Yogini Dasha : Significance, Benefits & All you Need to Know!

According to religious texts and Puranas, Jyotish Shastra or astrology derived from the Vedas are given quite an imminent status. It states that there are quite a few ways/methods to decide things in a native’s life. Now, ‘Dashas’ are given a special position in all of those methods to direct various life happenings. In the realm of astrology, Vimshotri, Ashtchori, Char as well as Yogini are taken into account to know about the present and future lives of natives. 

Now, if we talk about Yogini Dasha(s), it can be said that  they are the creation of Mahadev himself and influence the lives of natives in various ways. Yogini Dashas are also given quite a relevant amount of significance in the realm of astrology. Without the presence of Yogini Dasha, the chances of the native succeeding in life become quite thin. Therefore, any person should know about the auspicious and inauspicious Yogini Dashas present in the Kundli and the pacification of inauspicious Yogini should be done whenever it is detected, as it starts inviting troubles from the very beginning. There are eight types of Yogini(s). 

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Yogini Dashas and Their Ruling Lords! 

Vedic astrology talks about the existence of eight  types of Yogini Dashas. The names of these Dashas are – Mangala, Pingala, Dhanya, Bhramari, Bhadrika, Ulka, Siddha and Sankata. Let us now know the respective ruling lords of these Dashas.

1. Mangala – Moon

2. Pingala – Sun

3. Dhanya- Guru

4. Bhramari – Mars

5. Bhadrika – Mercury

6. Ulka – Saturn

7. Siddha- Venus

8. Sankata – Rahu

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Yogini Dasha Varsha and its Influences 

  • Mangala – Mangala Yogini remains active for one year. At this time, the respective person earns a good name on account of his/her success, fame, money and good deeds.
  • Pingala – Pingala Dasha is two years old. Problems related to real estate, concerns related to one’s brother, mental distress, inauspicious news, loss, humiliation, suffering from illness etc. come into effect because of this. 
  • Dhanya- In the case of Dhanya Dasha, there are chances of acquiring sufficient wealth. Its time duration is three years. It ensures success in state related matters.

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  • Bhramari- It’s duration is four years and is responsible for travel related problems, suffering, loss in business, debts and loans, etc.
  • Bhadrika – Bhadrika’s duration is five years. In the case of this Yoga, one is benefited with an abundance of wealth and property. Those employees who are blessed with a state government job can also earn a promotion in this duration. 
  • Ulka – This Dasha remains active for six years. At this time, a  person gets upset due to various kinds of sufferings. Defamation, enemy fear, debt, disease, court cases, family problems, problems in the mouth, head, legs :- all of these problems can surface because of this Dasha. 

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  • Siddha- Siddha remains for seven years. It increases one’s intelligence, wealth and business prospects. It also creates the possibility of a marriage ceremony in one’s house.
  • Sankata – Sankata Yogini Dasha lasts for eight years. It frightens the natives by generating many kinds of suffering related to money, power, business and family. 

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Things to Keep in Mind About the Yogini Doshas

 As per the Brihat Jatak Grantha, it has been said that of all the Yogini Mahadashas, the Sankata has been considered to be the most inauspicious. Beliefs state that if along with the Sankata Dasha, any planet goes through its Maha Dasha and the Antar Dasha period in the Vimshottari Dasha, then the native is inflicted with many kinds of sufferings. If the Maha Dasha/Antar Dasha of Markesh goes along with Sankata Dasha, then the life of a certain native becomes prone to many kinds of dangers. 

  • If there is a Sankata Yogini present in Sankata Dasha, then the native suffers from many kinds of pains and becomes inflicted with death-like sufferings.
  • When there is a Antar Dasha of Mangala during the period of Sankata Dasha, then such natives suffer from brain/head diseases and problems in marital life.
  • When there is an Antar Dasha of Pingala in Sankata Dasha, then health problems crop up along with a fear associated with the concerned enemies.
  • In the Antar Dasha of Dhanya or Bhramari under Sankata, then debates, residence change, happiness etc become a common phenomenon.
  • During the Siddha under Sankata, one is blessed with a male child, happiness and prosperity in business and in the same way, there are others (Antar Dashas) in Yoginis and they give out good results.
  • When there is an Antar of Bhadrika in Sankata, then people get inflicted with pain, diseases and only ordinary kinds of benefits.
  • When there is a Antar of Ulka along with a Dasha of Sankata, then a sense of disharmony prevails in the family along with conflicts, treachery and such negative outcomes. 

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