Yoga Combinations In A Kundli That Make You A Successful Businessman

Starting a business is easy but it takes a lot of planning, strategies and other aspects to run it successfully. One should always choose a stream which intrigues the interest of people and is capable of attracting their attention. In addition to these factors, qualities such as creativity and leadership are also necessary to manage a business and lead it to the top.

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There is no doubt in the fact that creativity is a significant asset for people managing a businessman since it helps them stand out from the crowd. There are plenty of people who can follow instructions well, but it takes someone with promising qualities, leadership skills and administrative output to lead the way and chalk out the highest levels of productivity. When you enter a new business, you learn to be patient with situations and gain the utmost experience. In case you wish to know which field will help you to successfully thrive in terms of business, then the CogniAstro Report comes to your rescue.

The twelfth house of the horoscope signifies waste of time and fruitless projects, but if this house turns favourable, it helps us attain knowledge and experience. Several planets bless natives with exceptional leadership qualities, among which are Sun, Mars and Jupiter. If the grace of any one of these planets is on your ascendant or birth sign, the native possesses innate leadership ability.

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Today everyone wishes to have a business of their own, be it small or big. Many times, we start our journey without any idea regarding what lies ahead while tackling the challenges. With this, we may at times doubt our decision and remain unknown of the impending success or failure. In such a case, CogniAstro Report comes in handy, as it offers a detailed insight about favourable career or business prospects to choose from and predicts the outcome according to your birth details.

By evaluating a native’s kundli, it can be whether or not he/she can start his/her own business, what is the most auspicious time to commence a business and much more. On this note, let us move forward and know about planets and their combinations in a kundli that can prove to be favourable in running the business successfully.

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Planetary Conditions Supporting The Chances Of Starting A Business

To become a successful businessman/businesswoman, planetary positions and thought process of a native are considered extremely important. You must have come across one or the other person, who started a small business after working till the age of 50 and is now successfully managing his/her business. Therefore, it can be said that both need and experience are required to run a successful business.

  • However, to be a successful businessman/businesswoman, one must be blessed with the grace of Mercury since the planet Mercury is the benefactor of business.
  • To determine which type of business a person should go ahead with to achieve more success, the planets posited in the first, second, seventh, tenth and eleventh house or planets aspecting these houses are analysed.

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  • If the ruling planets of the first, second, seventh, ninth, tenth and eleventh house and Mercury remain strong, such people usually succeed in their own business.
  • In the horoscope, the tenth house represents Karma (work) and actions. Therefore, if this house is under a favourable position, then that native’s business is more likely to run well and prosper.

These Planetary Yogas and Combinations Makes One  A Successful Businessman/Businesswoman

Let’s take a look at some planetary combinations that enable a native to thrive in the world of business and attain success:

  • If the planet Jupiter (ruler of luck and fortune) is sitting in the house of Karma (tenth house) in a kundli, it makes a Kendraditya Yoga. if this yoga is present in the kundli of a native, then that native’s business thrives in comparison with others.
  • If the planet Mercury or Sun is aspecting or placed in the house of Karma (tenth house), or if one of these planets is sitting in the place of Karma (tenth house), then it creates the Lakshmi Narayan Yoga. Such people are most likely to come across more opportunities regarding attaining benefits in business.
  • If Mars is in the tenth house of karma in an exalted state, then such a person incurs benefits in business and while travelling overseas.

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  • If the conjunction of Jupiter-Sun or Moon-Jupiter is forming in the Kendra of a kundli, it directly impacts the Karma House. It is called Vargottam Yoga as per the scriptures. Under the influence of this yoga, a person enjoys all kinds of comforts.
  • All the planets propose the seventh aspect. If the aspect of any one of these auspicious planets, i.e. Jupiter, Sun or Mars is in the tenth house, such a native incurs favourable results.
  • If Rahu too aspects the Karma House or is in an exalted state in this house, it is considered auspicious and favourable in terms of business. Of course Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are considered inauspicious, but sometimes due to such yoga, these planets can offer good results.

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