4 Major Planetary Transits In July, Leading 5 Zodiacs To Super Fortune!

July is going to be an important month in respect to planetary transits. This month, Mars, Mercury, Sun, and Venus are going to change their zodiac. In July, Venus will first move to Cancer after coming out of Gemini and it will create a conjunction with Mercury which is already present there. The conjunction of Mercury and Venus is known as Laxmi Narayan Yoga. 

Later, Mars will come out of Aries and enter Taurus where it will create a conjunction with the Sun and Jupiter. Sun will then enter Cancer and form a conjunction with Mercury and Venus. Then, Mercury will come out of Cancer to enter Leo. At the end, Venus will enter Leo after Mercury and the two will again form Laxmi Narayan Yoga. 

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There are going to be great advantages to some zodiacs due to the several planetary conjunctions that are forming in July. Their income is going to increase and profits will await their business ventures too. 

So, without further ado, let’s move on and find out about the zodiacs who are enjoying a great time due to the planetary transits in July. 

Zodiacs Enjoying A Great Time In July 


Due to the several planetary transits in July, you are expected to get unexpected financial gains. Your respect and honor will increase in society. You may happen to meet certain influential people related to your workspace which will also benefit you in your career. There are even chances of something auspicious to happen at home that will bring happiness and prosperity to your family. It will be best if you take care of your health during this period. Stay away from making unnecessary expenses and focus on saving money for the future. 

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Hard work can get you the things that you have always dreamt of. There are chances of enhancement in your courage and bravery. Several sources of income are going to be generated. The business natives are going to be busy with their work. You must control your anger. Something religious or auspicious can happen to your family. Some auspicious events may also be organized. 

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If you belong to the Leo zodiac, then July is going to be an extremely favorable month of your life. You will find your interest increasing in spirituality and even your respect will increase in the government sector. The officials will be seen supporting you. There will be several opportunities for you to make progress in your career and your respect and honor are going to increase too. You are advised to beware of everyone including your friends and not trust anyone easily.

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For the Libra natives, there are going to be financial gains in July. You are going to enjoy your materialistic comforts and luxuries. There are chances of something auspicious to be organized at your home. You may purchase a property or vehicle for yourself. The person who is of marriageable age in the family can marry  in this period. You may even get the chance to go out or travel with your family somewhere. 

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July is going to be a fabulous month for Capricorn natives. There are chances of promotion for employed natives. Financial gains will find your way. Along with this, it is also a great time for the students. Your comfort and luxury are going to increase and there will be good profits awaiting for the business owners. 

You may have to work hard during the middle of July and after this only, money will follow you. You are likely to go on an unwanted trip as well. Nevertheless, there are also chances of wishful profits in this period. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

When will Venus enter Cancer? 

Venus will enter Cancer on 7th July 2024. 

When will Mars transit in Taurus? 

Mars will move to Taurus on 12th July. 

When will the Sun move to Cancer? 

The Sun will move to Cancer on 16th July. 

When will Mercury enter Leo? 

Mercury will enter Leo on 19th July. 

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