Vivah Muhurat 2023: Know Astrological Guidelines For Giving Gifts This Wedding Season!

Kharmas has come to an end with the Makar Sankranti festival. Because of Kharmas, auspicious works were prohibited. This limitation was lifted on January 15, and since then, the auspicious works of marriage have resumed and the Shehnais of marriage have begun to echo. There are 18 auspicious times for marriage this year, from January through February. In such cases, the tradition of presenting gifts on these significant occasions is very old. 

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Not only here, but many times in life we give some sort of present to make our loved ones happy. We often feel very confused when choosing gifts, and in this stage, we buy simply what we want at the time. Our intention in giving something unique to someone is to make him happy, but did you know that some gifts can really cause issues instead of boosting the happiness or auspiciousness of someone’s life?

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The unique aspect is that the rules of gifting have been thoroughly explained in astrology. Some goods, according to astrology, should never be given to others, even by mistake. You could also worsen your problems, resulting in bad luck. That is why it is critical for you to understand what should be avoided in the gift exchange. In this special AstroSage blog, we will discuss those gifts given on special occasions that we should never give to anyone, even by mistake, but first, we will learn about the auspicious period of marriage in the month of February.

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Auspicious Dates Of Marriage In February 2023 

According to the Hindu Panchang 2023 Vivah Muhurta, there are 12 marriage Muhurta dates in the month of February. In Hinduism, it is highly significant to see the auspicious time before the bride and groom’s marriage, so that there is no hindrance in the marriage and the marriage can be finished on time. Let’s discuss the auspicious marriage date 2023 in the month of February.

06 February 2023MondayMaghaFrom 09:44 pm till 07:06 am 
07 February 2023TuesdayMaghaFrom 07:06 am till 04:03 pm.
09 February 2023Thursday Uttara Phalguni, HastaFrom 07:05 am till 07:04 am on 10th February
10 February 2023FridayHastaFrom 07:04 am till 04:45 pm 
12 February 2023SundaySwatiFrom 09:50 pm till 02:27 am 
13 February 2023MondayAnuradhaFrom 02:36 am till 07:01 am
14 February 2023TuesdayAnuradhaFrom 07:01 am till 12:26 pm
16 February 2023ThursdayMoolFrom 06:59 am till 10:53 pm
22 February 2023WednesdayUttarabhadrapada, RevatiFrom 06:54 am till 6:53 am of 23 February, 2023
23 February 2023ThursdayRevatiFrom 06:53 am till 02:23 pm
27 February 2023MondayRohiniFrom 04:12 pm till 6:48 am of 28 February
28 February 2023TuesdayMargashiraFrom 6:48 am till 6:47 am of 01 March

We have compiled a list of auspicious marriage dates and days for the month of February 2023. Click here to learn about marriage auspicious dates throughout the year (Vivah Muhurat 2023).     

Gifts To Be Avoided 

Do Not Gift Pointed Or Sharp Items

According to astrology, if you are giving a gift to a little child on his birthday or any other special occasion, do not give him anything sharp, not even by mistake. Aside from that, one should not give iron items as present to someone as this worsens the economic situation of the person.

Do Not Gift Watch Or Clock 

Never offer someone a watch as a present. It is believed that giving someone a watch reduces their age and causes them to develop a variety of health problems.

Do Not Gift These Pictures 

It is said that a picture of a sinking ship, desert, dry and broken trees, stagnant water, sunset, lunar eclipse, battle, or dangerous wild animal should never be given as a gift. This amplifies the bad energy in the home.

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Do not gift the picture of Mahabharata 

Apart from that, the Mahabharata or the Garuda Purana should never be presented as a gift or kept in your house. This leads to quarrels and fights in the family.

Do Not Gift These Plants

If you wish to present someone a plant, you can give him sacred plants like Tulsi or Rudraksh, but never give a cactus or plants which secrete milk.

Never Gift Shoes

Aside from that, astrology says that shoes and slippers should never be given as a present. Black shoes, in particular, should be avoided at all costs. Gifted shoes are believed to cause Saturn-related troubles, impeding a person’s financial growth. 

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Never Gift The Pictures Of God Or Goddess

Many people give god idols or pictures as wedding or Mundan gifts. Going to the gift shop is the ideal alternative when our mind is unable to make a decision, but such items should not be given as gifts. God should never be presented as a gift to anyone. This is considered unlucky.

Never Gift The Things Related To Water

Also, water-related items such as water bottles, aquariums, and showpieces of water should not be presented as gifts. It is believed that by giving these, a person will be surrounded by financial difficulties.

These Gifts Bring Back Your Fortune 

Painting Or An Idol Of Elephant

Keeping an elephant made of any metal in the house is deemed auspicious by the Vedas. It is believed that having an elephant in the house provides happiness, prosperity, and good fortune. In this case, gifting a metal elephant is also beneficial. This raises the income of the family members, and the source of income begins to flourish. Instead of metal, an elephant painting can also be given as a present.

Gift Laddu Gopal To Newlyweds

You can give the idol or a portrait of Laddu Gopal to a newly married couple as a gift. It is considered lucky to offer silver as a present, but do not give gold even by mistake.

Present Earthenware Gifts

Besides this, receiving or donating anything made of clay as a present is regarded as a very lucky sign for the future. This takes the person out of debt and money starts flowing at home.

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