Samudrik Shastra Reveals The Hidden Secrets Of Your Thumb!

Through Samudrik Shastra of Astrological science, your fortune, personality and character can be predicted by the shape of your face, form of your body, its complexion and marks. 

Indeed, everybody in this world is curious to know about their horoscopes. So, in such a case, astrologers through Samudrik Shastra cannot only reveal your future but also hidden secrets of life about your past and present.

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Thumb Shape Reveals Secrets 

If you have a little bit of knowledge about Samudrik Shastra then you will get more information about it. We are going to explain about the thumb in a hand, how its shape can predict horoscopes and personality of a person. Now let’s move ahead and know how a thumb and its shape can tell about the personality in astrological sciences:

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Flexible Thumb : 

According to Samudrik Shastra, people with flexible thumb are of flexible behavior. Flexible thumb refers to the thumb which can be bent backward. 

  • People with flexible thumbs are not stubborn. 
  • They can mold themselves in every type of situation.
  • They never do backbiting as they are straightforward. 
  • They never hold grudges for anyone in their heart. 

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Thin Thumb: 

  • People with thin and long thumbs are quite bold and brave.
  • They are never afraid to take risks whether it’s in their life or any field. 
  • They are also experts in accumulating more money and never procrastinate to do hard work.
  • They love to live a luxurious life and fulfill their aspirations with their hard-earned money.

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Small Thumb: 

  • People with thick and small thumbs are blessed with talent but they lack self-confidence. 
  • They don’t trust anyone easily. 
  • They are emotionally weak. 
  • They easily get hurt and take every matter to their heart which leaves a long lasting effect in their life. 
  • The best thing about these people is they easily accept the positive and negative nature of others.  

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Long And Thin Thumb: 

  • Usually people with long and thin thumbs are very courageous.
  • However, their life is full of struggles.
  • But they always succeed after this struggle.
  • These people can very well mold themselves in any type of situation.

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