These Signs In Your Horoscope Reveal If You Are Blessed By God Or Not!

In Hindu religion, many people worship God according to their devotion. This worship and prayer done in any way is a pure greeting by humans which pleases God. Worshiping the Lord isn’t only peaceful but also an important task for people. It is also a way to bring your life to the right track. This is why it has been observed that those people who are blessed by God, have courage to deal with the biggest problems of their lives. However those who lack the blessings of God spend their whole life in hardships.

In such a situation often a question arises in our mind: are we blessed by God or not? Or when will God shower blessing on us? Or when will God end their worries? While keeping all your questions in your mind astrosage will try to make you understand with the help of their astrology that by seeing your Horoscope you can know if you have blessings of God or not. So let’s know if you are blessed or not on the basis of your horoscope:  

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Signs In Horoscope Of God’s Blessings 

  • If there is the presence of the Lord of the tenth house in Mercury in a native’s horoscope and it has an eye of many auspicious planets then this situation reflects that the native will always be blessed by God. 
  • Apart from this, if the Navmesh of a native’s horoscope is high and also has aspects of auspicious planets like Moon, Mercury, Venus or Jupiter then he is successful in getting blessings of Gods and Goddesses.
  • If the Navmesh in the Horoscope is Puran Bali and it has an aspect of Jupiter then this situation helps in maintaining the full grave of God on the native.      

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  • When on the Lord of marriage or marriage there is an aspect of Navmesh, the native keeps getting blessings from God.
  • In the horoscope, if the Navmesh (lord of the ninth house) conjuncts with Jupiter and is in a strong position in the Shadvarga or even if Jupiter is keeping an eye on the Lagnesh (lord of the Ascendant), then the person will be able to get the blessings of God
  • When the Lord of the tenth house is in the central position though Navmesh in the 4th house then such a condition also keeps showering the blessings of God on the native.  

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Know Your Devotion Towards God Through Your Horoscope

As per the rule of astrological sciences, we analyze the devotion of native towards his God through the fifth house in his horoscope. Similarly by analyzing the 9th and 5th house in the native’s horoscope we can make an idea about the religion of the person. In such a condition, by analyzing both the houses (9-5) we can get a clear idea of love, worship and reverence of native for God. This is why it has been seen that by calculating the above-mentioned situations, experts can provide information about the faith and emotion of native towards God. 

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  • If in the 5th house of the horoscope, there is a presence of any masculine planet like Sun, Mars, or Jupiter or any of these planets keeping an eye on it then in such a situation, the person will always be inclined towards God. 
  • If the 5th house is in equilibrium and there is a presence of the Moon or Jupiter Planet or any of them keeping an eye on it, then the native gets showered with the blessings of Goddess Laxmi. 
  • If there is a presence of more than 4 or 5 planets in any of the houses in the horoscope then that native has the complete grace of God and the native gets detached with the worldly pleasures.
  • If in the lord of the tenth house there is a presence of Pisces or Mercury Or Mars planet then, it signifies the spiritual life of the native. Such people love to spend most of their time in religious work.  

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  • If Dashamadhipati is sitting in the ninth house in the native’s horoscope and Bali Navmesh has an eye of Jupiter or in conjunction, then the person spends his whole life only for religion.   
  • If in the horoscope there is Navmadhipati Bali or Jupiter along with the complete eye of Jupiter and Venus then this Yoga makes the native deserving of god’s blessings.

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