Confused About Pitru Paksha Date? Read Here For Correct Date & Shraadh Vidhi!

Pitru Paksha is the period of a few days in a year when we honor our deceased ancestors by performing acts of charity, devotion, tarpan, and other rituals in hopes of bringing them eternal peace and receiving their blessings. It lasts for roughly 16 days and is known as Pitru Paksha or Shradh in Hinduism. In terms of the Hindu calendar, Pitru Paksha begins on the Shukla Paksha of Bhadrapada month’s full moon day and ends on Ashwin month’s Amavasya.

We’ll let you know today in this special blog when Pitru Paksha begins in the year 2022. Do the ancestors receive salvation by taking any action at this time? Are some activities forbidden during this time? This blog also gives you the opportunity to know the other crucial facts on Pitru Paksha.

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Beginning Date Of Pitru Paksha In  2022

In 2022, Pitru Paksha will begin on Saturday, September 10 and end on Thursday, September 25, 2022.

Pitru Paksha Significance

Earlier, we stated that this 16-day period known as Pitru Paksha is entirely devoted to our ancestors in accordance with Hindu religious tradition. For their spiritual peace during this time, we perform Shradh, Tarpan, Pind Daan, Puja, etc. During this, crows are fed in particular since it is said that they carry food to our ancestors.

In addition, many people hold the belief that only our ancestors appear on earth during Pitru Paksha in the form of crows; therefore, during this time, they should never be disrespected, even unintentionally, and they should always receive the first serving of freshly cooked food.

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Pitru Paksha 2022 Shraadh Dates

10 September- Purnima Shraadh (Shukla Purnima), Pratipada Shraadh (Krishna Pratipada)

11 September- Ashwani, Krishna Dwitiya

12 September- Ashwani, Krishna Tritiya

13 September- Ashwani, Krishna Chaturthi

14 September- Ashwani, Krishna Panchami

15 September- Ashwani, Krishna Shashti

16 September- Ashwani, Krishna Saptami

18 September- Ashwani, Krishna Ashtami

19 September- Ashwani, Krishna Navmi

20 September- Ashwani, Krishna Dashami

21 September- Ashwani, Krishna Ekadashi

22 September- Ashwani, Krishna Dwideshi

23 September- Ashwani, Krishna Triyidashi

24 September- Ashwani, Krishna Chaturdashi

25 September- Ashwani, Krishna Amavasya

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Pitru Paksha Rules

While the Pitru Paksha period is entirely devoted to the ancestors, no auspicious work is carried out during this time. According to popular belief, performing happy-making activities during Pitru Paksha can hurt the ancestors’ souls. In such a case, auspicious activities like marriage, shaving, house entering, etc. shouldn’t be done at this time. Also, if possible, avoid purchasing anything big during this period.

In addition, those who have Pitra Dosh in their horoscopes may find the Pitru Paksha time to be advantageous. Does your Kundli also contain Pitru Dosh? You can consult our knowledgeable experts and receive specialized advice to learn more about this. Additionally, by taking a few extra precautions during Pitru Paksha, you can lessen or even eliminate the impact of these flaws in your life.

  • Pind Daan is performed for the ancestors during this Pitru Paksha time, and this custom has existed here for generations.
  • On Pitru Paksha, a lot of individuals (for whom it is possible) also travel to Kashi and Gaya to present Pind Daan to their ancestors.
  • In addition, a lot of individuals organize Brahma Bhoj during this time.
  • According to their capabilities, many people also donate the treasured possessions of their ancestors.

It is believed that by carrying out all these tasks, our ancestors are delighted and continue to bless us. However, during Pitru Paksha, if Shradh is not performed for one’s ancestors, their spirit would not be fully satisfied. Even this, according to belief, does not bring them serenity.  

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Correct Procedure Of Tarpan In Pitru Paksha     

In Pitru Paksha, many individuals offer their ancestors tarpan every day for 16 days, while others who remember the dates on which their ancestors left their bodies, offer Brahmins food on that day in honour of their ancestors. 

  • You should invite Brahmins to your home and feed them on the day of Shradh.
  • After serving them food, give them as much as you can in donations, presents, and take their blessings before sending them off.
  • On this day, Brahmacharya should be observed, while at the same time, one should avoid eating onion and garlic.

