These Yogas in Kundli Are Responsible for Making you a Successful Politician. Know How!

The moment a person is born, the planets and Nakshatras start influencing his/her life. Astrology can decipher that the wrongs and the rights taking place in our lives are all because of the planetary positions.

In the realm of Indian Vedic astrology, Shani or the planet Saturn is considered to be the justice provider amongst all the other planets. This particular planet also offers a significant contribution to the calculations derived from astrology. 

In the present time, people get very much terrified the moment they hear about the planet Saturn. This very fact creates hurdles in getting things done successfully as there is a constant fear about the planet Saturn influencing the person’s birth chart negatively.

For the lives of human beings, Saturn is not a negative influence, but a positive one. This particular planet also generates more auspicious results as compared to the other planets. Every bit of the ‘rags to riches’ narrative can come true with the planet Saturn only. The planet also has close ties with the field of politics. It is also hailed as a planet who talks too much(Vakta Grah). 

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 So as to take a step to enter the political field, it is quite important to have great oratory skills, which is again provided by Saturn. If Saturn has positive effects to offer, then it can take us to touch great heights of success. Shani Maharaj is hailed as the Dandadhikari/Magistrate as per the Kaal Purush Kundli. The planet always brings about a special influence on our professional lives. Saturn also keeps a very rich person associated with his/her work and makes the person very compassionate about his/her work.

The special influence of Saturn can be seen on the society, various organizations, committees and people belonging to lower posts and strata. Shani as per the Kaalpurush, is also considered to be the planet responsible for human sufferings. Due to the inauspicious effects of Saturn in the Kundli, a native’s life gets filled with multiple difficulties and when the planet remains positively placed in the Kundli, then it fills one’s life with happiness. 

Let’s talk about how Saturn is an important benefactor to the field of politics.

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How Can Saturn Give a Grand Entry to Politics? 

It is only because of the auspicious effects of Saturn that the ability to let justice prevail and safeguard oneself from the same injustice in this materialistic world comes handy to a person. Saturn is such a planet which can make your rags to your riches story come true. If the planet Saturn is seated in an auspicious state in the first house of any person’s Kundli, then the person becomes a politician. Such early indicators regarding the same can be seen in a person from his/her childhood. There are many examples all across the world which are available right in front of our eyes. However astrologers have various opinions regarding this topic. Some say that if Saturn has friendly relations with the tenth house of any person’s Kundli, then he/she is blessed with a worthy place in the field of politics.

It is said that the planet Saturn has connections with the sixth, seventh, tenth and eleventh house in the Kundli. The sixth bhava is called the house of ‘service’. However, it should be necessary for this house to be associated with the tenth house for a person to have a true sense of service. Whether or not a person becomes a successful politician depends a lot on the state of planets situated in the Kundli at the time of his/her birth. Just like the case with other professions and careers, there are astrological Yogas present in one’s Kundli which determine a native’s involvement in the field of politics. The presence of exalted planets in the tenth house and the respective ruling lords in the Mool Trikon houses provide strength to the person in the field of politics.

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Special Yogas in Kundli to be a Politician:- 

There are certain Yogas present in the Kundli which indicate a person to  become a successful politician. Let us find out what they are. 

  • Scholars believe that if Rahu is in the sixth, seventh, tenth and eleventh house in the Kundli, then it suggests that the person will definitely make it big in the world of politics or else become a very popular and capable leader. 
  • If the concerned Kundli is favorable to the planet Saturn, such a person gets public support and popularity easily when it comes to trying out his/her luck in the field of politics.
  • If Guru is present in an auspicious position in the Kundli, then such a native gets abundant success in politics and attains a ministerial position.
  • If all the planets situated are acquiring auspicious positions in the tenth house of a person’s Kundli, then it brings political success handy to him/her. Meanwhile, the person gets some extra ounces of success in the field of politics when the tenth house’s ruling lord is associated with the seventh house in the horoscope.

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  • The sixth bhava/house of the horoscope denotes the amount of compassion present in a person and leads him to the sense of service, so it is said that, if it is undergoing an auspicious Dasha and also connected with the tenth house, then this person becomes common people’s most beloved leader. At the same time, apart from politics, the native also gets fame for his/her hospitality.
  • The fourth house of the Kundli/horoscope is considered to be the significator of the common public, so if you wish to move forward in politics and make a big name for yourself here, then the strong position of the fourth house or fourth house’s ruling lord in the horoscope is very important.
  • Apart from the strong planetary positions in the horoscope, the formation of auspicious Yogas create an absolute possibility of being successful in the realm of politics. The native becomes a successful politician when auspicious Yogas like Gajakesari Yoga, Budhaditya Yoga etc.are a part of his/her Kundli. 

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