Adhik Maas Amavasya Forms Auspicious Yoga After 19 Years: Check the Lucky Zodiacs

Adhik Maas Amavasya 2023: The Adhik Maas hold special significance in the Hindu religion and right rituals can bring fruitful results in the life of natives. Devotees get the blessings of Lord Vishnu and engage in religious tasks during the occasion. The rare combination of Adhik Maas with Shravan Maas will result in the rise of devotion towards Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. Also, the Adhik Maas Amavasya forms auspicious yoga after 19 years, also the Adhikamasya Tithi falls in the Shravan month. This Amavasya after three years changes the luck of a few zodiacs and the special AstroSage blog provides the relevant details. 

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Adhik Maas Amavasya 2023: Date & Time 

The Adhik Maas Amavasya falls on 16 August 2023 and will be the time to offer prayer to Lord Shiva & Vishnu. The duration of Adhik Maas is from 18 July 2023 to 16 August 2023. 

The period is favorable for performing Shradh and Tarpan as per Vedic Astrology. Bathing early in the day and offering donations to the poor will result in favorable outcomes in life. The period after 19 years brings auspicious results for a few zodiacs and let us now get to the details. 

4 Zodiac Signs That Benefit from the Adhik Maas Amavasya 


For Taurus people, it is an auspicious time to complete unfinished activities as per expectations. The chances of success are very high and earn the right amount of prestige from society. The financial condition of the natives will remain stable and avoid expenses easily. For the entire family, it will be the time to enjoy an exciting time with all the members and instill the right kind of peace in the family. It will also be the time to commit to different activities and there will be high prosperity in the house. Plan the right moves in life that will ensure all-round prosperity. 

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The Virgo natives get all the monetary gains with appropriate planning in monetary fields. There are high chances of success in the life of people and moving ahead in business life with new deals. It will also lead to a good name in the workplace and also make necessary changes in the work routine. Your love for your life partner will increase and there is an opportunity to plan vacations with your dear ones. Spend quality time with the family to maintain peace and there will be less miscommunication among all. 


For Libra people, it will be an opportunity to welcome good times in life after a long time. Stay happy during the entire period and work hard to achieve the desired success in life. The chances of increments are also prominent and get the desired promotions at your workplace. Get the blessing of ancestors in the period to get the right amount of prosperity in life. Invest the right amount in business so that you can achieve returns and also live up to the plans. Complete the projects timely so that you get happiness in your marriage. 


It will be the best time for the Scorpio people to attain monetary benefits and move ahead in their professional life. All your unfinished agendas will again restart in the period and spend quality time with the family. It is the best chance to get appropriate marriage proposals in life and plan the right moves in your career. The chances of travel are prominent for vacations with your family or friends. Trust with your partner will increase and you’ll be able to prepare suitable outcomes. 

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Q1. How beneficial is Adhik Maas?

Ans. Fasting on specific days of the month will provide positive results in life. 

Q2. Is it good to buy new things in Adhik Maas?

Ans. It is better to avoid buying new things in the Adhik Maas and wait until the end of the month to buy specific items. 

Q3. What are the rituals to be followed in Adhik Maas?

Ans. It is better to perform the right rituals and pujas on the day on specific timelines to get the blessing of the lord. 

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