Do You Know? Why is water offered to ancestors during Pitru Paksha from the thumb? In fact, it is claimed in the Mahabharata and Agni Purana that giving water to ancestors with their thumbs brings tranquility to their souls. In addition, the area of our palm where the thumb is located is known as Pitru Teerth if we speak according to the manner of worship prescribed by the scriptures. In such a situation, the water offered from Pitra Teerth goes to the bodies and our ancestors are fully satisfied with this.

In addition to this, it is customary to wear a ring made of Kusha grass on the ring finger during the Shradh ceremony. The front of Kusha is believed to be home to Brahma, the centre is believed to be Vishnu, and the root is believed to be Lord Shankar. In this case, when we do Shradh by wearing this ring, our ancestors are delighted and holy, accept our worship, and continue to bestow their blessings on our lives forever.

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Points To Be Noted During Pitru Paksha

There is a general belief regarding Pitru Paksha that Shradh is not done in Shradh Paksha on Chaturthi Tithi. By doing this, the family begins to experience a lot of issues, and people also become embroiled in controversies. In addition, it is stated that individuals who do Shradh on Chaturthi Tithi during Shradh Paksha would begin to experience fear of an early death in their home. Nevertheless, on this day Shradh can be done for those who have died early. Those who passed away too soon were those who committed suicide, were killed in an accident, or murdered.

Pitra Dosha Reason, Symptoms And Its Remedies 

As we just stated, those who are experiencing the effects of Pitra Dosh in their lives may find the Pitru Paksha to be a blessing. Let us know if you experience any of these symptoms to determine if Pitra Dosh has affected your life as well. If so, let’s discuss why this is happening and what steps you may take to address it.  

Pitra Dosha Signs

  • Pitra Dosh may be present in your life if there is persistent suffering or a lack of money.
  • Pitru Dosha is characterized by challenges in both worldly and spiritual pursuits.
  • These are signs of Pitra Obstruction as well if you experience problems from invisible forces.
  • People who are affected by Pitra Dosh in their lives do not get along well with those on their mother’s side.
  • In addition, those whose lives are influenced by their father’s side experience a halt in their progress, a delayed marriage, or even one that does happen, is met with obstacles, difficulties at work, and family discord, all of which make life feel like a struggle.

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Pitra Dosha Reason 

  • Knowing the cause raises the crucial question, “What are the causes of Pitra Dosh?” This is something that you must be aware of. Actually, Pitra Dosh happens when a temple has been vandalized near native’s house, a peepal tree has been cut down, or because of a sin committed in a previous life.
  • Pitradosh in life may also result from any wrongdoing or sin connected to your ancestors.
  • If a person does wicked acts, even their ancestors become angry and his life takes on the shadow of Pitru Dosh.
  • In addition, Pitra Dosh occurs in your life if you have ever harmed or hurt a cow, dog, or any other innocent animal.

Pitra Dosh Remedies

  • Regularly do Shradh for the ancestors, particularly during Pitru Paksha. You can also carry out this puja with the help of our wise pundits or following their guidelines.
  • Additionally, burn camphor each morning and evening throughout the time of indoor worship.
  • Improve the Vastu of the house and strengthen the northeast.
  • Recite Hanuman Chalisa. 
  • On the days of Shradh Paksha, perform tarpan and remember your ancestors with reverence, devotion, and respect.
  • Make your karma better.
  • Give up vengeful food, and put an end to animal abuse.
  • Reduce anger and treat each member of the family equally.
  • Continue to feed cows, dogs, birds, and crows as much as you can.
  • Water Banyan and Peepal trees.
  • Apply saffron Tilak.

Important Information: Qutub Bela is the best period for Shradh. Let us understand what happens this time. In fact, it is believed that Shradh should always be performed throughout the Qutub period for the 16 days that make up the Shradh Paksha. Now the question is what is this Qutub period? Actually, Qutup Kaal is the name of the ninth Muhurta of the day. 

The Qutup Kaal, which is the period between 11:36 pm and 12:24 pm, is seen as particularly auspicious for Shradh ceremonies. During this period, if possible, burn incense for your ancestors, offer prayers and provide food for Brahmins.

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