Gaj Kesari Yoga in Various Houses & It’s Benefits!

Gaj Kesari presence in the horoscope blesses a native with many benefits. It is one of the most important Yogas in the realm of astrology. So, without any further delay now, let us find out which benefits can be adhered to this Yoga and read this blog. 

Gaj Kesari Yoga

This Yoga is formed by the conjunction of two auspicious planets. Jupiter and Moon. Apparently, this yoga formed from two beneficial planets is considered very auspicious, it is one of the many Dhan(riches and prosperity) Yogas. If there is a combination of Jupiter and the Moon in any of the twelfth houses of the horoscope, then Gajakesari Yoga is considered to be formed. However, no malefic aspect planet should be visible on both these planets. Along with this, many scholars also believe that even if Jupiter and the Moon aspect each other, then this Yoga gets created. Apart from this, some other things should also be kept in mind about this Yoga, which are explained below.

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  • If Cancer and Moon are sitting in the zodiac Cancer and there is no aspection of any malefic planet on this conjunction, then it is considered to be the most auspicious Gajkesari Yoga, because Cancer is the exalted zodiac sign of the Jupiter and the Moon’s own sign.
  • If the Moon and Jupiter in the Kendra houses are aspecting each other, then it is also considered as Gajakesari Yoga and it also brings benefits.
  • If the Guru is aspecting the Moon from the fifth, seventh or ninth house, it also creates Gaj Kesari Yoga, although the fifth and ninth aspection are considered to be the strongest. If either of these two aspection of the Guru falls on the Moon, then it is auspicious.
  • Gaj Kesari yoga is also considered auspicious in any Kendra or Trikon houses.
  • The effect of this yoga is considered to be much less effective in the seventh, eighth and twelfth house. With this, if this yoga is formed in the debilitated  zodiac sign of both these planets, then it would not be much beneficial.

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Qualities Present in a Person Because of Gaj Kesari Yoga

Gaja is considered a symbol of Lord Ganesha and he is the god of wisdom, so a person who has this Yoga present in his/her horoscope has good intellectual capacity. Gaja is considered to be unimportant, so a person born in this Yoga can have a very simple heart. Although Kesari means lion, that is, there is elation in the person along with intelligence, such a person does not miss out on the hard work to fulfill his ambitions, as well as foresight is seen in him. This yoga is considered very auspicious and the following qualities are also found in people born in this yoga.

  • The people born in this Yoga are courageous and agile. These efforts are also made to keep ourselves fit.
  • Natives of this yoga like to remain updated with things.
  • The grace of Lord Ganesha remains on them forever.
  • Such people are intelligent and are also able to influence people with their speech.
  • Because of their qualities, they also gain respect in society.
  • They hold high positions in the jobs they are enrolled in. They also have all the qualities to be a good politician.
  • The natives born in this Yoga can become proficient in many disciplines. They do not take much time to learn any discipline.
  • People born in this yoga can also have a great spiritual instinct.

Solutions to Strengthen Gaj Kesari Yoga

Sometimes Gaj Kesari Yoga is formed in the person’s horoscope, but favorable results are not obtained. In such a situation, some measures should be taken into account to strengthen the Gaj Kesari yoga. These measures are explained below.

  • To strengthen Gajakesari Yoga one should wear yellow Topaz.
  • Apart from this, this yoga can also be strengthened by wearing pearls.
  • This yoga is also strengthened by worshiping Lord Shiva.

Benefits of Gaj Kesari Yoga 

With the presence of this Yoga, natives do not find it difficult to make things understand to people as it enhances their conversational skills. The health of such people is also mostly stable. People born in Gajakesari Yoga have every possibility of getting money from many sources. Due to being socially active, they get prestige in the society, they are also seen trying to make positive changes in the society. Such people do well in administrative services or politics. Even in family life, they have to face troubles with little.

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Benefits of Gaj Kesari Yoga in Different Houses

Gajkesari is an auspicious Yoga and many benefits follow it, but some special fruits are also obtained by its formation in different houses. Now let us know how the formation of this yoga in various houses of the horoscope.

The creation of Gaj Kesari yoga in the first house makes a person intelligent.

The formation of Gaj Kesari yoga in the second house fills one economically stable and such a person also acquires riches easily. 

The formation of this Yoga in the third house makes a person courageous.

The construction of this Yoga in the fourth house makes a person a scholar and in family life also such people get auspicious results.

The formation of this Yoga in the fifth house gives a person success in the field of education and love.

The formation of this Yoga in the seventh house gives the person success in business and at the same time the marital life also turns out to be peaceful.

The formation of this Yoga in the ninth house makes a person develop strong religious instincts and a good advisor as well.

The creation of this Yoga in the tenth house makes a person rich and gets tremendous success in the field.

The formation of this Yoga in the eleventh house gives a person a high position on government services. Such people also do well in politics.

This yoga is not very fruitful in the seventh, eighth and twelfth house. However, with the addition of this Yoga in dual houses, one attains salvation.


Gajakesari is an auspicious yoga. By being present in one’s horoscope gives the person many auspicious results in life. However, this Yoga is more effective when there is no aspection of any malefic planet on the planet Jupiter and Moon. Also, in some houses, it is not considered to be very fruitful. Therefore one should thoroughly observe the horoscope before commenting on Gaj Kesari Yoga.

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