These Yogas In Your Palm Can Change Your Fortune

Palmistry plays a vital role in the domain of Vedic astrology. According to Palmistry, all the planetary constellations are present in our palms only. The lines and mounts present in our palms create special yogas that can turn us king from a pauper overnight. In this blog, we will tell you about some yogas that when formed in your palm, can change your fate for good.

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Lakshmi Yoga

If the Mounts of Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, and Moon are fully formed in the palm of a person and have redness, it indicates Lakshmi Yoga. These people achieve success in all walks of life without much struggle, and never face financial problems.

Bhagya Yoga

If there is a clear and long fate line in both the palms of a person, and the fate line is starting from the Mount of Jupiter or Moon, it represents good fortune or Bhagya yoga in palmistry. Such natives are very lucky, and they receive more results in every task than the work they put in. They live a happy and luxurious life.

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Gajalakshmi Yoga

If in a person’s palm, the fate line coming out of the wrist goes to the Mount of Saturn, the Sun line is very clear, and the Mount of the Sun is also very bright, with little redness, then these special indications give rise to Gajalakshmi Yoga in palmistry. However, the three main lines present in the palm, i.e., headline, age line, and heartline should also be clear for the formation of this special Yoga. The natives with Gajalakshmi Yoga in their palm never have to go through financial problems in their life, and perform well in business. They earn a good reputation for themselves in foreign countries too.

Shubh Kartari Yoga

According to palmistry, if the fate line in the palm of a person goes up to the Mount of Saturn, the middle part of the palm is pressed and deep, and the Mount of Sun and Jupiter are fully developed, such persons will have Kartari Yoga in their palm. These natives are very lucky and have a magnetic personality. They never face money-related problems and enjoy material pleasures in life.

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