Weekly Tarot Predictions (31 Dec – 6 Jan): Which Are The Lucky Zodiacs?

Weekly Tarot Predictions: Tarot Cards are one of the traditional ways to get accurate predictions of individuals. It includes the evaluation of cards that represent the current and future state of issues. Tarot Card reading provides the right mental strength or warnings to people about different situations in their lives. This AstroSage blog contains detailed information about the lucky zodiac signs of the week as per Weekly Tarot Predictions (31 December – 6 January 2024). Know about the benefits availed by the zodiacs across different sectors of life. 

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Weekly Tarot Predictions: List Of Zodiacs With Top Benefits For The Week 


For Aries natives, the week will be beneficial for you across varied sectors. You will be able to make use of the opportunities in the love relationship to take it forward. You might purchase assets that can provide profits. There will be different financial opportunities for the natives as per weekly tarot predictions. Students can expect the best results from competitive exams this week. 

The business persons will be able to expand the operations successfully to achieve higher profits. This week will bring a lot of success in your professional career and will make you feel satisfied about your career. The lucky number of the week is ‘4’. 

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The love life of the Cancer natives will remain on track this week and the relationship will remain stable. New financial opportunities are coming your way and will be able to use the relevant options appropriately. This week will bring progress in your career and there may be appreciation from colleagues for varied tasks. 

Students will have higher concentration power across respective subjects. The business persons can get involved in new deals that will deliver higher profits. The health of the Cancer will be stable and they will feel enthusiastic as per weekly tarot predictions. Your lucky number of the week is ‘2’.


The romantic life of the Libra natives will be filled with compassion and love. Your financial condition will remain stable and the week will be the best time to make suitable investments. According to tarot weekly predictions, you will be able to make good savings in this period and thus enhance your overall wealth. It is also a suitable time to start a new business. 

New opportunities will be coming your way this week and making giant steps forward towards career success. There are chances of appreciation from the senior officials and expect the right amount of salary hike in your office. The lucky number of the week is ‘6’.

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As per the tarot weekly horoscope, it is the best time for Pisces natives to make the right investments across property and the stock market. The professionals will be able to make the right selection of jobs that can deliver success. With the right kind of savings, the Pisces natives will be able to maintain the right financial balance. Your right financial moves will yield the best outcomes. 

You will be able to make solid collaborations that will take your business to new heights. There are hardly any chances of health concerns in the week and the natives will feel energetic throughout the period. The lucky number of the week is ‘10’.

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Q1. How will the week be for Aquarius natives as per Tarot Cards?

Ans. You might face a lot of competition in your financial life and thus make the deals carefully.

Q2. How will be the health condition of Capricorn natives?

Ans. They might suffer from anxiety and health troubles this week in case of any type of carelessness.

Q3. What are the chances of financial gains for Virgo people?

Ans. They need to be cautious about impending financial troubles and there are chances of bankruptcy. 

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