4 Yogas In Formation Today – 5 Zodiacs To Get Mahadev’s Blessings!

It is an auspicious Monday filled with the formation of several auspicious yogas. Today is the Chaturthi Tithi of Shukla Paksha of Jyeshtha month and on this day, we are going to witness the formation of some fortunate yoga which includes Ravi Yoga, Sarvartha Siddhi Yoga, Dhruv Yoga, and Pushya Nakshatra. These glorifying Yogas have increased the importance of the day for certain zodiacs. Yes! Some zodiacs are lucky and are going to get the blessings of these Yogas and Lord Shiva. They will get good returns out of their investments, strengthen their relationship with their people, and get rid of all the problems in their life. Curious to check if you are one of the lucky ones for the day, aren’t you? Then, you must follow this blog till the end to know about them, and along with the horoscope of these zodiacs for the day, we have also mentioned an astrological remedy. The astrological remedies will help the natives strengthen the position of the Moon in their birth chart and increase the blessings of Lord Shiva. 

Excited to know it all? Let’s move ahead and find the lucky zodiacs for the day, an astrological remedy, and before everything else, let us also understand the importance of the Moon in Vedic Astrology. 

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Importance Of Moon In Vedic Astrology 

The Moon is one of the most important planets in Vedic Astrology for it is known to govern the mind, emotions, temperament, behavior, mood, instincts, and feelings. It is known to be the inner self of a person. It makes a person compassionate, generous, sensitive, creative, and intuitive. It stays in a zodiac for about 2.5 days and is known to indulge in our chain of emotions and control our hearts. 

A strong position of the Moon in one’s birth chart offers several positive results. The natives who have a good position of the Moon in their birth chart like to be appreciated and get easily hurt by criticism. They are capable of winning the trust of others and are pretty patient. 

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If the natives have the Moon in their ascendant house with or is aspected by Jupiter or Mercury, then the natives earn a great amount of money. The conjunction of the Moon and Mars also offers ample wealth to the native but from unethical sources. Also, when the Moon forms Gaja Kesari yoga, it offers abundance and prosperity to the natives. 

On the other hand, the negative position of the Moon makes the natives over-sensitive, emotional, and they have a high chance of facing a wealth loss. 

So, now that we know the importance of the Moon for a person, let’s move ahead and find out the lucky zodiacs of the day and the remedies to strengthen the position of the Moon. 

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These Zodiacs Are Enjoying Their Day Today 


Today is one of the most fortunate days in the lives of Taurus natives. They have a great chance of eternal success in their financial life and careers. Employed natives are going to enjoy a favorable atmosphere in their office and their colleagues will also help them. If any of the natives is looking to start a business then today is a great day for that. The students who wish to go abroad and study further will feel their dream coming true today. There are even chances that the natives can take their families on a pilgrimage trip which will calm their hearts and minds. 

Remedy – To get rid of obstacles and hindrances, keep a fast on Monday and offer Gauri Shankar Rudraksha on Shivalinga. Also, chant the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra with Rudraksha in Shiva temple in the morning and evening.


Favorable results await the Leo natives today. They will get various opportunities to make money today and fulfill their responsibilities. The natives running their business will make good profit, and their hard work will be rewarded as well. On the other hand, the employed natives will get the support of their seniors and they may find other income sources apart from their salary. The natives will be able to make money through their skills and abilities. Also, they will be involved in religious activities. 

Talking about the marital life of the natives, then they will set up a beautiful bond with their partner. 

Remedy: For professional progress, offer milk to Shivling on Monday. Then fill a little amount in a copper vessel and sprinkle it at the business place while chanting “Om Namah Shivay.”

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Today is going to be proven great for Virgo natives. They will find several new sources of income in their life and will be successful in saving money too. Some previously made investments can bring them great returns today. The employed natives are going to touch the new heights at their workplace and their hard work will be rewarded as well. The ones who are running their business will get to witness great results and may even sign a new deal today which will strengthen the financial condition of the natives. The social circle of the natives is destined to improve today. 

Apart from this, there will be peace in the family life of the natives and they will enjoy a good day with their siblings. The natives who are at the marriageable age will get to hear good news today. 

Remedy: To increase your luck, keep a fast on Monday and offer worship items like milk, water, curd, bel patra, Akshat, Datura, Gangajal, etc. on Shivling and then recite Shiv Chalisa.

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The Scorpio natives are also blessed with an important day. They will get good returns on some previously made investments and the works that are stuck for long will get accomplished today. The employed natives will enjoy a good atmosphere at their workplace and their colleagues will support them eternally. On the other hand, the business natives will think wisely to implement their business strategies, and give tough competition to their opponents. 

Besides, the natives will get to spend a lovely bond with their partner and will have a good time with them which will strengthen their relationship. If we talk about family life, then a big event can happen at their place. The relationship with the parents will be good and they will also get the support of their friends. 

Remedy: To get auspicious results, recite Shiv Chalisa in the morning and evening in the Shiva temple and help the poor and needy people.


It is a special day for Sagittarius natives. Their income sources will increase and if any of the natives are undergoing a legal dispute for land and property, they will not get rid of the same. It is an auspicious day for making investments and your financial condition will be strengthened too. If you can bring something new to your job or business, then there are chances of you flourishing in them as well. Your work that was stuck earlier for any of the reasons will now start gradually from today. You may happen to meet friends and your loved ones after a long time which will make you feel light and happy. It will be a pleasant day where you will be seen enjoying happiness, peace, and stability in the family and your relationship with your partner will flourish too. 

Remedy: Offer dry coconut in a temple or to any person on Monday and meditate on Lord Shiva in the evening.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ravi Yoga?

Ravi Yoga is an auspicious period in Vedic Astrology which is known to neutralize inauspicious effects. 

What is Sarvartha Siddhi Yoga?

Sarvartha Siddhi Yoga is a highly auspicious yoga that ensures success and fulfillment of all desires and undertakings. 

What is Dhruv Yoga?

Dhruv Yoga is yet again an auspicious yoga which is believed to provide long-lasting results and stability in one’s efforts and endeavors. 

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