Akshay Kumar’s PadMan: A Numerological Reading & Film Review

Balki, who directed movies like Cheeni Kum, Pa, Shamitabh, and Ki and Ka, has come up with an important topic this time with PadMan. The movie is releasing on 9th February. The date 9-2-2018 is having the influence of Mars, Moon, Sun, Saturn, and Rahu, though majorly 9 and 4, i.e. Mars and Rahu will show their effects. Considering the affair over which this movie is based, Moon and Mars are the ruling planets of blood related concerns. On the other hand, number 4 i.e. Rahu is the significator of bringing filth in it. As per Numerology, the releasing date seems to be supporting the movie. Let’s now also see the support of stars of Director, Actors, Musician and Cinematographer etc. to the film. Will they support the movie as well?
Number 5 is the Name Number of the movie Pad Man. The Numerology Number 9 of the releasing date isn’t having a good relationship with number 5. However, the 4 being the Lucky Number of releasing date has a good chemistry with number 5. This means things are equal on both the sides. The outcome could be a 50:50 .

Number 1 is Name Number of the lead actor Akshay Kumar in the film. Akshay Kumar’s Name Number (1) does make a good pair with releasing date’s Numerology Number (9) and but not with Resealing date’s Lucky Number. Here also, nothing seems to be having an upper hand on another.

Actress Sonam Kapoor’s Name Number is 2. Sonam Kapoor’s Name Number and the releasing date’s Numerology Number are in sync, though her Name Number isn’t going good with with Lucky Number of releasing date. From this also, the case seems to be 50:50.

Similar case can be seen with actress Radhika Apte whose Name Number is 7 and it pairs good with number 9 and goes opposite with number 4. The 50:50 situation continues to be here.

Considering the numerology analysis with the director of the movie R. Balki, no other case seems to be happening here. Number 2, Numerology Number of R. Balki shares similar characteristics as it was with Sonam Kapoor and hence, the outcome will remain the same too.

Things seems to be better with the Music Director of Pad Man Amit Trivedi. His Name Number 6 goes average with the release date Numerology Number and good with release date Lucky Number. Things seem to be 70:30 with this analysis.

Amit Trivedi’s Name Number, Number 6 is shared with the Cinematographer P.C. Sreeram. Hence, the final verdict of this calculation will remain the same as well.

The above circumstances shows that the film PadMan will fall in the average category. Though, considering the rules of numerological calculation, Numerology Number holds an upper hand over Lucky Number. Here, in our calculation it can be analysed that with most of the cases, the Numerology Number has remained good. Hence, the movie needs to be kept in a category above average. The best match happened here is with the Music director and Cinematographer which might get us a remarkable results in these two concerns of the movie. On the direction front, you might recognise and appreciate R. Balki’s job in the movie.

Looking at the older track of Akshay Kumar, even though we can expect that his performance will be good, but as per Numerology, viewers might be influenced by his acting in this film with which you won’t get completely satisfied. This situation can remain the same in the case of Sonam Kapoor and Radhika Apte as well.

We rate this movie 3.5/5 in overall terms.

– Pt. Hanumman Mishra


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  1. Excellent performance with hitting subject… Akshay Kumar Rocks… Indeed the team… Acting is super… Music is treated to the ears… I read Critics review also at Bollywood Hungama news site which covers all kinds of Bollywood updates, so go to Bollywood Hungama.

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