3 Rajyogas On Shani Jayanti: 3 Zodiacs Will Triple Their Blessings!

Rajyogas are regarded as extremely auspicious in Vedic Astrology as they bless a person with special gifts of happiness, prosperity, and success. In this regard, not only one or two, but three powerful Rajyogas are being formed this year on Shani Jayanti. Shani Jayanti in itself is a pious occasion, and with the formation of 3 Rajyogas, its significance will increase manifold. But it doesn’t end here, in this blog by AstroSage, we are also listing those 3 lucky zodiac signs that will enjoy a fruitful time because of this auspicious coincidence, so read on!

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3 Rajyogas On Shani Jayanti

Shani Jayanti will be celebrated on 19 May in 2023. People worship Shani Dev, the benefactor of Karma, on this auspicious day to attain his blessings. This year, the 3 pious yogas that will increase the importance of this day are Gajkesari Rajyoga, Shash Yoga, and Shobhan Yoga. We all know that auspicious yogas bring positivity in the lives of 12 zodiacs, but on this Shani Jayanti, 3 zodiacs are going to become extremely lucky! Is your zodiac on the list?

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3 Blessed Zodiacs On Shani Jayanti


Gemini natives must prepare to be rich! This Shani Jayanti is bringing pools of wealth for this zodiac as there are chances of an increase in income. You might also find new sources of income that will result in better financial conditions for you. With this kind of money, you will be able to fulfill all your desires. The working professionals might get a promotion or hike in salary.

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The 3 Rajyogas and Shani Dev himself will bless the Leo natives on Shani Jayanti. You will get all-round success and enjoy a favorable time. If you have been waiting for good news from any source, then this is the right time for you. You will be financially stable and money-related problems will be eliminated. If you were planning to travel abroad then this dream of yours might also come true, so pack your bags!

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Despite the fact that Shani Sade Sati is going on for the Aquarius natives, Shani Jayanti will turn out to be a blessing for this zodiac. This is because Saturn is the ruling lord of Aquarius. All the hard work that you have been putting in will start to yield results in professional life. Likewise, the Aquarius businessmen will see good growth in profits. Overall, it will be a favorable time for the Aquarius natives.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Which day is Shani Jayanti?

Ans: Shani Jayanti will be celebrated on 19 May in 2023.

Q2: Why is Shani Jayanti celebrated?

Ans. Shani Jayanti is celebrated as the birth anniversary of Shani Dev (Saturn).

Q3: What do you do on Shani Jayanti?

Ans: The devotees worship Shani Dev with proper rituals to seek his blessings.


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