  • The natives of Gemini will attain financial benefits from this solar eclipse and project of yours will give you both social and financial benefits. 
  • Scorpio natives will get big success regarding their jobs. Their expenses will be lessened, and the natives will also receive success in any competitive examinations. 

Solar Eclipse 2023: Remedies

In Vedic astrology, the Sun has been given special importance, and is known as the king of the solar system. Our father planet Sun has a life giving effect and is also considered the healing factor in our lives. So, when the Sun goes into a state of eclipse, our capacity to heal also weakens and our chances of catching diseases also increases. 

Due to the effects of the Sun we receive government jobs, respect, reputation, and fame. People who are occupying the top positions in the country are able to reach them with the positive effects of the Sun. During solar eclipse the effects of Rahu get increased on the Sun and due to the effects getting on the Sun from the planet of opposite nature, makes the state of the Sun weak. 

As a result, a situation of imbalance is created as the Sun is weak, and hence, different effects are seen on different living beings. However, some remedies are also mentioned under Vedic astrology, and these remedies will give you special outcomes and blessings of the Sun, when done during and after the solar eclipse. So, let’s know the remedies by which you can attain the benefits: 

  • During Solar eclipse reciting the Beej mantra of Sun will give you benefits and its Beej mantra is: oṃ‌ sthāna hrīṃ hrauṃ saḥ sūryāya namaḥ।
  • Apart from this, you can also worship the Sun during the solar eclipse but his idol shouldn’t be touched. 
  • Worshiping Lord Shiva during this period is considered to be the most powerful and effective, so you can also worship him during this period. 
  • During the solar eclipse reciting Shiv Mantra: oṃ namaḥ śivāya is also beneficial and apart from this you can also recite Mahamrityunjaya Mantra as well. 
  • You can chant any mantra during a solar eclipse, and the result will be thousands of times more powerful and beneficial. You can also do Mantra Siddhi during this period, so, any mantra can be chanted during this time. 

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  • If you are afflicted by a serious disease and after doing all the remedies you still can’t find any relief then during this period of solar eclipse you should recite this special Shiv Mantra: oṃ namaḥ śivāya mṛtyuṃjaya mahādevāya namostute।
  • If there is any big calamity coming on you or you are suffering from any big challenge then during the period of solar eclipse you should donate black sesame seeds after revolving them around your head seven times. The sesame seeds should be donated after the period of Solar Eclipse and should be 1.25 kg in quantity. 
  • If you are getting negative effects of Rahu in your horoscope then during the solar eclipse you should recite this Rahu Mantra: oṃ bhrāṃ bhrīṃ bhrauṃ saḥ rāhave namaḥ।
  • As another special remedy, you could also worship Goddess Mahakali. One must keep in mind that touching of idols should be prohibited and only mental chanting must be done during the period of solar eclipse. 

If you want to know more about this solar eclipse and what kind of effect this will have on your life, then you can ask all your questions from Acharya Mragaank on the phone.  

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We wish you prosperity in all your spheres with this Solar Eclipse 2023; our sincere thanks for visiting AstroSage!