Yashoda Jayanti: Know the Significance, Pujan Vidhi & Associated Legends!

Maa Yashoda, the mother of Lord Krishna, is considered to be the goddess of love. Lord Krishna got popularity in his mother’s lap as no one else could get. Every year, the birth anniversary of Maa Yashoda is celebrated with great pomp and show in many parts of the country.

As per the Hindu Panchang, it is celebrated on Shashti Tithi during Phalgun month. Although Lord Krishna was born to Maa Devaki, he was brought up by Maa Yashoda. In this pretext, it is believed about this day that whosoever woman worships Maa Yoshoda and Lord Krishna with pious heart, gets their blessings and Lord Krishna himself appears in the form of a child.    

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Let’s know about Shubh Muhurat, Significance, Pujan Vidhi and Legends associated with this very day.

Yashoda Jayanti : Pujan Vidhi

  • Women worshipping on Yashoda Jayanti, should wake up early in the morning, take a bath in a holy river and wear clean clothes. 
  • Then, take a plank, sprinkle some Gangajal over it, spread a piece of red cloth and place a Kalash on it.
  • After this, install the idol/photo of Laddu Gopal sitting in the lap of Maa Yashoda.  
  • Further, offer Lal Chunri, Kumkum, fruits, flowers, Panjiri, butter (Makhan) etc. to Maa Yashoda. After this, light a lamp/Diya or incense sticks before the idol of Maa Yashoda and Lord Krishna and worship it with due rituals.  
  • Furthermore, hear the legend and perform the Aarti of Maa Yashoda and Laddu Gopal. 
  • After Aarti, offer sweet Roth as Bhog to Maa Yashoda and Panjiri and butter (Makhan) to Lord Krishna.
  • Then, tender your apology for the mistakes committed unwillingly and seek forgiveness.
  • After this, take the Parsad of Panjiri and distribute it among family members.  
  • At the end of worship, feed the mother cow with food as Lord Krishna loved it very much.  

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Significance of Yashoda Jayanti

Women pray for the prosperous life of their children after observing fast on this very day. It is also believed that if any childless woman observes this fast and worships with due rituals and pious heart, must be blessed with a child. In addition to this, this fast is helpful in fulfilling all desires of one’s life and he/she gets rid of troubles or faces less challenges. As per the English Calendar, the festival of Yoshoda Jayanti is going to be celebrated on March 04, 2021 i.e. Thursday.

Beginning of Shashti Tithi – March 04, 2021 at 00:20 hours  

End of Shashti Tithi – March 04, 2021 at 22:00 hours

As we have already informed you that this festival is celebrated on Shashti in Phalguna month during Krishna Paksha. In this context, one who worships Lord Krishna and Maa Yashoda with absolute piousness and devotion, gets blessed with the fulfillment of all desires of his/her life. In addition to this, Lord Krishna himself appears in the form of a child.   

Legend Associated with Yashoda Jayanti

As per the ancient belief, it is said that Lord Vishnu gave a boon to Maa Yashoda in previous life after being pleased by her meditation that she would become his mother in the following life and the same happened as per the Geeta. Although Lord Krishna was the eighth child of Maa Devaki and Vasudev, Vasudev left him at Yashoda’s place due to the fear of his maternal uncle and thus, he was brought up with love and affection in  Yoshoda’s lap.   

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Yashoda Jayanti: Remedies

  • If one wants to get benefits from property, he/she is advised to offer a copper pot filled with wheat in Krishna temple.
  • Tie the Moli, which is offered to Maa Yashoda and Lord Krishna, at the entrance to get rid of quarrels taking place at home.
  • Give donations to the needy to get free from any kind of suffering in life.  
  • Any childless couple who desires to be blessed with a child, is advised to put Kohda, which is offered to Maa Yashoda and Lord Krishna, at the intersection after rotating it around your navel.
  • Besides this, if there are negative vibes in your house then you are suggested to create Swastika and write  ॐ/oṃ  at the entrance. This helps in getting rid of all negative vibes.    

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Yashoda Jayanti

This festival is celebrated with great pomp and show in ISKCON temples spread across the country. Besides this, the true colours of this festival are seen in Gokul, the place where Lord Krishna spent his childhood with his mother (Yashoda). Since, Shri Krishna was the king of Dwarka, which is presently in Gujarat, the festival of Yashoda Jayanti is also celebrated with great pomp and show over there. In addition to this, people decorate houses with the photos of Maa Yashoda and Lord Krishna and worship them.  

Legends Concerning the Birth of Maa Yashoda

It is believed that a girl was born to Gop and his wife Patala on Shashti Tithi during Krishna Paksha in Braj by the blessings of Brahma Ji. This girl was Maa Yashoda and was later married to Nand, the ruler of Braj.  

As per another legend associated with the birth of Maa Yashoda, it is said that Lord Vishnu, being pleased by her meditation, asked her to wish for what she desired. Maa Yashoda said that she wanted to get him as his son in the next life. Lord Vishnu said that he would be born to Maa Devaki and Vasudev but he would be brought up by her (Maa Yashoda). This came to be true and Lord Krishna was brought up with love and affection.  

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