Bengaluru Blasters Vs Bijapur Bulls (22th August 2018): KPL 2018 Today Match Prediction

The match of KPL 2018 is starting with a bang, and two former teams Bengaluru Blasters Vs Bijapur Bulls are logging heads against each other. The 8th match of KPL 2018 will commence on 22th Aug 2018 in Hubli at KSCA Hubli Cricket Ground around 6.30 PM and see a major crowd pouring in to witness a historic match.


The cards for Bengaluru Blasters came as “Ace of Wands”, “Knight of Swords” and “Ace of Pentacles”. These cards show that Bengaluru Blasters will play good but it will not be an easy match for them at all. They will be seen struggling for every score and wicket. In the last few minutes of their innings they will give hope to their fans about their winning.

While the cards for Bijapur Bulls” came as “II of Pentacles”, “X of Cups” and “IV of Swords”. These cards shows that Bijapur Bulls will do many silly mistakes throughout the match, they will be seen giving many extras and losing many catches. Their mistakes will cost them to lose an easy target.

Winner: Bengaluru Blasters will come out as the winner of the match.

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