Know What Your Nails Say About Your Life!

It is true that the shape of your nails, their colors, and the patches on your nails tell a story about your life. In different nations and different cultures, there is a different meanings for the patches on nails. Many times we see some random patches on our nails, sometimes these patches are yellow or sometimes these patches are white color. Usually, many people have white patches on their nails, you can calculate the nature and the behavior of such people with these patches. 

Nails Can Reveal Your Personality 

Different nails tell different stories, do you know how to ascertain a personality of a person by studying his/her nails, well read the pointers below:

  • Triangle-shaped nails pointing down are of anxious and high-strung personality.
  • Almond-shaped nails are very gentle, more refined, creative, and sensitive. 
  • Broad and square fingernails say that these people are ‘easy going, calm, honest, patient, upright, balanced and broad-minded.
  • Tall rectangle shaped or long nails are known to be selfish and narrow-minded. 
  • Square fingernails that are equally wide say that they are mean, impatience, and stingy.
  • Oval or round fingernail shapes are mostly positive, creative, independent, quick learners, open-minded, and happy. 
  • C-shaped curving down indicates a personality that is hard-working, courageous, and has had to overcome an obstacle in the past. 

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What Is The Study Of Marks On Nails?

The study of patches on the nails to analyze one’s behavior and nature is known as Onychomancy. Under this process or method, you can know a lot about the person by studying his/her shape of nails, nail color, and the marks present on them. These marks have different meanings in different countries and different communities, so let’s understand what these nails say about your life.

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Nails- A Sign Of Good Fortune

Firstly, you need to understand that the white marks on the nails are indicators that the person is fortunate. There is a very surprising concept that came from German that says the more white marks on your nails, the more will be the life expectancy of a person.

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An Indication Of A New Friend Or A New Partner In Life

If there is a white mark on the nail of your index finger, then it means a new friend or a partner is about to come into your life. However, if you see the white mark coming on the nail of your middle finger, then it may be that someone is taking enmity or revenge on you.

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Possibility Of Financial Gains 

It is considered auspicious if you have white marks on your ring finger. It says that there will be a new love partner coming into your life or there will be monetary gains.

Possibility Of Traveling 

If there are white marks or patches on your smallest finger or known as are Kanishtha finger then just pack your bags because there are chances of a travel trip. 

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Chances Of Receiving a Gift

If the white mark is on the nail of your thumb then someone special can surprise you with a gift or he/she is planning for it. So, stay excited as there is a special gift coming for you.

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