Weekly Tarot Predictions (26 Nov–2 Dec): Lucky Zodiacs?

Weekly Tarot Predictions 2023 (26 November–2 December): Tarot Cards hold the secret of life and also reveal the future outcomes of your different actions. Planning for specific things this week? Check out what’s in store this week for your zodiac as per Weekly Tarot Predictions 2023 (26 November–2 December). 

These ancient decks of cards are used by professional readers and mystics to provide appropriate details related to human lives. In this blog, we’re focusing on lucky zodiacs of the week according to Weekly Tarot Predictions 2023 (26 November–2 December).

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List Of Lucky Zodiacs As Per Weekly Tarot Predictions 2023 (26 November–2 December)


The love life of Aries natives will be very warm this week and they will remain committed in their relationship. You will also make the right financial decisions to accumulate the right amount of wealth & profit. Get over the financial challenges timely and thus resolve the disputes appropriately. 

Expect happiness and success in your professional life with the right steps in your career. There are also chances of new job opportunities that can shape your career in a positive direction. The natives will also feel fulfilled with materialistic success. There will be health improvements and the right diagnosis will clear the current situation. Your lucky charm of the week is a Wooden Key Ring.   

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According to Weekly Tarot Predictions 2023 (26 November–2 December), the Cancer natives will have a great chance this week to make an appropriate career progression. Get success in your relationship and there will be stability in your love life. Your past investments will deliver the right profits in this period and the financial state will remain positive. 

The goals set this week will be successful with the right efforts. Your hard work will get you appreciation from the seniors at the workplace. The financial state will remain positive and there will be ample opportunity to make the right selection in your career. The lucky charm of the week is the Moonstone Necklace. 


For Virgo natives, the week will be the best time to settle troubles with your love partner. Your marriage will get stronger with the passing of time and you will be able to spend quality time with your partner. Things will work out financially this week if you make the right calls related to investments. The expenses can also remain in control if you make strong decisions at the right time. 

The natives will get involved in different activities that can earn you the right kind of profits. With the assistance of friends and family, you will be able to achieve the right kind of health in the period. The lucky charm of the week is the Evil Eye Bracelet. 

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There will be great chances of progress in the relationship for the Aquarius natives as per Weekly Tarot Predictions 2023 (26 November–2 December). You can get some good news from your partner. Your finances will remain stable for the entire week. There will be newness in their career and thus new opportunities in their profession. There are chances of promotions in the period and so, will be able to earn the right amount of money. 

The right investments can yield good returns in life and get out of financial troubles successfully. Your health will remain secured for the entire week and there are fewer chances of health expenses. The lucky charm of the week is the Panchdhatu Bangle. 

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Q1. How will the health of Pisces natives?

Ans. You will be energetic and fit the entire week to complete various tasks. 

Q2. What will be the financial life Sagittarius sign this week?

Ans. They need to be careful about the expenses or else natives can experience losses.

Q3. What is the lucky charm of Leo natives this week?

Ans. The lucky charm of the natives this week will be Crystal Tortoise.


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