Pitru Paksha 2022: Avoid Consuming These Food Items During This Period, Or Else…

Pitru Paksha is a special period where people belonging to the Hindu community pay homage to their ancestors. In 2022, it started on 11 September. It is a sacred time as it is believed that the deceased visit us during this duration. Therefore, there are certain rules and rituals that are strictly followed during the 15 days’ period of Pitru Paksha to appease the ancestors. Just like other prohibited activities during Pitru Paksha, there are certain food items that must not be eaten or they could anger the departed souls. Do you want to know what these food items are? Read this blog till the end to find out!

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Bhadrapad Purnima brought the Pitru Paksha period with it yesterday, i.e. on 11 September 2022. It will last till the Amavasya Tithi of Ashwin Month. We all know that Pitru Paksha is the period dedicated to paying homage to our ancestors by doing Shradh with proper rituals. Along with these rituals, it is also recommended to eat only Satvik food during this time and take care of purity of the eatables you are consuming. It is why some people also forbid eating food from the outside as we can not confirm what kind of food and utensils are being used outside. You must be vigilant as even a little mistake can anger your ancestors. In this regard, today we are providing you with a list of food items that must be avoided during Pitru Paksha 2022 to avoid the wrath of the departed souls. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

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These Food Items Are Prohibited During Pitru Paksha 2022

  • Carrot & Radish

It is believed that consumption of carrot and radish during this period angers the ancestors as these items are associated with the shadow planet Rahu. Also, these vegetables are regarded as impure. 

  • Cooked Rice

You must avoid eating cooked rice as cooked rice is used during the Shradh of the ancestors. However, you can use raw rice. 

  • Onion & Garlic

As we all know the Onion and Garlic comes in the category of Tamsik Food (non-vegetarian). Hence, you must never consume these items during the 15 days’ Pitru Paksha period. 

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  • Masoor Dal 

Masoor Dal is associated with the red planet Mars, which as we all know, is the benefactor of anger and aggression. So consuming Masoor Dal can anger the deceased. 

  • Chickpea (Chana)

During Pitru Paksha, you must avoid eating Chana and other items made of it like Chana Dal, Besan, Besan sweets, etc. This is because all these items are never offered to the ancestors.

  • Also Avoid Eating These Vegetables

You must also not consume Tarot Root (Arbi) and Potato as these items are also not offered to the ancestors. 

Please Note: This information may vary for different people based on their beliefs, region, etc. 

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